All Views Articles for 2018-01-01

Monday, January 1, 2018
Will Bunch
The One Half-True Thing Trump Said in Times Interview Was Scarier Than His Two Dozen Lies
As 2018 dawns, The Donald clearly hasn’t lost track of his One Big Idea.
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Reza Marashi
Iran Protests: Civil Rights Movement Or Revolution?
As things currently stand, these protests more closely resemble a continuation of Iran’s long-standing civil rights movement rather than an attempt to overthrow the government.
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Sarah van Gelder
Feeling Burned Out? When We Gather, We Get Energized
Removing debris after a hurricane or giving blood after a shooting empowers us.
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Jared Bernstein
A New Year’s Resolution for the Media: Do Not Let Republicans Get Away With Saying ‘Reforms’ When They Mean ‘Cuts’
There’s no reason to expect general readers to intuitively understand that when House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) says he plans to “reform” entitlements, he means to cut them.
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Trita Parsi
There's Something Different About These Iran Protests
Four days into the protests, there are still more questions than answers.
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