All Views Articles for 2018-02-06

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Jesse Hagopian
#BlackLivesMatterAtSchool is a National Uprising for Racial Justice
“The Black Lives Matter at School movement is about dismantling the school-to-prison-pipeline and creating a school-to-justice-pipeline.”
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"It is truly a great example of how people power can fight and win for a Fossil Free world." (Photo: Daiana Lopes) Caroline Kwasnicki
Coastal Community of São Paulo Wins Fight Against Giant Thermoelectric Plant
How citizens of a small coastal city in Brazil knocked down a giant power plant and blocked future mega-polluting projects.
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Michael Winship
Take a Memo, Devin Nunes
Call it projection, call it a monumental lack of self-awareness, call it just plain stupidity, but the proclivity of the right, the kneejerk reflex that lashes out with false accusations and distortions that perfectly mirror what they themselves seem to be doing for real is mindboggling.
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 "Recognizing the long road ahead and seeing it through requires utilizing proactive legislation as well as voting for legislators who respect and trust women and their right to make their own health care decisions." (Photo: Shane Conneely/flickr/cc) Gloria Totten
Turning the Tables on the Abortion Fight
When it comes to healthcare, it is only women and women’s health that is legislated so forcefully.
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"The Republican Party used to stand for fiscal responsibility, state’s rights, free trade, and a hard line against Russian aggression. Now it just stands for Trump." (Photo: Shawn Thew, European Pressphoto Agency) Robert Reich
Trump’s Divide-and-Conquer Strategy
Democracies require sufficient social trust that citizens regard the views of those they disagree with as worthy of equal consideration to their own.
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"Trump kept touting the run-up in the stock market during the first year of his regime. Presidents don’t have that much to do with the stock market." (Photo: Rick Wilking / Reuters/Github Forked) Juan Cole
Top 5 Economic Disappointments of the Trump Regime (so far)
The Trump tax slashing bill moved $1.5 trillion from the middle classes to the super-wealthy, drastically reducing government services for most people while further enriching the very wealthiest.
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 "While chanting his mantra of “America First,” Donald Trump has so far followed policies that have only eased the way for the Chinese dragon to roar past Uncle Sam, with the Russian bear not far behind." (Photo: Presidential Administration of Russia) Dilip Hiro
Donald Trump Offers a Helping Hand to China and Russia
Giving American isolationism new meaning in the twenty-first century.
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