All Views Articles for 2018-02-28

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
"Whenever Israel is in the dock for whatever problem it has invited upon others or itself, it immediately fashions an Arab enemy to beat down, chastise and blame." (Photo: Oxfam International) Ramzy Baroud
Netanyahu’s Corruption: How Israeli Journalists Project Israel’s Crimes on to Palestinians
Israel is the only country in the world that continues to practice Apartheid.
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You have to admit that’s quite an array of nations seeking to leave young Jared wearing a barrel. Charles P. Pierce
How Do You Deal with This Much Nonsense?
Jared Kushner, everybody.
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Mitchell Zimmerman
No, Teachers Shouldn't Have Shootouts With Students
Because a "Good Guy With a Gun" isn't enough and why people need to treat gun control as the "do or die" issue it is
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(Left), Instagram photo of Cruz with an “Airsoft” M1911 look-alike pistol. (Right), the military’s M1911, a favorite of gun enthusiasts that will soon be made available for sale to the public. Pat Elder
Cruz, Instagram, and the Civilian Marksmanship Program
Soon, youth like Cruz will be allowed to purchase these extraordinarily lethal, semi-automatic weapons through the quasi-governmental CMP.
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Pat LaMarche
Separation of Church and State Starts With Kicking Billy Graham Out of the Rotunda
Graham, a champion of war, whispered into the ears of presidents and emboldened their villainy.
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"As for guns deterring the overreach of government, how have our guns deterred the current administration from stripping consumer protections from payday loan sharks, or preventing the administration from gutting environmental protections of our air, water, and public lands?" Jan Dizard
Prayers and Sensible Gun Regulations
The Second Amendment is not a guarantee of a right to an AR-15.
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"Remarkably, this new data have gotten almost no attention from the media."(Photo: @srbija_eu/Twitter) Dean Baker
Doesn't Anyone Care If the Trump Tax Cuts Are Working?
According to new data it is hard to reconcile with the view that lower taxes would lead to a flood of new investment.
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"Why the selective leaks?"(Photo: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff/Flickr/cc) Juan Cole
Why is Intel Community Targeting Kushner?
What we really should be asking is what McMaster and NSA director Mike Rodgers want to do that Kushner is standing in the way of.
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"Since the law’s enactment corporations are buying back their own stock and issuing dividends to shareholders far more than they are investing." (Photo: Screenshot/youtube) Chye-Ching Huang
Hassett Changes Story on “Repatriated” Foreign Profits Under New Tax Law
Repatriated cash overwhelmingly ends up in shareholders’ pockets, not in investments in factories and the like.
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Aviva Chomsky
Why "Black Panther" Is Revolutionary, Even Though It Isn’t
Because this film is not just about poverty and it's not just about race: it's about colonialism.
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