All Views Articles for 2018-02-03

Saturday, February 3, 2018
Robert Reich
The 20 Big Promises to Trump Voters That He's Broken in Just One Year
But who's counting?
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Angela Hanks
Paul Ryan’s Push for Workforce Development Is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
If Speaker Ryan and congressional Republicans truly cared about helping people transition into the labor market, they would support policies like raising the federal minimum wage, strengthening collective bargaining rights, and advancing policies like paid leave and universal child care, which...
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Ken Jones
Accompaniment in Honduras
How can we be free when our sisters and brothers are not?
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Christopher Brauchli
Bills Small and Large: On Competing Performances
Now anything is possible in American politics. But you still have to pay for it.
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Marcy Wheeler
The Nunes-Ryan Civil Liberties Sham
A mere three weeks ago, Nunes and Ryan were happy to have Americans surveilled with no evidence whatsoever of wrong-doing.
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Elizabeth Goitein
The Nunes Memo Doesn't Reveal an Abuse of Power. It Is One.
There is every indication that the Nunes memo was designed to present a misleading picture.
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Ann Wright
Why Not Talk to North Korea Instead of Scaring Us with Nuclear Attack Warning Sirens
Instead of "duck and cover" drills and nuclear fearmongering, we need more of the only thing that will guarantee peaceful resolution: diplomacy
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