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Saturday, April 7, 2018
The Room in the McLean House, at Appomattox Court House, in which Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant  on April 9, 1865. (Library of Congress) Jason Opal
The Civil War Wasn’t Enough
We live in a second Gilded Age, a world of cruel inequality that makes Donald Trump seem genuine no matter how many lies he tells.
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Kids in Lockdown Steven Singer
Don’t Let School Lockdown Drills Become the New Normal
We need sensible gun regulations – not another B.S. duck and cover exercise to engender a false sense of security and pop our civic resolve
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Donald J. Trump John Atcheson
Trump is Still the Most Unpopular President Since Polls Have Been Kept; But It May Not Matter in 2018 or 2020
Americans would turn out to support a truly progressive Party that represents the people, not the interests of corporations, the elite and the ultr-rich
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The seven members of the Kings Bay Plowshares, who entered the Georgia naval base on April 4 to protest nuclear weapons, white supremacy and racism. (WNV/Kings Bay Plowshares) Frida Berrigan
How Do You Tell the Kids that Grandma is in Jail for Resisting Nuclear Weapons?
“Our grandma is in jail,” Madeline tells a woman wrestling a shopping cart at Target. “She went over a war fence and tried to make peace,” Seamus adds helpfully. “They arrested her, and she is in...
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The Shameful Exploitation of Martin Luther King Jr. Wim Laven
The Shameful Exploitation of Martin Luther King Jr.
When a politician votes for programs and policies inimical to those King defended, they are purely hypocritical when they appropriate his words and feign admiration for him.
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