All Views Articles for 2018-04-02

Monday, April 2, 2018
"Too-late claims about needing to act on climate change ring hollow given the industry’s continued efforts to undermine the nation’s strongest climate policy at every turn—if automakers truly wanted to act on climate, they would support the rules as they stand, not beg the administration to change them." (Photo: World Learning/flickr/cc) Dave Cooke
EPA Rolls Back Fuel Efficiency Standards at the Request of Automakers
If the EPA completely rolls back the regulations, it will mean an additional half billion tons of global warming emissions just from the vehicles sold between 2022-2025.
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"It’s looking more and more as if it’s going to be up to the courts, here and abroad, to make them pay." (Photo: Peg Hunter/flickr/cc) Janet Cox
Xavier Becerra: Missing on Climate
Doesn’t the AG, and the state, have a dog in this fight?
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All the while, the ongoing blockade and restrictions imposed on Gaza have made conditions more difficult for the Palestinians who live there. “I want to be shot,” one 22-year-old protester told my colleagues on Friday. “I don’t want this life.”(Photo: Adam Helweh/Flickr/CC) Ishaan Tharoor
For Israel, There’s Little Political Cost to Killing Palestinians
The aftermath of the protests underscored both the desperate futility of the Palestinian struggle and the relative impunity with which Israel can snuff out Palestinian lives.
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“The way we deal with economic precariat is to discipline the poor. We try to cajole the private sector to deal with problems” he said. “This hasn’t worked for the past 40 years.” (Photo: Michael Vadon/Flickr/cc) Josh Hoxie
Cable TV Ignores Inequality; Here’s How to Get Around It
“What I would say to our friends in the corporate media is start paying attention to the millions of people who are struggling economically every single day. Let’s talk about that issue.”
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"It may be objected that Israel is not a dictatorship like that of Yemen or Syria. But for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, that is precisely what it is." (Photo: Steve Rhodes/flickr/cc) Juan Cole
Shooting Protesters in Cold Blood: How Israel Became a Typical Middle Eastern Dictatorship
Randomly shooting into crowds is more than just threatening people with death. It is a means of terrorizing the dissidents.
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 "Selling weapons to dictatorships and repressive regimes often fuels instability, war, and terrorism, as the American war on terror has vividly demonstrated for the last nearly 17 years." (Photo: Ahmed Farwan/Flickr/cc) William Hartung
Weapons For Anyone
Selling arms as if there were no tomorrow.
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"Oxfam calculates that the new wealth obtained by billionaires alone could end world poverty seven times over." (Photo: Alisdare Hickson/flickr/cc) Richard Eskow
Is the ‘Liberal World Order’ Worth Saving?
We live in a profoundly unequal world. 70 percent of the world’s population owns only 3 percent of its wealth, while 8.6 percent of the population owns more than 85 percent.
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Chris Hedges
The Oligarchs’ ‘Guaranteed Basic Income’ Scam
Beware the architects of our neofeudalism calling on the government to pay a guaranteed basic income
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