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Sunday, April 22, 2018
Gregory Shupak
Media Support US Violence Against Syria, But Long for More
Corporate news outlets seemed genuinely upset that more U.S. violence was not forthcoming
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Eric Margolis
Doctor Death From Damascus?
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has now become the top Mideast villain, the man we love to hate.
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Saturday, April 21, 2018
Robert Reich
Can Trump Fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller?
Yes. But the costs would be tremendous.
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Christopher Brauchli
Trump Times Two
What in the world are we witnessing?
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Juan Cole
Top Six Reasons Mike Pompeo Should Not Be Secretary of State
And counting....
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John Buell
Students as Debt Slaves
It is time for a system that turns students into indentured servants to go
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"Reminiscent of Big Tobacco and Big Oil companies' tactics, they set in motion a plan to discredit the international agency's study in order to continue selling their dangerous product." (Photo: Occupy Monsanto/@gmo917/Twitter) Alfonso Saldaña, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
A Cancer on Society: Monsanto Claims Right Not to Speak About Roundup
Monsanto doesn’t want the world to know their product is labeled a "probable carcinogen."
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Glenn Greenwald, Trevor Timm
The DNC’S Lawsuit Against WikiLeaks Poses a Serious Threat to Press Freedom
The theory of the suit would mean that any media outlet that publishes misappropriated documents or emails (exactly what media outlets quite often do) could be sued by the entity or person about which they are reporting
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Friday, April 20, 2018
"They come by way of exploding campaign funding, lobbyists with gifts swarming over legislatures, speaking fees, revolving doors for corporatists taking key government positions to thwart law enforcement, and lucrative offers to lawmakers in anticipation of their retirement." (Photo: Max Herman/Survival Media Agency) Ralph Nader
Bill Curry on the Move Against Public Corruption
Legalized corruption is all over Washington, D.C. as trillions of dollars of giveaways, subsidies, bailouts, and no-bid contracts proliferate.
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"The only threat he sees from the tangled politics of Trump and Mueller is the threat to the only thing that matters to McConnell anymore — his 51-49 hold on the Senate majority." (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Will Bunch
Mitch McConnell Gets his Own Chapter in the Story of America's Dying Democracy. And it's Devastating
It is Mitch McConnell, more than anyone else in Washington, who has turned the notion of comity into comedy.
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"The intent of the attack was to make a statement without making a difference." (Photo: Hassan Ammar / AP) Andrew Bacevich
Trump Declares ‘Mission Accomplished’ on Syria Attacks — But Whose Mission?
The swamp refuses to be drained.
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"In the highly-competitive world of media and film, we can only guess what kind of courage this move has taken, not to mention the potential tensions with Israeli relatives." (Photo:Wikimedia Commons) Philip Weiss, James North
Natalie Portman Says, Enough!
The statement is surely a reference to Israel’s killing of nearly 40 unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza, which have shocked Jews around the world.
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 "What Medicare for All is to the health care debate, or Fight for $15 is to the battle about inequality, 100% Renewable is to the struggle for the planet’s future." (Photo: Laurel L. Russwurm/flickr/cc) Bill McKibben
100% Renewable Energy is Within Our Reach
America’s twisted politics may slow the transition to renewables, but other countries are now pushing the pace.
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"Democrats in the state legislature spent considerably more energy staving off further cuts to education, rather than pushing for bold efforts to increase funding." (Photo: WDRB/screenshot) Jeff Bryant
Why Teacher Uprisings May Hit Blue States Too
The sad truth is financial austerity that has driven governments at all levels to skimp on education has had plenty of compliance, if not downright support, from centrist Democrats.
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"Kobach expressly promised Judge Robinson on the record that he would ensure that any voter who was previously suspended would get the same postcard notification that every other voter receives. Of course, that didn’t happen." (Photo: Mark Reinstein/Shutterstock) Orion Danjuma
Court’s Ruling Holding Kobach in Contempt is Well-Deserved
It is clear that the secretary of state believes he need only answer to himself and not the law.
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"How Changa or Puryear discussing racism and war furthers an effort to “create chaos” is never made clear, unless stating facts about the world that are unflattering to US centers of power is now per se destructive." (Photo: Screenshot) Adam Johnson
Public Radio’s McCarthyite Smear of Black Activists Shows Danger of Russia Panic
If assumptions about “Country X–backed media” are used to smear those who take a check—or even come close to those who take a check—from Russia, there should be a consistent standard for everyone.
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"The UN’s top human rights office concluded years ago that in order to respect the right to privacy, governments should regulate how private companies — not just police and spy agencies — treat personal data." (Photo: TY Lim / Shutterstock ) Sarah St. Vincent
Data Privacy Is a Human Right. Europe Is Moving Toward Recognizing That.
Mark Zuckerberg played dumb when Congress pressed him on privacy protections. But he should know better — the EU is already forcing his hand.
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"If we are truly concerned about the well-being of ordinary Syrians, we need to care about them whether they are being killed by Syrian, Russian or American forces." (Photo: Al-Jazeera) Sonali Kolhatkar
Why Are Some on the Left Falling for Fake News on Syria?
If leftist and progressive calls to curb American imperialism are to be taken seriously, our analysis of international relations and foreign policy needs to be far more sophisticated.
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"The frosty little town of Gander - away up north in Newfoundland, Canada - welcomed 18 Syrian refugees in 62 days. That’s 150 percent more than the whole of the US accepted in twice that time." (Photo: Getty Images) Pat LaMarche
For the Many Millions Spent on Bombing Syria, The US Could Have Assisted Syrian Refugees by the Thousands
As those who have offered shelter and assistance to victims of war have said, "We were just doing what our mothers taught us."
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Thursday, April 19, 2018
"Asking them to accept the depressing realities of the society we’re bequeathing to them without expecting them to respond, let alone protest, is tantamount to teaching without listening."(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Belle Chesler
Students as Teachers: Facing the World Adults Are Wrecking
What happens when a teachers stops and listens to her students.
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"The U.N. Security Council did not authorize this or other recent U.S. actions (Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, or previous attacks on Syria). The Trump Administration is also violating the U.S. War Powers Act, which prohibits the President from waging war without Congressional approval." (Photo: The All-Nite Images/Flickr/cc) Reese Erlich
Serious Questions About Chemical Attack in Douma and US Bombardment of Syria
Regardless of what happened in Douma, the United States has no legal or moral right to bomb Syria.
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"The Corker-Kaine bill would flip this constitutional power on its head, assigning the president the role of declaring war against a given enemy in a given place, and leaving Congress only with the power to un-declare it." (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) Elizabeth Goitein
The Corker-Kaine Bill Would Codify, not End, the Forever War
The replacement AUMF would formalize a reversal of the Constitution, allowing the president to declare wars and Congress — if it dares — to veto them.
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"Surrounded by the wreckage around the world wrought by strike wars stretching back over half a century, you’d think that it’s time for us to get into the rehab center and confront our addiction." (Photo: Reuters) James A. Russell
The Strike Warfare Chimera
Despite the uncertain results and colossal failures, we remain addicted to strike warfare, telling ourselves that we can police the politics on the ground by dropping bombs from on high.
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"Three punishing Israeli wars on Gaza (in 2008, 2012, and 2014) left over 3,800 Palestinians dead, 15,000 wounded, and an already dilapidated infrastructure even more devastated by deliberate Israeli targeting of civilian sites, like a sewage reservoir and a chicken processing plant." (Photo: Adam Helweh/Flickr/CC) James Zogby
Gaza Deserves Our Support
Attention must be paid to this long-suffering people.
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A major flashpoint for oppositional feminism is the Right’s continued attack on the public sector. (Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images)   Rachel Johnson
West Virginia Teachers and the Return of Labor Feminism
In struggles led predominantly by women workers—whose labor has historically been both underpaid and undervalued—we’re seeing the return of efforts to build meaningful alternatives to corporate feminism.
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"Nobody in Congress is talking seriously about passing bills to remove private cash from the public elections—or even to mandate reasonable “dark money” disclosure." (DonkeyHotey/cc) Paul Street
Who Will Protect Elections From U.S. Oligarchs?
No other “democracy” in the developed world comes close to the United States when it comes to giving big-money donors unregulated power in their national electoral processes.
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Robert C. Koehler
In Syria and Beyond, What Would It Even Look Like If the U.S. Truly Wanted Peace in the World?
On playing war in Syria.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
U.S. bombs explode over Syria, 2014 (Shutterstock) Peter Certo
There Was Nothing Humanitarian About Our Strikes on Syria
We fired 105 missiles on April 14. That’s 10 times the number of Syrian refugees we’ve taken all year.
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"Seven of the top 10 newspapers by circulation—USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, Chicago Tribune, Newsday and Washington Post—supported the airstrikes." (Photo: Screenshot) Adam Johnson
Out of 26 Major Editorials on Trump’s Syria Strikes, Zero Opposed
The most influential paper in the country, the New York Times, has not opposed a single US war—from the Persian Gulf to Bosnia, to Kosovo to Iraq to Libya to the forever war on ISIS—in the past 30 years.
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Peter Prontzos
Stopping the Doomsday Machine
When will we finally have a world free of nuclear weapons?
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"Beautiful coral reefs succumb to plastic waste-borne bacteria depleting reef-supported fisheries." (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) Arshad Khan
Of Animals and Bees and Flowers Wild as Earth Day Nears
Serious concerns for anyone who cares for wildlife and the planet we inhabit.
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"For nearly 40 years, they and their uber-rich allies have been battering the legal structures and mechanisms that give ordinary people some chance to control their own destinies." (Image: DonkeyHotey/cc/flickr) Jim Hightower
Examining the Kochtopus
The Koch brothers have used their enormous assets to mount a far-ranging, ultrasophisticated assault on American democracy.
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"Trump is damned either way."(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) Robert Kuttner
Trump’s Impotent Rage
The window for firing Rosenstein or Mueller, and getting away with it, has closed.
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"How can we as white people stand by while the nonwhite people of the world are suffering under imperialism?"(Photo: Amy Osborne, AFP) Chris Hedges
The Cult of Violence Always Kills the Left
And who has all the power, in terms of violence? Our means of violence is very little. The government’s means, the right wing’s means, are very great. So, we’ve got to adopt nonviolence.
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"Everyone who lives in this country deserves affordable housing, protection from unfair evictions, freedom from discrimination, and the right to safe and well-maintained homes." (Photo: Garry Knight/cc/flickr) Richard Eskow
We Need a Housing Revolution Now
Look again at the faces of homeless men and women. They are the victims of injustice.
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"In the Cohen case, because the government obtained a warrant for some of the seized material, the Trump–Cohen proposal to have a “first cut” of what the government has seized would seem to be an end-run around what a court already authorized." (Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via Getty) Brett Max Kaufman
Who Should Review Michael Cohen’s Files Under the Fourth Amendment?
How to manage searches of digital information, like any other evidence, is not a matter of expediency or any party’s good faith — it’s a matter of ensuring that the government complies with the Constitution.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018
"Oftentimes, the media works to distract from the issues altogether, as is the case in Britain today, where Israel’s image is rapidly deteriorating." (Photo: Che Erasmus Nche / Eras Media Productions via BDS South Africa) Ramzy Baroud
Media Cover-up: Shielding Israel is a Matter of Policy
Western media is actively involved in shielding Israel and enhancing its diminishing brand, while painstakingly demolishing the image of Israel's enemies.
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"With the rise of ISIS and the broader war on terror, members of Congress have shown their “opposition” to war by “calling for a vote” on the war without addressing the underlying substance of said war or how one would vote, should one take place." (Photo: Senate Democrats/Flickr/cc) Adam Johnson
Democrats, Too, Love Trump's Wars
The reason Congress hasn’t sanctioned America’s perma-war is because they’re captured, with some notable exceptions, by the same national security apparatus as the past three administrations.
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"The finance industry overall was the biggest beneficiary of corporate tax cuts, and is expected to take in $250 billion from the corporate income tax cut alone over next decade, an amount that could fund 300,000 elementary school teachers or 6,000 teachers per state for 10 years." (Photo: David Ohmer/flickr/cc) Porter McConnell
Tax Day is a Real Holiday for Wall Street
The tax legislation passed last year gives the financial industry plenty of reasons to celebrate.
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“This country now considers it perfectly normal for the president to launch a fierce assault against a foreign country 5,000 miles from our borders without any congressional involvement at all, let alone a declaration of war." (Photo:Garry Knight/flickr/cc) Conor Friedersdorf
The Backlash Against Trump's Syria Strike
Members of Congress in both parties have declared his actions unconstitutional. Will Democrats campaign against their illegality?
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"It’s not just the use of our tax dollars to push medically inaccurate information that’s appalling, states like Ohio, Texas, Indiana, and Arizona have wastefully spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars defending anti-abortion laws in courts." (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Layidua Salazar
I’m an Undocumented Taxpayer. Here’s How My Taxes Are Used Against My Values.
The government regularly uses our tax contributions to fund the deportation or incarceration of our family members and to pass laws making health care more difficult to access.
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"The United States is already using lethal force against a broad array of armed groups across the Middle East and Africa, arguing it has the authority to do so under the 2001 and 2002 Authorizations for Military Force (AUMF)."(Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images) Daphne Eviatar
Corker’s Proposal Hands Trump A Dangerous, Open-Ended War Authorization
It would invite unlawful killings, civilian casualties, war crimes and human rights violations—as well as emulation by other countries.
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"Millions of children arrive at school burdened by the costs of secular decline before they ever enter their first class." (Photo: Unite the Resistance/Twitter) Steve Fraser
Class Dismissed: Class Conflict and Teacher Rebellion in Red State America
Insurgent teachers are instructing us all about a tale of denial for which we’ve paid a heavy price.
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 "In 1980, the year Ronald Reagan won the White House, America’s most affluent still faced a 70 percent tax on their top-bracket income." (Photo: Fight Back! News/Kim DeFranco) Sam Pizzigati
Why Should We Tax the Rich?
The conservative take on taxes works wonderfully for sound bites — and totally muddies how our economy actually works.
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Jonathan Cook
Robert Fisk’s Douma Report Rips Away Excuses for Air Strike on Syria
This report shows that there is a highly credible alternative explanation for what happened in Douma – one that needs to be investigated.
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Monday, April 16, 2018
Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
Death By a Thousand Tax Cuts
Under the current administration, we are witnessing the deathblows to the economic and social policies of the New Deal
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Gary Olson
Trump’s Attack on Syria: An Illegal Piece of Choreographed Theater
The United States once more operates from a position of unmitigated hubris
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Josh Bivens, Hunter Blair
For Tax Day, a Reminder That Economic Arguments for the GOP Tax Plan Have No Theoretical Basis
The tax cuts that make up the bulk of the GOP plan—ones for the rich and big corporations—are by far the weakest kind of fiscal stimulus if the goal is to generate aggregate demand in the economy
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Christopher Anders
Don’t Let Congress Give Trump a Blank Check to Declare Worldwide War
This proposal would cause colossal harm to the Constitution’s checks and balances, would jeopardize civil liberties and human rights at home and abroad, and would lead to a breathtakingly broad expansion of war without meaningful oversight
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Frida Berrigan
Gunning Down the Easter Bunny: On the Weaponization of Everyday Life
Growing up with the threat of pervasive violence
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Paul Rosenberg
Is MSNBC Going Conservative? Supposedly Liberal News Network Loves #NeverTrumpers More Than Leftists
Loading up on semi-repentant conservatives and ignoring the activist left, MSNBC is doing the nation a disservice
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Michael Winship
Mob Rule at the White House
But while we may not be at the extraction point yet, increasingly there are those who think the endgame for this administration is nigh—and indeed, that would be the righteous outcome.
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Robert Dodge
Taxes, Death, and Nuclear Weapons
Every dollar spent on nuclear weapons is a dollar taken from our children and the meeting of the basic needs of our citizens
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Richard Eskow
7 Questions About the Syria Airstrikes That Aren’t Being Asked
The national security establishment and the corporate media have been promoting a confrontational approach, but they’ve been unable to explain how that would lead to a better outcome for the US or the world
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Sunday, April 15, 2018
Will Bunch
U.S. Bombs Won't Save the Kids of the Middle East. Here's What We Can Do
"The Syrian refugee crisis presented an opportunity for the United States to demonstrate its global increasing our then-paltry numbers of Syrian refugees that we accepted here. That’s the response you'd expect from a nation that once defined our exceptionalism as our willingness to...
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Rebecca Vallas
Trump's Executive Order on 'Welfare' Is Designed to Pit Workers Against One Another
On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that sums up how little he understands about poverty in America. The order, titled “Reducing Poverty in America by Promoting...
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India McKinney
Congress Held Ten Hours of Hearings on Facebook. What’s Next?
After grilling Mark Zuckerberg for ten hours this past week, the big question facing Congress is, “What’s next?” The wide-ranging hearings covered everything from “fake news” to election integrity to...
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Juan Cole
Iraq on Syria Strikes: We've Seen This Movie and It Doesn't End Well
Iraq’s foreign ministry came out strongly against the US, British and French missile strikes on Syria. In a statement issued Saturday, the ministry called the attacks “an extremely dangerous step”...
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Ray McGovern
Attacking Syria: Thumbing Noses at Constitution and Law
It was a sad spectacle to see U.S. brass rubbishing the Constitution and trying to silence critics of the U.S. strike on Syria
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Charles P. Pierce
I'd Like to Offer This Sanity Quiz to All #NeverTrump Conservatives
Nicolle Wallace, David Frum, Joe Scarborough, Bill Kristol: Step right up.
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Saturday, April 14, 2018
Jon Schwarz
Trump Ordered Syria Strike Based on a Secret Legal Justification Even Congress Can't See
On Friday night, President Trump ordered the U.S. military to conduct a bombing attack against the government of Syria without congressional authorization. How can this be constitutional, given the...
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John Atcheson
Trump Is Cornered - Now Comes the Dangerous Part
"As Mueller’s case gets stronger, things get even scarier."
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Evaggelos Vallianatos
Pesticides Are Making Children Aggressive
"Pesticides cause a multitude of adverse effects on humans. However, they are especially harmful to children."
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Christopher Brauchli
The Terrible Twos and DJT
In a recent tweeted tantrum, President Trump showed "that in his infantile fury, he has chosen to express anger towards China, in the process failing to acknowledge a great benefit that was given him and his family by that country."
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Norman Solomon
Missile Attack on Syria Is a Salute to 'Russiagate' Enthusiasts—Whether They Like It or Not
"The latest U.S. air attack on Russia’s close ally Syria was as much politically aimed at Moscow as at Damascus."
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Adam Johnson
Few to No Anti-Bombing Voices as Trump Prepared to Escalate Syria War
In the run-up to the president's Friday night airstrikes in Syria, the corporate media inaccurately made it appear as though there was little dissent over military action
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Friday, April 13, 2018
"We have, as you have noted, been down this road before with the Iraq WMD debacle in 2003.  Let us not repeat this mistake." (Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis/AP) Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
Trump Urged to Seek Evidence Before Attacking Syria
In this memo to the White House, the Veteran Intelligence Professions for Sanity urge President Trump to get the evidence first before deciding to strike Syria.
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 "The passage suffers not only from its unfounded assumption that the US has a right to decide who governs Syria and to enforce that with arms, but also from its failure to consider what will happen should Washington attempt to do so." (Credit: Bulent Kilic / AFP / Getty Images) Gregory Shupak
Major Papers Urge Trump to Kill Syrians, Risk World War III
This style of coverage—enthusiastic about the moral need for violence but oblivious to its obvious consequences—inhibits the public’s capacity to make sense of the extremely dangerous moment in which we are living.
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"Sanders explained that he believes his agenda, which includes Medicare for All and free public education, will have an especially “profound and positive” effect on communities of color." (Photo: Sally Prevost/flickr/cc) Briahna Joy Gray
Bernie Sanders in the Deep South
“It is making sure every American has high quality health care as a right — the right to excellent education. But it is also addressing the special problem of racism, of sexism, of homophobia, etc.”
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"The TCJA is already egregiously tilted towards the rich and big corporations. " (Photo: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images) Hunter Blair
The Trump Tax Cuts Should be Repealed, Not Made Even Worse by Making Individual Tax Cuts Permanent
The corporate tax cuts flow entirely to shareholders — and the top 1 percent holds 40 percent of total stocks.
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"It serves only those who wish to pollute, exposing more American to unhealthy air." (Photo: Flickr/cc) Gretchen Goldman
Brace Yourself for Unhealthy Air
The Trump Administration just weakened clean air protections.
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"Better to keep these countries in misery and conflict, some reason, than to allow them to thrive while they defy the United States." (Photo: Thaer Mohammed/AFP/Getty) Stephen Kinzer
The US Doesn’t Even Care About Syria — But We Keep the War Going
According to the logic behind American strategy in the Middle East — and the rest of the world — one of our principal goals should be to prevent peace or prosperity from breaking out in countries whose governments are unfriendly to us.
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"She deserves outrage, but because of her lack of morality, not her political party." (Photo: Screenshot) Steven Singer
In Trump’s America, You No Longer Need to Pretend to be Against School Segregation
How far have we sunk when you don’t even need to feign decency in order to expect having a chance of Congress confirming you?
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Thursday, April 12, 2018
Teachers rally in Chicago, 2012 (Rachel Docherty / Flickr) Negin Owliaei
Teacher Strikes Are About a Lot More Than Paychecks
Educators aren't just fighting for their own salaries. They're fighting to make life better for their entire communities.
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"It is important to note that while this is a big move, it needs to kick off a series of actions that see an end to onshore licenses, and a plan to manage the decline of existing production." (Photo: Michael N/Pacific/BarcroftImages) Hannah McKinnon
Ready, Set, Go!
New Zealand joins the growing club of first movers tackling fossil fuel production! Who will be next?
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 "Suddenly, after burying the nation in more debt by cutting taxes, with most of the benefits going to the wealthy and large corporations, they propose a constitutional amendment that would force cuts to important programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and military retirement benefits." (Photo: John Samora/ The Arizona Republic) Karen Hobert Flynn
Bust the Budget then Vote to Balance It: GOP's Shameless Bid to Shred Safety Net
The balanced budget amendment is a shameless GOP attempt to shred Social Security and the whole safety net after busting the federal budget with massive tax cuts.
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"When the economy deserts the people, eventually people rebel. They even choose fascists over perverse policies delivered by democracies." (Photo: D. Myles Cullen/White House/Flickr) Robert Kuttner
Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism?
When politics fails to serve working people, the far right fills the vacuum.
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 "If you want to measure the effectiveness of the U.S. military, note, for instance, that more than a decade and a half after its “Global War on Terror” was launched there are al-Qaeda affiliates in far more places than on September 12, 2001." (Photo: Larry Downing/Reuters) Tom Engelhardt
A Tale of American Hubris
Or five lessons in the history of American defeat.
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"Between 1877 and 1950, 3,959 African Americans were murdered in lynchings." (Photo: Wolfram Kastl/Getty Images) Robert C. Koehler
Lynchings Past And Present
This buried history of power and dehumanization is still living, still present in our world, still killing African-Americans and others.
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Peter Dreier
Paul Ryan: Charlatan, Hypocrite, and Right-Wing Extremist Scurries for the Exit
Ryan successfully bamboozled many reporters and the nation at large, somehow convincing them he was a budget expert and something of a social philosopher. But he turned out to be just a slick talker who must have flunked basic math in high school or college, because his budget numbers never add up.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018
“We are here. And we’re ready to take over. Because we may not run the United States, but we make it run. And we are ready to shut it down with our bodies.”(Photo: AP/Gerry Broome) Sarah Anderson
A New Poor People’s Campaign Is Gearing Up to Launch on Mother's Day
A major new report makes the case for a 'fusion movement' against systemic racism, poverty and inequality, militarism and the war economy, and ecological devastation.
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Bill Curry, a two-time Democratic nominee for Governor of Connecticut and a White House advisor in the administration of Bill Clinton. Russell Mokhiber
Bill Curry on Corruption in America
“Both parties have a perceived self interest in never bringing it up. It’s the bipartisan consensus.”
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John Bolton (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr/cc) Paul Pillar
The Bolton-Pompeo Package
Two hazardous peas in a pod.
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“The money in the state is going somewhere.” And the answer to where it’s going, he says, is in “the hands of the one percent.” (Photo: @StephMontelongo/Twitter) Valerie Vande Panne
How Privatization Sparked the Massive Oklahoma Teacher Uprising
For more than a decade, state legislators—Democrats and Republicans alike—have marched the state off the proverbial financial cliff, then used budget shortfalls to push privatization.
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Palestinians wait at the Rafah border crossing to enter Egypt on 14 February 2016 (Photo: AFP) Abir Kopty
How Many Palestinians Have To Die For the World to Stop Israel's Crimes In Gaza?
Israel knows it will get away with its crimes, and therefore it keeps on committing them.
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"National Democrats have been cautious to back the striking teachers, but that is changing now that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders have voiced support for the teachers." (Photo: WDRB/screenshot) Jeff Bryant
What Teacher Strikes Can Teach Democrats About Education Politics
Not only have Democratic party leaders ignored the growing discontent among teachers; they’ve been actively complicit with Republicans in spreading a false message about what’s been plaguing public education.
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“When you consider human security, such as the right for a person to have shelter, food, health, education, a future, you see quickly that the billions of dollars put into border militarization are drastically misplaced.” (Photo: Getty) Debbie Weingarten
Sending Troops to the Border Will Cause More Migrant Deaths
“The outcome of border militarization has not been to deter migration, but instead to create more vulnerability.”
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 Shaun King has been an outspoken member of the Black Lives Movement. (Photo: CNN/Screengrab)  Leonard Pitts Jr.
“Controversial Guy” Gets Stopped, Hassled at The Airport
The government’s unsubtle way of letting a critic know that Big Brother is watching.
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"He’s just as dim and, therefore, just as pliable as this guy. What are they waiting for?" (Photo: Hal Yeager/Getty Images) Charles P. Pierce
Republicans Must Be Thinking About a President Mike Pence Right Now
He has many of Trump's qualities without some of the obvious baggage.
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"So a forum whose founders made big bucks off trafficked minors doubled as a haven for the vulnerable." (Photo: Screenshot) Molly Roberts
No One Wants to Listen to the Sex Workers
Despite all its repulsive profiteering, Backpage was still sex workers’ best shot at staying safe.
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"US antitrust laws and enforcement themselves are often insufficient in tackling the issues central to consolidation in technology and media." (Photo: Getty) Justin Anderson
Who Will Take on the 21st Century Tech and Media Monopolies?
After decades of regulatory neglect, Big Tech is finally coming under the microscope.
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"Her commitment to the “rule of law” includes approving the torture of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who was waterboarded at the CIA’s secret prison in Thailand when she was in charge." (Photo: CNN/Screenshot) Kevin Gosztola
Who’s Who Of American War Criminals And Torture Apologists Endorse Gina Haspel For CIA Director
“Bloody Gina.”
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Will Bunch
What's a Guy Gotta Do To Get Impeached in Trump's Out-of-Control America?
The risk we face is not in normalizing impeachment, which is the tool that the Founding Fathers created to deal with the threat posed by the kind of president that they feared — and that Donald Trump has become. The real hazard is normalizing Trump’s conduct over the last 15 months.
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Juan Cole
Protests Won’t Stop Trump Derailing Mueller Inquiry; Putting the Left in Congress Will
Going to your town square and protesting will have zero effect if you don’t give money to a candidate, walk the neighborhood ringing doorbells for her, and get out the vote.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2018
"Equal pay would cut poverty among working women and their families by more than half and add $513 billion to the national economy." (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Gabriela Lemus
It’s Time for Equal Pay for Equal Work
The problem is that employers continue to engage in pay disparities without real accountability.
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"On the very same day that Walmart made headlines by doling out $1,000 one-time bonuses to a whopping 7% of its workforce, it used its tax savings to offset the expense of closing 63 Sam’s Club stores, costing nearly 11,000 workers their jobs." (J. Scott Applewhite / AP) Nick Hanauer
That $4,000 Raise Donald Trump and Paul Ryan Promised You Was a Trickle-Down Lie
Take it from a rich business guy, we only give out raises when we have to. Don't count on that $4,000 Donald Trump & Paul Ryan promised from tax cuts.
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"Western Media" is a brand, a gimmick, a commodity fetishism at the service of systemic mass deception in "the West" itself and around the globe - and BBC is a paramount example of it. (Photo: Sky News) Hamid Dabashi
'Western Media' and Mass Deception
What does the coverage of the atrocities committed by Israel in Gaza tell us about the truth of 'Western media'?
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"Since 2010, the National Rifle Association has spent over $120 million to ensure the interest of gun manufacturers are represented over the safety of our families and the will of the people." (Photo: Light Brigading/flickr/cc) Ben Gubits
To End Gun Violence, We Need to Address the Influence of Big Money In Politics
Despite overwhelming popular support for stricter gun control laws, Congress has been unwilling to act because of pressure from powerful special interests.
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"Three companies, including insurance giant GEICO, had no women board members, while 24 companies had less than 25 percent." (Photo: Maryland GovPics/flickr/cc) Joe Jackson
Big Businesses Runs America - But Who's Running Big Businesses?
All-male or all-white boards are no longer acceptable and should inspire a push for change.
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"Having outsourced responsibility for defending the country to people few of us actually know, we’ve ended up with a military system that is unfair, undemocratic, hugely expensive, and largely ineffective, not to mention increasingly irrelevant to the threats coming our way." (Photo: Reuters/file) Andrew Bacevich
Creating a Perpetual War Machine
What happens when a few volunteer and the rest just watch.
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