All Views Articles for 2018-01-10

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
"They should light up the Empire State Building in green tonight — for the money the city is going to save, and for the planet it will help protect in the process." (Photo/Nara Garber) Bill McKibben
Applaud Mayor de Blasio and NYC for Climate Courage: Righteous Pension Divestment, Legal Fight Against Fossil-Fuel Companies
Earth’s mightiest city is now in full-on battle with the planet’s richest, most irresponsible industry.
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"It’s a disturbing pattern that’s quickly becoming a calling card of the Trump administration: targeting communities that were previously low-priorities for immigration enforcement and attempting to force them out of the country as hastily as possible, no matter the danger that may await them." (Photo: David McNew/Getty Images) Amrit Cheng
ICE Abused Somalis for 2 Days On a Plane and Now Wants to Send Them Into Harm’s Way
Rahim is one of 92 Somali nationals, currently locked up in Florida, who ICE is rushing to deport before they have a chance to ask to reopen their immigration cases so that a judge can consider the danger to their lives.
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"The scientific consensus is that to create a fully sustainable ocean, we need to fully protect at least 30% of it. Currently, the U.S. protects 13.5% of coastal waters; we'll drop to a small fraction of that if the Trump administration has its way." (Photo: Eco Cafe' Phuket/flickr/cc) Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Jeff Orlowski
What the Trump Administration Doesn't Understand About Ocean Conservation
Think of the ocean as a trust fund. If you want to rely on that fund for the rest of your days, you can only use the interest.
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"With recent polling showing that 66 percent of Democrats care deeply about the issue, the support for urgent and decisive climate action is growing in the party base." (Photo: Food & Water Action Fund) Wenonah Hauter
These Candidates for Congress Want to Win in 2018 on a Platform of Decisive Climate Action
More than 100 U.S. House and Senate candidates pledge to move off fossil fuels.
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Trita Parsi
Will Trump Kill the Iran Nuclear Deal This Week? If So, Threat of War Grows
A key decision by the US president is due by Friday, and could put his country on an almost inevitable path towards more conflict in the Middle East
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"The US military push does not seem to be part of a comprehensive policy approach, either. It is as alarming as it is erratic, reflecting the US constant over-reliance on military solutions to all sorts of problems, including trade and political rivalries." (Photo: Reuters) Ramzy Baroud
Shadow Armies: The Unseen, But Real US War in Africa
It will be many years before Africa and its 54 nations are truly free from the stubborn neocolonial mindset, which is grounded in racism, economic exploitation and military interventions.
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"But, aside from the tax cuts, the biggest danger facing the country because of Trump's supposed "accomplishments" is his assault on good-government regulation that protects not only our environment, but our financial system and American consumers." (Photo:James Rea/flickr/cc)   Dave Zweifel
If This Is Making America Great, We're In Trouble
The destruction of Donald Trump.
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"Just as progressives deliberately pushed public policies to create the middle class, so are today's economic royalists deliberately pushing plutocratic policies to destroy it." (Hollywata/Flickr cc 2.0) Jim Hightower
What's Killing America's Middle Class?
What we have here is plutocracy in action.
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