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Monday, March 5, 2018
"By the end of 2016, Arkansas covered over 330,000 newly eligible adults through the expansion, which helped cut the number of uninsured in halffrom 2013 to 2016."(Photo: AUCD/flickr/cc) Judith Solomon
Arkansas’ Harsh Medicaid Work Requirement Jeopardizes Recent Progress
This approach introduces new, burdensome red tape for all enrollees, but electronic reporting will pose a particular challenge for people without Internet access.
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Michael Winship
The "Pure Madness" of Our Vigilante President
Trump and the NRA leadership’s disdain for schools as “gun free zones”—as if the idea of an educational safe haven is somehow ludicrous—is equally abhorrent, like an arsonist cynically making fun of a flameproof building and simultaneously passing out lighter fluid to show how to make it burn.
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 "The bullet from an AR-15 does an entirely different kind of violence to the human body. The entrance wound to the torso is usually small, while the exit wound might be the size of an orange." (Joshua Roberts / Reuters) Pat Elder
Junior Cadet Private First-Class Nik Cruz
Where does a 14-year-old boy, who never fired a gun before, get the skill and the desire to kill?
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Claudia Lefko
Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here: Marking the Anniversary of a Disaster in Iraq
For my part, I think it’s important to try to remember all of it, to remember as much as we can reasonably hold in our hearts and minds.
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Fossil fuel divestment and climate liability lawsuits amount to a one-two punch aimed at the deep pockets of fossil fuel corporations. (Photo: Dana Drugmand
Time to Hold Petroleum Perpetrators Accountable for Climate Damage
The attempt to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable through litigation is gaining momentum.
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Counting cases that have nothing to do with terrorism as "terror-related" isn’t the only way the administration has distorted the facts about immigration and the threat of terrorism. Arnold R. Isaacs
Using Fake Facts to Make Us Afraid
On immigration and terrorism, the Trump Administration misleads about its own misleading data.
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Unprecedented numbers of fresh candidates are challenging incumbents up and down the ballot. Robert Borosage
Pushing for Real Change in the Democratic Party
If the DNC votes against reform – or the state parties torpedo it – it will feed cynicism about the rigged system and turn activists toward third parties, or away from electoral politics altogether.
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“We are hoping that we can get Frontier to come to their senses and invest in the network.” (Photo: Communication Workers of America/Flickr) Russell Mokhiber
West Virginia Frontier Communications Workers on Strike
“What business wants is to hire one half of the working class to kill the other half.”
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