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Tuesday, January 30, 2018
"Bob believed deeply in journalism, both as a vital force for shaping the world and as a moral imperative." (Photo: AP) Jim Naureckas
A Tribute to Robert Parry: Independent Journalism at Its Best
In gratitude and fond memory, we offer some excerpts from a small part of an enduring body of work.
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“We will use the occasion to focus on the State of OUR Union, our opposition to his agenda, and we will lift up a progressive and inclusive vision of our country." (Photo: Laura Flanders Show ‏via Twitter) Jessica Juarez Scruggs
Women Take the Stage for ‘The State of Our Union’
“There is nothing more powerful than women coming together and demanding change."
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"The only silver lining of the Trump presidency is that his unique unlikability has made more Americans pay attention to policy debates. And when Americans pay attention, it turns out they really don’t like the conservative Republican agenda." (Photo: AP) Josh Bivens, Heidi Shierholz
Year One of the Trump Administration: Normalizing Itself By Working For the Top 1 Percent
His agenda of continuing the upward redistribution of income to this top 1 percent while scapegoating immigrants and allegedly nefarious foreign governments is essentially the orthodoxy among the Republican Congressional majority, and it will do nothing to help America’s workers.
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Tom Engelhardt
The Military God of America’s Losing Wars
Unlike previous celebrated generals in U.S. history, today's leading military minds are not expected to ever win wars
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"As we explain in the report, we are unaware of any previous president in the history of the United States who has lied so blatantly and debased so dangerously our values and our institutions of self-government." (Photo: Mike Licht/Flickr/cc) Karen Hobert Flynn, Fred Wertheimer
For Donald Trump, A Historic First Year For All the Wrong Reasons
We are unaware of any previous president in the history of the U.S. who has lied so blatantly and debased so dangerously our values and our institutions of self-government.
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"Instead, urged on by the uber-hawks in his own administration, he embarked upon a misguided “Global War on Terrorism.” No single action played a greater role in paving the way for Donald Trump to become president." (Photo: via PRI) Andrew Bacevich
How We Got Donald Trump: American Paths Chosen and Not (1989-2018)
We had many opportunities to avoid this, but we failed.
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Syrian Kurds mourn during a funeral in the town of Afrin on 29 January 2018 of slain civilians and fighters from the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (AFP) Jonathan Steele
US Must Stop Using Syria as a Pawn
Instead of counterproductive threats to keep US forces in Syria indefinitely, Americans should press Turkey to withdraw from Afrin.
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"Putin is known to especially dislike the US sanctions on his billionaire cronies, whose wealth he has often helped create through state mechanisms."(Photo: Screenshot) Juan Cole
Trump Declines to Sanction Russia, Spurring Speculation About Putin Hold
Is the underlying motivation for these unilateral US sanctions on Russia now simply to give Lockheed Martin, Boeing and other US arms manufacturers an advantage over their Russian counterparts?
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Kathy Kelly
A Treacherous Crossing
The “good guys” shaping and selling U.S. foreign policy and weapon sales exemplify the heartless indifference of the smugglers who gamble human life in exceedingly dangerous situations.
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