All Views Articles for 2018-02-17

Saturday, February 17, 2018
Demonstrators walk across the Brooklyn Bridge on October 28, 2017 to mark the five-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. (Photo: Working Families Party/flickr/cc) Sylvia Chi
Why Are More Cities Divesting From Big Oil? It’s Moral—and Practical
Direct divestments and lawsuits that began on the West Coast are spreading, with New York the latest city to pull its funding out of oil and coal.
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Christian Christensen
Are Dead Children The Price of Freedom?
The most common question asked on this side of the Atlantic is: “Why can’t they see what these weapons are doing to their country?”
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  A 2012 protest against the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United decision by Occupy Miami activists. (Occupy Miami photo via Flickr.) Sue Sturgis
How Citizens United Continues to Transform Money in Politics
Years after Supreme Court ruling, a majority of Americans assign a lot of blame for dysfunction in the political system to "wealthy political donors" and "money in politics"
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Christopher Brauchli
Parades and Trump and Women
Poor Trump cannot go for a joy ride in one of his cars because of concerns for his safety, but a military parade could fix that.
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Peter Bloom
Seeing Only Red: Turning the Threat of a New Cold War into a Global Struggle to Save Democracy
The new allegations can be a profound opportunity to bring to justice elites across the world who are destroying democracy from within and without.
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Michael Winship
Our New St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
The commander-in-chief who denounced “American carnage” in his inaugural address revels in that carnage and relies on it to keep him at the top.
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