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Tuesday, January 9, 2018
"But the formality of this step — banning outright leaders and key members of a Jewish organization — is yet further concrete evidence of what has been apparent for some time: that even as the Israeli government makes crystal-clear its commitment to having as few non-Jews as possible within its borders, it is also becoming increasingly blatant about possessing criteria for the types of Jews it considers kosher."(Photo: Ryan Rodrick Beller/Shutterstock) Natasha Roth
Why Has Israel Banned Jewish Leftists But Not Members Of Nazi-linked Groups?
There is a toxic mix of prejudices at work here: racism, illiberalism and religious chauvinism.
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Iranian pro-government supporters in Mashhad hold posters of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei during a rally after authorities declared the end of unrest on 4 January 2018 (AFP) Soumaya Ghannoushi
US Hypocrisy, From Cairo to Tehran
Washington would be better off challenging absolute theocracies and brutal dictatorships, rather than confronting a semi-democracy in a region in which tyranny and absolutism are the norm.
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"It would help if you are seen working on your empathy for the tens of millions of deprived and innocent people, including children, exposed to various forms of risk and exploitation in their daily lives here and abroad whom you are adversely affecting." (Photo: Joe Brusky/flickr/cc) Ralph Nader
Working on Empathy and Other Concerns: An Open Letter to Donald Trump
"Please release your full medical records with the necessary technical details and explanations to give the public confidence in your health."
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As I was departing from my first visit here, a 15 year-old friend said, “Goodbye, Mr. Ken. You are very brave to come here.” “No,” I replied. “You are the brave one. I can go home. You live here.”(Photo: VCNC) Ken Hannaford-Ricardi
Death at the Gate
“When is my time going to come?”
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Tom Engelhardt
Welcome to 2018: Another "Non-War Year" in Oblivious America
A "non-war year"? Tell that to the Afghans, the Iraqis, the Syrians, the Yemenis, the Somalis, or for that matter the parents of the four American Green Berets who died in Niger last October.
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“There is no persuasive security rationale for having U.S. Special Operations forces involved in an astonishing 149 countries, given that the results of these missions are just as likely to provoke greater conflict as they are to reduce it, in large part because a U.S. military presence is too often used as a recruiting tool by local terrorist organizations." (Photo: USASOC News Service/flickr/cc) Nick Turse
The Coming Year in U.S. Special Operations Failures
From Afghanistan to Somalia, Special Ops Achieves Less With More.
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"The seeds of the commission were planted after the 2016 election, when President-elect Donald Trump claimed for the first time that millions of votes were cast illegally. And since then, despite zero evidence, the president has repeated the claim ad nauseam." (Photo: AFGE/flickr/cc) Adam Eichen, Diana Tomezsko
Voting Rights Still Need Your Protection
Even with Trump’s bogus voter fraud panel gone, the fight against voter suppression isn’t over.
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 "In all of 2017, MSNBC only aired one broadcast on the US-backed Saudi airstrikes that have killed thousands of Yemeni civilians." (Photo:Screenshot) Ben Norton
MSNBC Ignores Catastrophic US-Backed War in Yemen
Finds Russia 5000% more newsworthy.
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North Korean schoolchildren. (Photo: Stephan/ Flickr) Andy Heintz
In the Nuclear Standoff, Ordinary North Koreans Disappear
An advocate for North Korean refugees outlines an alternative approach to political change and regional peace in Korea.
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 "Over the past 16 years, Israel’s army has killed on average 11 children a month." (Photo: Alberto Hugo Rojas/flickr/cc) Jonathan Cook
Ahed Tamimi Offers Israelis a Lesson Worthy of Gandhi
Ahed has exposed the gun-wielding bully lurking in the soul of too many Israelis.
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Bernie Sanders
It’s on Republicans to Stop a Shutdown
This is not just my viewpoint. It’s what the American people want.
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