All Views Articles for 2018-01-28

Sunday, January 28, 2018
Robert Reich
Trump's America: Open to Global Capital, Not People
Trump to global CEOs and financiers: "America is open for business." Trump to ambitious young immigrants around the world, including those brought here as children: America is closed.
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Juan Cole
Many in Press Fall for Trump's Non-Apology on Retweet of Anti-Muslim Hate
I take it what is going on is that the British upper crust is pressuring Trump to dissociate himself from Britain First but doesn't care as much if he remains associated with anti-Muslim hate speech.
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Juan Escalante
The White House Dreamer Deal Isn't a Compromise. It's a Racist Ransom Note.
The media, and anyone else watching this debate unfold, must resist any urge to label Trump and Miller's immigration outline as a "deal."
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Robert Weissman
The Trumpy Awards, Round Six: Worst Cabinet Member
Today's nominees certainly do represent the worst of the Trump administration.
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Christopher Brauchli
Congress and the Tax Collector
If Congress continues to cut the IRS's budget, its ability to collect delinquent taxes will get even worse than it now is, and if its budget is cut far enough, the Private Collection Agencies will look good by comparison, thus justifying their continued employment. Go figure.
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