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Saturday, November 24, 2018
Juan Cole
3 Charts: What Trump Doesn't Want You to Know About the Climate Emergency
Trump and his cronies are deeply invested in or beholden to ExxonMobil and other Big Carbon firms who stand to lose billions if the public realizes the harm they are inflicting on us
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Rachel Cleetus
New National Climate Assessment Shows Climate Change Is a Threat to Our Economy, Infrastructure, and Health
Urgent action is needed to lower heat-trapping emissions and invest in making our economy and our communities more prepared to withstand climate impacts.
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Sonali Kolhatkar
Will Democrats Back a 'Green New Deal'?
Rampant poverty and climate change are arguably the two most important challenges facing the U.S. today. A Green New Deal would address both crises together.
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Friday, November 23, 2018
Bernie Sanders, Ro Khanna
America's Wealthiest Family Owns Walmart. They Can Afford to Pay Workers $15 an Hour.
When you're shopping today, remember Walmart's owners have billions, while workers can barely afford to live, often forced to use government subsidies. We can do better.
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Christopher Brauchli
Birds of a Feather
Hostility towards immigrants is not the only tie that binds Messrs. Orban and Trump. Dislike of Mr. Soros is the other.
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Steven Singer
Dear Lawmakers, Please Hire Teachers as Education Aides—Not TFA Alumni
People taking money from the testing and school privatization industry shouldn't be drafting education policy.
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climate Justin Anderson
Minimal Media Attention Helped Sink Crucial Climate Initiatives
The majority of climate change-related ballot measures failed in the midterm elections
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Ann Wright
U.S. Relations with Pakistan Hit Rock Bottom With Trump’s Tweets
The U.S. isolates itself from Pakistan at its own peril.
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shop Jim Hightower
Skip Cyber Monday—Support a Real Local Business
The online shopping day is just another ploy by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to siphon sales from real stores
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Thursday, November 22, 2018
thanksgiving Ira Chernus
A Thanksgiving Ritual for Sixties-Style Activists
The world keeps doing all kinds of mean, nasty, ugly things. But kid, it's never too late to rehabilitate yourself, to start once again creating enough of a nuisance and singing loud enough to end war and stuff
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Jamal Khashoggi speaks during POMED's "Mohammed bin Salman's Saudi Arabia: A Deeper Look." Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
Jamal Khashoggi and Saudi Arabia's Dismemberment of Yemen
Regardless of the dollar amount of any promised weapons deal, Donald Trump has made it very clear: Spend enough money with the U.S., and you can get away with murder.
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Sign reads: Don't shoot the messenger. Free Assange Heather Wokusch
The Case Against WikiLeaks Is a Crisis for the First Amendment
The Trump administration once celebrated WikiLeaks. Now it wants to prosecute Julian Assange simply for publishing things it doesn't like. That's a threat to all journalists.
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Shoppers line up outside  a Target store on November 22, 2012 in Rosemead, Calif. Pat Garofalo
Black Friday Isn’t the Only Time Workers Face Unfair Schedules
Long holiday hours are just one of the myriad abuses employees face when it comes to their work schedules.
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 Leo Estrada, left, and Antonio Gonzalez, right. Gustavo Arellano
Remember the Activists Who Helped Power the Blue Wave
Hundreds of thousands of midterm votes are still being counted across the United States, but you can already verify this result: The Democratic blue wave contained a lot of azul . The national...
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Nozomi Hayase
Prosecution of Julian Assange, America’s Betrayal of Its Own Ideals
As Trump’s administration now carries on Obama’s legacy, vowing to destroy WikiLeaks for engaging in publishing activities that are protected under the First Amendment, American people are slowly coming to see their own government’s dirty war that has been waged in their name.
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Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) answers questions from members of the press after joining with other newly elected members of the House of Representatives for an official class photo of new House members at the U.S. Capitol on November 14, 2018 in Washington, D.C. Natasha Hakimi Zapata
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Already Making Democrats and Republicans Nervous
It seems Ocasio-Cortez is already doing exactly what she was elected to do.
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Dr. Sanjeev K. Sriram
Why Medicare for All Is an Ideal Discussion on Thanksgiving
From our dining rooms to our break rooms, we need to have down-to-earth conversations that break the myths about health care.
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Michael Winship
On Being Thankful for William Goldman, RIP
“Movies are a very, very odd way to make a living."
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protest Christopher D. Cook
Protesters Take to the Streets to Demand Green New Deal From Democrats
Activists are calling on Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Lee to create a committee to address the economy and climate change
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dinner Zenobia Jeffries Warfield
Don't Trash Thanksgiving. Decolonize It
Despite the holiday's false origin tale, we can celebrate with our families in ways that honor those who the day originally dishonored
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Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Juan Cole
Top 5 Ways Trump Put America Last with Whitewash of Saudi Prince
Did the exclamation points give it away? Trump began by saying he was putting America first, but that was the last thing he was doing.
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Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J S Davies
Will the New House Democrats Take on the War Lobby?
How can we expect the new Democratic House of Representatives to stand up to the war lobby if they choose leaders who voted for the disastrous Iraq war, fail to lead on critical current issues of war, peace and record military spending, and are still in the pay of military-industrial interests?
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James Bovard
Julian Assange Deserves a Medal of Freedom, Not a Secret Indictment
Rather than federal indictment, Assange deserves a tweaked version of one of Washington’s hottest honors — a Medal of Freedom with a steam whistle.
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Jill Richardson
California Is on Fire. Trump’s Solution: Rakes?
America's largest state is suffering one of its worst climate catastrophes to date, but the president refuses to see the obvious.
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Ralph Nader
If It Takes the Rats to Wake Up Us and Congress, Bring Them On!
And this new book shows how to do it...
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Tuesday, November 20, 2018
The Fasclican Party is a creative formation forged out of the old Republican Party and the Alt-Right. Its most renowned leaders are Trump, Bannon, Hannity, McConnell, King, Nunes, Limbaugh, Miller, Ingraham and Kavanaugh. (Photo: Getty) John Buell
Defeating the Fasc-Lican Party
Think of applauding a leader like Duerte, who murders “suspected” drug dealers. Trump gives license to these ruthless autocrats, and they make him look moderate
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Think of these developments as establishing a potential formula for perpetual conflict that just might lead the United States into a truly cataclysmic war it neither needs nor can meaningfully win.(Photo: Debra Sweet/flickr/cc) Danny Sjursen
Planet of War
Still trapped in a greater middle eastern quagmire, the U.S. Military prepares for global combat
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What’s harder to understand about what we are seeing is precisely what Whitaker has done to otherwise deserve the promotion he has just received. (Image: Steve Pope/Getty) Andrew Cohen
The Case for Matthew Whitaker Grows Weaker by the Day
He was hired to protect Trump from Mueller, and he’s not qualified to lead the DOJ
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If you’re not ready to give away the wealth, set up your life so that you can give it away later on. Learn how to earn a livelihood that isn’t dependent on being wealthy. (Photo: YES! illustration by Pablo Iglesias) Chuck Collins
One Way to Skip Wall Street and Invest in Your Community
Take it from someone who gave away his inheritance 35 years ago: The act of distributing your wealth will propel you forward.
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President Donald Trump points to journalist Jim Acosta from CNN during a post-election press conference in the East Room of the White House on Nov. 7, 2018. (Photo: Mandel Ngan / AFP /Getty Images file) Jessica Levinson
Jim Acosta and CNN's Legal Battle With Trump Is Part of an Existential Fight About the First Amendment
This will not be the last time that the Trump administration attempts to exert significant control over the press
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Chris Hedges
Are We About to Face Our Gravest Constitutional Crisis?
Trump could be steering us towards a full-blown authoritarian state where the rule of law no longer exists and the president is a despot
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A young member of the migrant caravan at a shelter in Tijuana, Mexico. (Phone: EPA Images) Neve Gordon, Nicola Perugini
Migrant Caravan: Branding Migrants ‘Human Shields’ Has a Deadly Motive
By attempting to make a better life for themselves, migrants are transformed into military targets, people who can be legitimately injured or killed
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Richard Eskow
Wall Street Is Leading the Attack on Pelosi—Steny Hoyer Is the Real Barrier to the Progressive Agenda
A Hoyer speakership would be a catastrophe for the left.
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Monday, November 19, 2018
 Walmart also has a reputation for wage theft. Its the leading wage theft employer in the United States, with more than $1.4 billion paid in wage theft fines and settlements since 2000. (Photo: Michael Sainato) Michael Sainato
'They Obviously Can Afford to': Workers Call On Walmart To Raise Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour
As the Walton Family continues amassing greater wealth from Walmart’s success, employees at Walmart retail stores struggle with poverty, low wages, and larger workloads due to understaffing
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Michelle Randolph, who teaches fourth grade in a school with a majority of Black and immigrant students in Jefferson County, Kentucky, lives in the neighborhood and shops at the Kroger that was targeted. (Photo: Screenshot) Jesse Hagopian
A Climate of Racism Took Two Lives at My Kroger
Jesse Hagopian, a Seattle high school ethnic studies teacher and co-editor of the book Teaching for Black Lives, interviewed Michelle Randolph on the fight against racism and the struggle for education
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A publicly-owned system can enable effective institutions for community participation. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images) Johanna Bozuwa
PG&E: Don’t Break it Up. Take it Over
The potential bankruptcy of the California utility whose negligence likely plays a role in California’s wildfires is an opportunity for the public to gain control of the state’s energy destiny
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Does she have a guilty conscience about removing protection from transgender students, indebted college students, and sexual assault victims? (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr/cc) Diane Ravitch
Cost to Protect Betsy DeVos: $20 Million
Of course, she is very special. She is a billionaire
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Seed swap at the ‘Harvesting Change: Food and Community’ gathering in Detroit, Michigan, May 20, 2014. (Photo: W.K. Kellogg Foundation, CC BY-ND) Michael Carolan
A Sharing Economy for Plants: Seed Libraries Are Sprouting Up
Food activists, garden enthusiasts and community leaders are trying to make it easier to share seeds through libraries. Surely there’s nothing controversial about that, right? Actually, there is.
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It matters for the health of the planet and for the billions of human beings and more billions of animals of other species. (Photo: Waleed Shahid/Twitter) Juan Cole
Is the Green New Deal our Civil Rights Movement? John Lewis Joins
The Green New Deal is a push to have the incoming Democratic majority in the House foreground moving the US to 100% green energy, in electricity, transportation and agriculture among other sectors
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Fear can be a seedling for change.  Green Belt Movement tree nursery in Tumutumu Hills, Kenya. (Photograph by Ariel Poster) Frances Moore Lappé
What Is Courage?
Understanding fear as energy we can use to increase our power for good in our broken world is life changing
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Thanks to the Trump administration’s plan to upgrade the three legs of the U.S. nuclear triad and build new cruise and ballistic missiles, the estimated cost of the U.S. nuclear buildup rose in February 2018 to $2 trillion.   (Photo:US Department of Defense) Lawrence Wittner
Lurching Toward Catastrophe: The Trump Administration and Nuclear Weapons
The obsession of the Trump administration with building nuclear weapons and threatening nuclear war underscores its unwillingness to join other governments in developing a sane nuclear policy
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We need to understand that climate is very much a product of nature’s processes. (Photo: Flickr/ChrisA1995/cc) Judith Schwartz
Concerned About Climate Change? Nature Wants to Help
Some see concern about nature as a distraction from the important work of addressing climate change when, in fact, it’s central
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No sooner had Air Force One touched down in Paris than the president in his usual fashion made news, drawing attention to his impulsiveness, his vindictiveness, and his contempt for facts. (Photo: Chesnot/Getty Images) Rajan Menon
Shattering Europe?
Why Trump’s Paris fiasco really matters
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There is a progressive momentum in America right now. (Photo: National Nurses United/flickr/cc) John Atcheson
Failing to Learn the Lessons of 2018
Why the old guard must go
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Sunday, November 18, 2018
Emma J Roth, Shayna Medley
Betsy DeVos Wants to Roll Back Civil Rights Protections For Students Filing Complaints of Sexual Harassment or Assault
DeVos' proposed rule would change how colleges and universities deal with allegations of sexual assault under Title IX.
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Nick Dearden
Amid Brexit Chaos, Britain's Political System Finally Implodes
A second referendum could help ease the problem, but what Britain really needs is a radical economic transformation.
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Jeffrey D. Sachs
Trump’s Diminishing Power and Rising Rage
The coming months may be especially dangerous for America and the world. As US President Donald Trump’s political position weakens and the obstacles facing him grow, his mental instability will pose an ever-greater danger.
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Robert Scheer
The Biggest Threat to Free Speech No One Is Talking About
It's not being mean to reporters, "The biggest freedom-of-the-press issue is that Trump is working with Comcast and AT&T and Verizon to end net neutrality."
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Robert Reich
With GOP Once More Running Economy Into the Ground, Time to Start Worrying About the Next Crash
Ten years after the start of the Great Recession, it’s important to understand that the real root of the collapse wasn’t a banking crisis. It was the growing imbalance between consumer spending and total output – brought on by stagnant wages and widening inequality.
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Guy Standing
From Social Wealth Funds to Universal Basic Income, the Precariat Age Demands Far-Reaching Solutions to Dismantle Mass Inequality
Global capitalism is roiling class structure and forging a new mass class of precarious workers. The fight for a universal basic income can help catalyze this “precariat” as a transformative change agent.
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Osprey Orielle Lake
The Voices of Amazon Women and a Visionary Declaration to Protect Indigenous Lands
"Kawsak Sacha is important because it is something we have always lived with despite the Western world not recognizing it. We want others to understand, recognize and feel that the jungle is not just a jungle, it is full of life, and humans and nature can share and exchange together."
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Saturday, November 17, 2018
Todd Gitlin
The Great Race Panic
White supremacists are seeing the limits of what they can achieve electorally. Now, the raging fear Trump inflames threatens escalating violence.
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Ryan Cooper
Chuck Schumer, Feckless Hack
The man is incompetent, has abysmal politics, and as we were reminded in a huge New York Times investigation into Facebook, is extremely corrupt.
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Sarah Anderson
Corporations Should Share the Wealth Before Buying Back Stock
Senator Sanders has introduced a bill that would ban Walmart and other big corporations from repurchasing their stock unless they narrow the gaps between CEO and worker pay
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Juan Cole
Is CIA Leak of Bin Salman’s Guilt in Khashoggi Murder Aimed at Kushner, or Trump Himself?
The agency may be attempting to discredit Kushner and to detach Trump from his alliance with the crown prince.
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Christopher Brauchli
Feed the Swamp
Some shining examples of the muck that makes up the contemporary Republican Party
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Ben T. Clements, Ron Fein
Trump Is Undermining the Freedom of the Press. That’s an Impeachable Offense.
Often misunderstood, the purpose of impeachment is not to punish the impeached, but rather to protect the country against misconduct
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Friday, November 16, 2018
Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez not only attended the protest, but the same day posted on her website draft language to establish a Select Committee on a Green New Deal.(Photo: Sunrise Movement) Lauren Burke
Green New Deal? Bring It! But Don’t Forget Your Union Card.
To be truly transformational, any bold green jobs proposal must be rooted in the right to organize
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Trump’s desperate ploy, finally to shut Erdogan up about the crown prince and let the whole controversy die down if possible, so as to preserve Bin Salman as quarterback of the White House Middle East game. (Photo: Screenshot) Juan Cole
Trump Said Considering Extradition of Turkish Cleric to Quiet Erdogan on Khashoggi Murder
A stronger phrase than abject shamelessness needs to be coined in order fully to characterize the cheapness of what the White House is apparently considering
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For better or worse, federal judicial appointments are for life. (Photo: Wikicommons) Bill Blum
Unequal Justice: Ginsburg’s Ribs and the Future of SCOTUS
Is packing the court necessary to save democracy?
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All of this has been met with deafening silence in the United States. (Photo: Shutterstock) John Feffer
Is Korea’s Cold War About to End?
The media is missing the real story on the peninsula. If that gives Koreans space to lead, maybe that's not such a bad thing
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If the last month is any indication, establishment news organizations like the Post and the Times still haven’t learned the key lessons about their flawed 2016 election coverage. (Photo: Screenshot) Reed Richardson
Who, Us? Corporate Media Ignore Their Role in Trump’s Refugee ‘Invasion’ Panic
Trump might as well have been the front-page assignment editor for elite newspapers like the Washington Post and New York Times, which simply couldn’t resist the siren song of his manufactured crisis
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The state of California has come to rely on prison labor to such a degree that it has affected state policy.(Photo: AP) David C. Fathi
Prisoners Are Getting Paid $1.45 a Day to Fight the California Wildfires
The prisoners battling the fires in California deserve real wages. And their rights as workers lead us to larger issues of prison labor, fires or not.
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A sign is held aloft by a #MeToo supporter attending a January 2018 march in Hoboken, N.J. (Photo: Alec Perkins / Wikimedia Commons)(CC BY 2.0) Sonali Kolhatkar
The #MeToo Movement Is Here to Stay
“This is just the beginning. I see this becoming not just a movement, but a revolution that sweeps the globe.”
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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California speaking in Des Moines, Iowa. (Photo: Charlie Neibergall / AP) Norman Solomon
The ‘Pelosi Problem’ Runs Deep
Whether our concerns involve militarism, social equity, economic justice, civil liberties, climate change or the overarching necessity of a Green New Deal, the Democratic Party must change from the bottom up
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 ‘Most Americans have heard nothing of this ongoing clash in Congress, which has lasted for more than a year.’ (Photo: Hani Mohammed/AP) Mark Weisbrot
When Will America Stop Participating in Yemen's Genocidal War?
Sooner or later, the Trump administration will be forced to withdraw from this war. But how many people will die before it happens?
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Thursday, November 15, 2018
More recently, Republican extremists and the media have usurped the word “populist” to misuse it as a pretext to “divide and rule,” while the corporatists laugh all the way to the megabanks that are “too big to fail.” (Photo: Tom LeGrow/cc/flickr) Ralph Nader
The War Over Words: Republicans Easily Defeat the Democrats
The hard core political right wingers symbolically claimed the Bible and the American flag, and later the words “liberty," “freedom,” and "populism."
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If Democrats want to show they side with the working class, they should get behind a $15 minimum wage. (Alex Edelman/Getty Images)   Marc Daalder
Why Every Democrat In Congress Should Support Bernie Sanders’ $15 Minimum Wage Bill
Every member of Congress should be forced to vote on whether they will pass a bill helping tens of millions of people better afford housing, food and healthcare
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Rep. Conor Lamb (D-Pa.) greets supporters after claiming victory in Pennsylvania's 17th Congressional District at his election-night party in Cranberry, Pa., on Nov. 6. (Photo: Gene J. Puskar/AP) Adam Green
The Midterms Prove It: Progressive Ideas Are Now Mainstream
Candidates who promised to stand up for working people, challenge powerful interests and shake up a rigged political and economic system won up and down the ballot
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 Nearly three in four of the seats Democrats flipped were in districts drawn by redistricting commissions or courts. (Photo: BCJ/Getty/Shutterstock) Annie Lo
How Did Democrats Flip the House? Fairer Maps
Commissions or courts, not partisan lawmakers, drew over 70 percent of the seats that went from the GOP to Dems Tuesday, a new Brennan Center analysis finds
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“It may not be good for America,” he said, “but it’s damn good for CBS.” (Photo: Screenshot) Tom Engelhardt
The Donald and the Fake News Media
An affair to remember
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I fear the influence of militarism expands well beyond the strategy and tactics that are under its control. (Photo: Mark J. Terrill/AP) Robert C. Koehler
Gunfire and Wildfire: The New Abnormal
This is a country at war with itself in multiple ways
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Michael Winship
This Was No Voting Accident
But New York, too, has "retrograde voting laws and practices."
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Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Employees at Amazon's headquarters in Seattle. (Photo: Elaine Thompson / AP) Jacob Sugarman
Amazon's Billion-Dollar Shakedown of America's Cities
If these corporate behemoths are loyal only to their shareholders, what is to prevent this same travesty from repeating itself in cities across the country?
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"Through daily economic disruption, we hop the government will finally start taking the climate crisis seriously and address our demand for radical action.” (Photo: Karl Mathiesen/Twitter)  Michael Molitch-Hou
If We Don't Act Fast, 'We're F**ked': An Urgent Call to Climate Action From Extinction Rebellion in the UK
Climate Activists send message to UK Prime Minister by blocking access to the street in front of her office
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Congressman Eliot Engel of New York, speaking at a rally in 2013. (Photo: Thomas Altfather Good) Stephen Zunes
Dems Eye Hawkish Eliot Engel to Chair House Foreign Affairs Committee
It’s nothing short of a betrayal that the Democratic leadership would turn this important committee over to someone so far to the right
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Andrew Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, held his son as he addressed supporters at his primary night party on Tuesday. (Photo: Steve Cannon/Associated Press) Steven Rosenfeld
The Florida Election Recount Is About to Get Very Confusing
The technical capabilities of Florida’s vote-counting systems, the continued examination of ballots and court rulings are set to collide in the coming days—or weeks
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The border O’Rourke showed Texas wasn’t Cruz’s or Trump’s Wild West, where undocumented immigrants wreak havoc. It’s a city full of welcoming people who take pride in living in a binational community. (Photo: Shutterstock) Jasmine Aguilera
Beto O’Rourke’s Lasting Legacy
The competitive campaigns of red-state progressives like Beto redefined several states seemingly overnight
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A number of leading Democrats with eyes on 2020 — and the party’s growing progressive base — have advanced proposals that could spark real change in who owns and runs America. (Photo: Shutterstock) Sam Pizzigati
Democrats Won Big. Can They Go Bold, Too?
The party's leaders have been far too cautious in the past. Newer ideas could spark real change in who owns and runs America
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Studies show that PTSD in survivors of previous disasters is often triggered during national crises. Survivor’s guilt is real. (Photo: @AssaadRazzouk/Twitter) Eric Holthaus
How to Process Climate Grief Over the California Wildfires
It’s also worth remembering — every damn day — that a burned and broken world is not our destiny
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Les Leopold
Will the Wall Street Democrats Part the Blue Wave?
The Wall Street Democrats sure hope so. They have little desire to emphasize working class economic issues, many of which could threaten their vast riches.
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Palestinians walk through rubble after Israeli forces struck the al-Yazji building in the Gaza Strip overnight Monday, November 13, 2018. (Photo: Mohammed Asad) Ahmad Kabariti
Palestinians in Gaza Flee Homes Moments Before Israeli Airstrikes: ‘I Rushed to My Children’s Bedrooms to Check if They Were Alive’
“I no longer care about the air strikes. If I am still alive or fatally hit by shrapnel, then it’s all the same for a girl who has already experienced three wars.”
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Jeff Bezos is laughing all the way to the bank. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images) Pat Garofalo
The Frenzy Over Amazon’s HQ2 Should Be a National Embarrassment
After gathering data on hundreds of cities, Amazon wound up going with the home of Wall Street and the home of America’s government, two advantages no amount of money could buy
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Medicare for All is the cheapest and best direction for the country. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) Robert Reich
Now Is the Time for Medicare for All
The American public has a real choice here: expensive health care for the few or quality, affordable health care for the many
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Greg Muttitt
The IEA Comes Up Short on Climate (Again)
The IEA has a significant opportunity for leadership, an opportunity that it regrettably missed with it's latest World Energy Outlook report
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018
They know the odds. They understand that they’re already living in a dystopia. (Photo: Grassroots Global Justice Alliance) John Feffer
Welcome to the Ultimate Escape Room
Will this climate-change dystopia have a sequel?
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Dror Ladin
Secret CIA Document Shows Plan to Test Drugs on Prisoners
Documents long hidden by the agency reveal that CIA doctors were hunting for a "truth serum" to use on prisoners as part of a previously secret effort called Project Medication.
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 "This year was like nothing I’ve ever seen before: The most talented class of candidates ever, powered to victory by tireless volunteer activists." (Photo: Courtesy of AFGE, Flickr | CC 2.0) Jon Bauman
2018 Showed the GOP Doesn’t Have a Lock on the Senior Vote
Now, it’s up to the newly elected House Democrats to make good on their promises on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
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“America’s leading industry is still the manufacture, distribution, packaging and marketing of bullshit." (Photo: Screenshot) Valerie Vande Panne
7 Economic Terms That Are Often Used to Trick People Out of Their Money
If it sounds too good to be true, take a closer look beyond the buzzwords
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Assange is on his own. Each day is more difficult for him. This is by design. It is up to us to protest. We are his last hope, and the last hope, I fear, for a free press. (Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig) Chris Hedges
Crucifying Julian Assange
What is happening to Assange should terrify the press. And yet his plight is met with indifference and sneering contempt.
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To be great, America must clear the path to the polls, perhaps even mandating voting like Australia. There, turnout is more than 90 percent. (Photo: CHUCK BURTON / ASSOCIATED PRESS) Leo Gerard
The Best Way to Get Voters to Vote
America loves a party. Why not institute Saturday celebrations for mandated electors at American polling places?
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Between 2010 and 2017, according to Brookings, nearly half of the America’s employment growth centered in just 20 large metro areas, now home to about a third of the U.S. population. (Photo: Reed Saxon/AP) Robert Reich
Amazon Is Everything That's Wrong With America
As the American middle class disappears, the two groups falling perilously behind are white, rural, non-college Trumpsters, and the urban poor
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“Every resident of Paradise will inevitably have lost their home or had a family member or loved one who had lost their home.”(Photo: U.S. Forest Service) Andy Rowell
Paradise Lost
As California once again reels from the fires, many are warning this is climate change in action
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K. Sabeel Rahman
Democrats, Don’t Compromise With Trump
Now that they've won back the House, they should focus on building a better party—not on passing legislation.
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Monday, November 12, 2018
Crowds including children dancing and carrying flags of Allied nations during a spontaneous celebration of Armistice Day and the end of World War I. Paris, France. November 11, 1918. (Archive: LIFE magazine) Robert Freeman
Why World War I Still Matters
It is a foolhardy enterprise for the U.S. to plunge the world toward war by trying to retain control of last century’s central resource: oil. But that is exactly what the U.S. is doing.
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 Beyond the litigation, Abrams has been making selective appearances with thwarted voters—to emphasize the human dimensions of voter suppression in her state. (Photo: Jessica McGowan/Getty Images) Steven Rosenfeld
Here’s Why the Georgia Governor’s Race Is Far From Over
Tens of thousands of uncounted votes and possibly more in rejected vote-by-mail envelopes
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In place of fossil fuel finance, investments should be redirected toward renewable energy, cleaner industry, and more sustainable agriculture, among other priorities. (Photo: Image via Stefan Bumbeck/ Oscar Reyes
Want to Save the Climate? Break Up the Big Banks
Despite regularly claiming new commitments to ‘green finance,’ the big banks continue to lend billions to the fossil fuel industry every year
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Nationalists in the polling are found to do exactly this– deny human emotions to members of other nations or ethnicities. ( Photo: Screenshot) Juan Cole
Macron’s Slam of Nationalism Got It Right, But Didn’t Note Dehumanization
Animalizing people, dehumanizing them, is part and parcel of destructive nationalisms that have blighted so many lives so fruitlessly
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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has said Assange should be treated like an enemy combatant, while Hillary Clinton has wondered if he could be killed by a drone. (Photo: newsonline/flickr/cc) Heather Wokusch
Killing the Messenger: Truth in a Time of Universal Deceit
The murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the case of Julian Assange, and freedom of the press
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In 1954, Armistice Day was replaced with Veterans Day, and so our public celebration of peace and an end to war became a rally to “support the troops,” a state and federal day off, and a platform for military recruitment. (AP) John LaForge
Armistice Day First
“You can no more win a war than win an earthquake.”
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