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Sunday, March 4, 2018
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker John Nichols
Scott Walker Does Not Respect Democracy
And Walker's not alone in denying democracy. Republican governors of the swing states of Michigan and Florida are also refusing to call special elections for legislative seats, and for a U.S. House seat in Michigan
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Brandy Bochna Tuck Brandy Bochna Tuck
I'm a Coal Miner's Daughter and a West Virginia Teacher. Here's Why I'm on Strike
We are in this position because education is not a priority to our government
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Jared Kushner Robert Reich
Jared Kushner's Unconscionable Conflicts
It's as bad for a government official to look as if he's lining his pockets as for him to actually do so, because the appearance of corruption undermines public trust just as readily as the real thing
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Russian President Vladimir Putin Eric Margolis
Putin Trumps Trump With New Nuclear Weapons Arsenal
The Russian leader has neatly trumped the U.S. president's nuclear arms buildup and shown up his empty bullying
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gun Robert Freeman
A Teacher's Take on Arming Teachers
Let's fix the systems that are there for a reason, but failed, before we go out and deputize a whole new cadre of reluctant amateurs
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NY divest rally Nancy Romer
How New York City Won Divestment From Fossil Fuels
The divestment campaign provides an excellent example of how dedicated organizing, clear demands and strategies, creative tactics, strong coalitions, and good luck can come together for a win
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north korean missile David Krieger
US Nuclear Posturing Has Adversaries Gearing Up, Not Standing Down
The nation's nuclear posture will spur other nuclear-armed countries to do the same, assuring new arms races and increased nuclear dangers ahead
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Janus sign Raymond Hogler
Collective Action Is Unions' Last Line of Defense. The Supreme Court Is on the Verge of Destroying It
A ruling in the Janus case could devastate unions
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President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Christopher Brauchli
The In-Laws and the President
First Lady Melania Trump's parents got into this country under the current immigration rules that the president hopes to change
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