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Friday, April 20, 2018
"They come by way of exploding campaign funding, lobbyists with gifts swarming over legislatures, speaking fees, revolving doors for corporatists taking key government positions to thwart law enforcement, and lucrative offers to lawmakers in anticipation of their retirement." (Photo: Max Herman/Survival Media Agency) Ralph Nader
Bill Curry on the Move Against Public Corruption
Legalized corruption is all over Washington, D.C. as trillions of dollars of giveaways, subsidies, bailouts, and no-bid contracts proliferate.
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"The only threat he sees from the tangled politics of Trump and Mueller is the threat to the only thing that matters to McConnell anymore — his 51-49 hold on the Senate majority." (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Will Bunch
Mitch McConnell Gets his Own Chapter in the Story of America's Dying Democracy. And it's Devastating
It is Mitch McConnell, more than anyone else in Washington, who has turned the notion of comity into comedy.
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"The intent of the attack was to make a statement without making a difference." (Photo: Hassan Ammar / AP) Andrew Bacevich
Trump Declares ‘Mission Accomplished’ on Syria Attacks — But Whose Mission?
The swamp refuses to be drained.
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"In the highly-competitive world of media and film, we can only guess what kind of courage this move has taken, not to mention the potential tensions with Israeli relatives." (Photo:Wikimedia Commons) Philip Weiss, James North
Natalie Portman Says, Enough!
The statement is surely a reference to Israel’s killing of nearly 40 unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza, which have shocked Jews around the world.
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 "What Medicare for All is to the health care debate, or Fight for $15 is to the battle about inequality, 100% Renewable is to the struggle for the planet’s future." (Photo: Laurel L. Russwurm/flickr/cc) Bill McKibben
100% Renewable Energy is Within Our Reach
America’s twisted politics may slow the transition to renewables, but other countries are now pushing the pace.
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"Democrats in the state legislature spent considerably more energy staving off further cuts to education, rather than pushing for bold efforts to increase funding." (Photo: WDRB/screenshot) Jeff Bryant
Why Teacher Uprisings May Hit Blue States Too
The sad truth is financial austerity that has driven governments at all levels to skimp on education has had plenty of compliance, if not downright support, from centrist Democrats.
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"Kobach expressly promised Judge Robinson on the record that he would ensure that any voter who was previously suspended would get the same postcard notification that every other voter receives. Of course, that didn’t happen." (Photo: Mark Reinstein/Shutterstock) Orion Danjuma
Court’s Ruling Holding Kobach in Contempt is Well-Deserved
It is clear that the secretary of state believes he need only answer to himself and not the law.
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"How Changa or Puryear discussing racism and war furthers an effort to “create chaos” is never made clear, unless stating facts about the world that are unflattering to US centers of power is now per se destructive." (Photo: Screenshot) Adam Johnson
Public Radio’s McCarthyite Smear of Black Activists Shows Danger of Russia Panic
If assumptions about “Country X–backed media” are used to smear those who take a check—or even come close to those who take a check—from Russia, there should be a consistent standard for everyone.
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"The UN’s top human rights office concluded years ago that in order to respect the right to privacy, governments should regulate how private companies — not just police and spy agencies — treat personal data." (Photo: TY Lim / Shutterstock ) Sarah St. Vincent
Data Privacy Is a Human Right. Europe Is Moving Toward Recognizing That.
Mark Zuckerberg played dumb when Congress pressed him on privacy protections. But he should know better — the EU is already forcing his hand.
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"If we are truly concerned about the well-being of ordinary Syrians, we need to care about them whether they are being killed by Syrian, Russian or American forces." (Photo: Al-Jazeera) Sonali Kolhatkar
Why Are Some on the Left Falling for Fake News on Syria?
If leftist and progressive calls to curb American imperialism are to be taken seriously, our analysis of international relations and foreign policy needs to be far more sophisticated.
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"The frosty little town of Gander - away up north in Newfoundland, Canada - welcomed 18 Syrian refugees in 62 days. That’s 150 percent more than the whole of the US accepted in twice that time." (Photo: Getty Images) Pat LaMarche
For the Many Millions Spent on Bombing Syria, The US Could Have Assisted Syrian Refugees by the Thousands
As those who have offered shelter and assistance to victims of war have said, "We were just doing what our mothers taught us."
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