All Views Articles for 2018-03-23

Friday, March 23, 2018
"Once again, the Palestinians—and especially the people of Gaza—are being held hostage to the regional and global aspirations of more powerful countries." (Photo: White House / Flickr) Phyllis Bennis
Trump’s Quiet Meeting with Saudi Arabia and Israel Portends a Dangerous Collision Course with Iran
An under-the radar gathering at the White House exposes troubling new drifts in U.S. foreign policy.
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"With that economic message, Lamb just won in a congressional district that Donald Trump won by nearly 20 points." (Photo: Courtesy of AFGE, Flickr | CC 2.0) Nancy Altman
Lesson From Special Election: Run on Social Security, Medicare and Lower Drug Prices
The roadmap to victory.
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"Communities of color have historically and still today face redlining, the literal or figurative practice of denying products and services to people based on race." (Photo: Helium Factory / Flickr) Danielle Beavers
Has “Diversity” Failed? What It Needs to Succeed
To take off and truly transform American institutions, diversity needs a more compelling narrative than we’ve managed to give it so far.
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Tulsi Gabbard
The Gun Control Debate: What Debate?
By focusing on the love and care that we have for one another, we can bring about real change.
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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces in Yunnan Province, China. (Photo: Jialiang Gao/ Wikimedia Commons) Jeremy Lent
Culture Shift: Redirecting Humanity’s Path to a Flourishing Future
It’s time to build a new worldview around a deeper sense of connectedness.
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 Then US President George W Bush (R) shakes hands with then US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton,on 4 December 2006, during a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC (AFP) CJ Werleman
Dangerous and Reckless: John Bolton, Trump's New National Security Adviser
John Bolton has demonstrated he is a dangerous and reckless neoconservative ideologue who believes diplomacy should be replaced with ultimatum.
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"When Trump withdraws from the agreement, he will remove his only “free” means to seek changes in Iranian behavior."(Photo: Screenshot) Esfandyar Batmanghelidj
The Iran Deal is Dead, Long Live the Iran Deal
What conventional analysis fails to recognize is that the Iran deal cannot be killed.
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"As outraged as many supporters of diplomacy have been at Trump’s appointments and policies, Bolton’s appointment reaches a new level." (Photo: File/AP) Mitchell Plitnick
John Bolton: The Essential Profile
"This appointment isn’t just unwise. It’s disastrous."
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"The campaigns that exist today are receiving too little on-the-ground assistance for such a widely-supported issue." (Photo: National Nurses United/flickr/cc) Ralph Nader
Ten Million Americans Could Bring H.R. 676 into Reality Land—Relief for Anxiety, Dread and Fear
Medicare for all is what the Pentagon does. It is what President Harry Truman wanted from Congress back in the nineteen forties. It is time.
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Juan Cole
Let's Call Bolton What He Is: A War Criminal with Terrorist Ties, Not Just "Hawkish"
In a sane society, people like Bolton wouldn’t be allowed on television, much less put in charge of American security.
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