All Views Articles for 2018-02-27

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Ralph Nader
Experts for the People—Shut Out by the Mass Media
Whether it is NPR, PBS, the network news programs, the Sunday news interview shows and too often the New York Times , Washington Post , Associated Press and the Wall Street Journal their interviewees are the defenders of the status quo or those with corporatists’ viewpoints.
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 "This vicious death spiral his already happening in Wisconsin in the aftermath of Governor Scott Walker’s 2011 assault on public unions and the state’s subsequent implementation of right-to-work policies." (Photo: Skeeze) Bill Blum
Is Janus the Final Chapter of the Right’s War on Unions?
In both the private and public spheres, employees covered by collective bargaining agreements earn considerably more than those who lack coverage.
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“Instead of pouring enormous amount of money into fixing fake news, governments should … give more to support education and the plurality of voices that we need if we want to live in democracy.”(Photo: Paul Sableman/flickr/cc) Cristina Orsini
How the ‘Fake News’ Frenzy Threatens the Possibility of Dissent
Most activists seem to agree that if an antidote to fake news exists — within a truly democratic society where freedom of expression is respected — it will arrive through education and be based on critical thinking.
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"The Supreme Court will do enormous harm to workers across the country if it overturns 40 years of legal precedent to benefit anti-union corporations." (Photo: Globe Staff/Adobe Stock) Elizabeth Warren, Steven A. Tolman
America Needs Union Jobs
At a time of gaping economic inequality, the Supreme Court and the billionaires promoting the Janus case are trying to sink people who are working hard to close that gap and build opportunity for themselves and for their families.
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"These students played by the rules, and were caught in a trap that was not of their own making. We need to free them, and ourselves, from that trap." (Photo: Michael Fleshman/cc) Richard Eskow
Picture the United States Without Student Debt
The act of cancelling student debt will benefit the entire economy.
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Students from Coral Glades High School hold signs as they participate in a school walk for gun law change on Feb. 21. (Photo: Rhona Wise/Getty Images) Jeff Biggers
My Kid Doesn’t Need Permission To Walk Out
He was following the lessons of his history books ― and what I believe is our best American tradition for change.
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"All too often, astonishingly lavish military budgets are treated as if they were part of the natural order, like death or taxes." (Photo: Peace Education Center/flick/cc) William Hartung
How the Pentagon Devours the Budget
Normalizing budgetary bloat.
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Robert Reich
The Moral Movement Against Violence
The moral void of Donald Trump has been a catastrophe for America in many ways, but it’s contributing to a backlash against the systemic abuses of power on which so much violence in American life is founded.
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"There is overwhelming medical evidence that the separation of a young child from her parent will have a devastating, and possibly permanent, negative impact on the child’s well-being." (Photo: Immigration Customs and Enforcement ) Jenny Samuels
A Mother and Child Fled the Congo, Only to Be Forcibly Separated by the US Government
It is a disgrace that a mother and child fleeing for their lives should be subjected to the trauma of separation by the very government from which they seek asylum.
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