All Views Articles for 2018-04-21

Saturday, April 21, 2018
Robert Reich
Can Trump Fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller?
Yes. But the costs would be tremendous.
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Christopher Brauchli
Trump Times Two
What in the world are we witnessing?
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Juan Cole
Top Six Reasons Mike Pompeo Should Not Be Secretary of State
And counting....
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John Buell
Students as Debt Slaves
It is time for a system that turns students into indentured servants to go
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"Reminiscent of Big Tobacco and Big Oil companies' tactics, they set in motion a plan to discredit the international agency's study in order to continue selling their dangerous product." (Photo: Occupy Monsanto/@gmo917/Twitter) Alfonso Saldaña, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
A Cancer on Society: Monsanto Claims Right Not to Speak About Roundup
Monsanto doesn’t want the world to know their product is labeled a "probable carcinogen."
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Glenn Greenwald, Trevor Timm
The DNC’S Lawsuit Against WikiLeaks Poses a Serious Threat to Press Freedom
The theory of the suit would mean that any media outlet that publishes misappropriated documents or emails (exactly what media outlets quite often do) could be sued by the entity or person about which they are reporting
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