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Thursday, January 25, 2018
"The companies understand well who is buttering their bread." (Photo: jerry dohnal/flickr/cc) Robert Weissman
The Trumpy Awards, Round Four: Worst Corporate Giveaway
There are literally dozens of egregious anti-consumer, anti-environment and anti-worker measures that the judges considered but were unable to include on this list.
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"During the electoral tailspin of 2016, Perez was all in with Clinton’s battle against Sanders." (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Norman Solomon
DNC Chair Tom Perez, the Democratic Party’s Grim Metaphor
The corporate power structure of the Democratic Party, institutionalized in the DNC, has not given up on blocking efforts to reform the party and how it chooses a presidential nominee.
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Kalena Thomhave
Bank of Whose America?
By eliminating a popular free checking account, Bank of America only reminds us that traditional banking is for everyone—except the poor.
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 "Don’t be surprised when extended U.S. military presence in eastern Syria starts to resemble occupation and a new anti-American insurgency flares up. Call it ISIS 2.0." (Photo: Kurdishstruggle/flickr/cc) Danny Sjursen
America’s Syria Trap
Pay attention, folks. It’s about to get a lot worse in the Middle East. Again.
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Donald Trump and Dr. Evil (Photo mashup by John Feffer
Trump Isn’t Just Incompetent and His Agenda Isn’t Just Bad. It’s Evil.
After a year that's brought us closer to nuclear war, ethnic cleansing, and climate catastrophe, it's time to consider that the Trump-GOP agenda may be genuinely evil.
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'Trump continues to show us in new ways quite an old reality: how terrifying a force for destruction, possibly even on a planetary level, U.S. power can be." (Photo:Flickr/Joe Brusky/cc) Tom Engelhardt
Creating an Empire of Graveyards?
At the Circus with Donald Trump.
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"While such industry-written legislation would be the worst idea since chicken fries, there’s no chance the public will buy it." (And Congress shouldn’t either.)(Photo:Screenshot) Craig Aaron
Burger King Loves Net Neutrality (?!) and Other Whoppers
Burger King just made an ad about Net Neutrality.
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 "The White House is trying to get rid of the Clean Power Plan, the prior administration’s most significant effort to regulate greenhouse gases." (Photo: Ingy The Wingy / Flickr) Basav Sen
How One Coal Baron Set an Entire Administration’s Energy Agenda
In a political system awash with money, it's Big Coal vs. democracy.
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"It’s so much easier to blame some designated “other” than to look within." (Photo: Ian Crowther/flickr/cc) Robert C. Koehler
Governing By Scapegoat
The agenda that Trump and his cohorts are focused on moving forward is not the one that addresses American misery, but the one that slashes corporate taxes and privatizes as much of the social infrastructure as possible.
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"Deportation Nation." (Photo: Twitter/Public Citizen) Robert Weissman
The Trumpy Awards, Round Three: Cruelest Action
Donald Trump is a bigoted demagogue who sees the political payoff in scapegoating.
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Jamie Henn
Fossil Free Fast: A Climate Resistance Game Plan for 2018
With the transition to 100% renewable energy, we have perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity to rebuild our economy in a more just and equitable way.
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