All Views Articles for 2018-01-07

Sunday, January 7, 2018
Ellen Brown
Student Debt Slavery: Time to Level the Playing Field
We need to free our students from the system of debt slavery that has financialized education, turning it from an investment in human capital into a tool for exploiting the young for the benefit of private investors.
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Robert Reich
Seriously, How Dumb is Trump?
Or is he an extraordinarily talented conman?
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Christen A. Smith
The Fallout of Police Violence Is Killing Black Women Like Erica Garner
If the world is to truly begin to take steps to preserve black women’s lives, then we must take this into account in our discussions.
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Beverly Bell
What We Want for 2018: The Biggest Movement Leaders Envision the Changes Ahead
From Alicia Garza to Annie Leonard, nine organizers share their hopes for the new year.
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A fireworks display in London marks the start of 2018. (Photo: Amanda Slater/flickr/cc) John Buell
2017: Corporate Sins of Commission and Omission
Some of the most outrageous, even reckless performances of the year
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