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Friday, February 9, 2018
"If you’ve watched any number of big-budget sci-fi productions over the last several years, it’s not hard to imagine Musk’s Martian colony spinning off into some Elysium-style eco-apartheid, where the rich—for the right price—can escape to new worlds while the rest of us make do on a planet of dystopian slums, swamps and deserts." (Photo: PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images)   Kate Aronoff
The Case for Nationalizing Elon Musk
When companies like SpaceX make it big, they’d be obligated to return some portion of their gains to the public infrastructure that helped them succeed, expanding the government’s capacity to facilitate more innovative development.
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"You could make the case that the photos were the incontrovertible proof that the White House needed, but in reality Kelly and company had long had enough evidence to keep this wife-beater out of the Oval Office." (Photo: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff/flickr/cc) Will Bunch
#TimesUp For John Kelly, And For Toxic Masculinity In Trump's White House
Colbie Holderness’ photos remind us that silence is never an option.
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Christine Ahn
While the Two Koreas Talk, Trump Is Throwing Shade
The White House seems hell bent on hijacking an Olympic moment of inter-Korean unity.
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 "The new tax law is giving America’s wealthy not one but two big windfalls: They stand to gain the most from the tax cuts for individuals, and  they’re the big winners from the tax cuts for corporations." (Photo: CD / CC BY 3.0) Robert Reich
Trump’s Big Buyback Bamboozle
Now that the richest 10 percent of Americans own 84 percent of all shares of stock (up from 77 percent at the turn of the century), this means even more wealth at the top.
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 "Medical costs were the largest single contributor to increasing the number of people falling into poverty." (Photo: Molly Adams/Flickr/cc) Malinda Markowitz
Single-Payer Provides Best Cure For California Health Care
Nurses union says SB 562 is a humane alternative to our dysfunctional and often heartless profit-based health care system.
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"The U.S. government’s latest assessment of the state of our climate told us that human activity likely contributed to at least 92% of the change in Earth’s average temperature observed since 1951." ( Photo: Victoria Pickering/flickr/cc) Rachel Licker
Pruitt Squirming Away From The Weight of Climate Evidence
It is important to take into account his deep connections to the fossil fuel sector and how this shapes his perspective and priorities with respect to climate action.
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"The majority of Americans know Trump is unfit to be president, but if they’re not offered a substantive alternative, the passionately ignorant minority will control the elections once again." (Photo: Kyle/Flickr/cc) John Atcheson
Democrats Can't Run and Win on the Fact That Trump's an Idiot
Voters Want an Alternative, Not Someone to Blame.
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The Uber phone app is shown as cars drive by in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Mark Warner / CC 2.0) Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
Uber and Lyft, Driving Drivers Into Poverty and Despair
“It’s a race to the bottom.”
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Many cities are left-leaning blue islands in red-leaning states.  (Photo: The Progressive) Lucas Sczygelski
The Republican War on Local Control
With increasing frequency, Republican state legislatures are passing preemption laws, which prevent cities, towns, villages, and counties from adopting policies that diverge from those of the state.
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 "My guess is that both his narcissism and his authoritarianism are at play in his need to honor himself with a parade." (Photo: Gage Skidmore/flickr/cc) Eugene Robinson
What’s Trump’s Parade Really About? His Bottomless Insecurity
A celebratory military parade with nothing to celebrate could also highlight the gulf between Trump’s campaign promises and his actions.
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