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Thursday, March 22, 2018
"In this moment of growing Islamophobia, at a time when a president has a desire to simply ban foreign Muslims and cast American ones as the worst of the worst, it’s just one more step into my fears of the future." (Photo: Sue Ogrocki / AP) Nate Terani
Donald Trump’s America: Already Hell Enough for This Muslim-American
Why I can't help but wonder, at least in my bleaker moments, whether there will be any coming back from the dark destination we seem headed toward
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Terry Christenson inside Kinder Morgan’s compound peacefully protesting the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline. (Photo: Andy Rowell
“I’m Taking This Action To Protect My Grandchildren’s Future”
As opposition against the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline grows daily, fifty people have been arrested thus far.
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Toys R Us’s management has told its employees that it will sell or close all of its U.S. stores.  (Photo: Mike Mozart/flickr/cc) Will Bunch
Vulture Hedge-Fund Capitalism Still Devouring U.S. Jobs. Will We Ever Do Something?
In a perfect world, our politicians in Washington would rein in the abuses of vulture capitalism.
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"This news is a reminder of the inevitable privacy risks that users face when their personal information is captured, analyzed, indefinitely stored, and shared by a constellation of data brokers, marketers, and social media companies."(Photo: Legal Loop) Gennie Gebhart
How To Change Your Facebook Settings To Opt Out of Platform API Sharing
Tech companies can and should do more to protect users, including giving users far more control over what data is collected and how that data is used.
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"When violence is normal and ongoing and, in the case of war, celebrated and glorified, it feeds on itself." (Joshua Roberts / Reuters) Robert C. Koehler
Normalizing Violence
Killings happen just like wars happen.
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John Feffer
Trump, Terrorism, and the Politics of Witch Hunts
It's ironic that the most powerful man on earth would protest that he's the subject of a "witch hunt," especially given his enthusiasm for bombing and torturing people.
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Elliot Harmon
How Congress Censored the Internet
In passing SESTA/FOSTA, lawmakers failed to separate their good intentions from bad law
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
"It continually places local organizations, and the women and girls who seek their services, in danger of torture or death."(Photo: Karim Sahib/AFP/Getty Images) Lisa Davis
Survivors Need Shelter, But Shelters Need Legal Protection In Iraq
Despite the unprecedented security crisis, it remains against public policy for Iraqi NGOs to provide shelter for those escaping gender-based violence.
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"Musk is essentially investing our billions in his own pet projects, everything from the Mars gambit to establishing a mass-market niche for high-tech flamethrowers." (Photo: Steve Jurvetson / Flickr) Sam Pizzigati
Billionaires Won’t Save the World — Just Look at Elon Musk
The "playboy genius" is essentially squandering taxpayer money on pet projects like Mars trips and flamethrowers.
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Stephanie Savell
We Have Spent $32 Million Per Hour on War Since 2001
15 years after the invasion of Iraq, what are the costs?
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"Easiest to see are the larger and most tangible of consequences – the horrifying prospects of global warming, climate chaos, habitat destruction, rising and acidifying seas, breakdown of civil order, war and…extinction." (Photo: Beth Scupham/flickr/cc) Elizabeth West
Love And Loss In The Anthropocene
As a species, we have been unable to meet the challenges posed by our own misguided attachment to growth.
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Chemical plant outside of Fort Worth, Texas. (Photo: Screenshot) Charles P. Pierce
Nothing to See Here, Just Freedom
Deregulation kills more people in this country than ISIS ever will.
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"A working class boy from Illinois sent halfway around the world to kill a young farmer. How did we get here? How did this crazy war economy come to be?" (Photo: Philip Lederer) Brock McIntosh
It’s Time to Transform the War Economy
The Poor People's Campaign offers an antidote to a poisoned and militarized culture that has perverted the national agenda.
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“We have thoroughly tested the neoliberal theory that whatever profits a global corporation serves the common good. The result is that it doesn’t.”  (Photo: Illustration by Stuart Kinlough/Getty Images) David Korten
Tariffs Aren’t a Terrible Idea—If They’re About Well-Being of People Not Corporations
Tariffs on imports could be part of reorienting the global economy. Now is a good time to talk about it.
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"If the deal goes through, Sinclair’s stations will reach nearly 70 percent of all households in the United States." (Photo: William Thomas Cain/Getty Images) Richard Eskow
There’s Fake News on Your Television, Too
Sinclair Broadcast Group is a hard-right corporation that imposes its views on the local television stations it owns.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Juan Ortiz Freuler
The Cambridge Analytica Scandal Is a Drop of Water Trickling Down the Visible Top of an Iceberg
Most coverage of Cambridge Analytica story is missing out on the big picture. The scale of the operation was only possible because Facebook has too much data about too many people.
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Gretchen Goldman
Scott Pruitt Will Restrict EPA's Use of Legitimate Science
The Administrator's “transparency” proposal is a fundamentally flawed Trojan Horse
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Moazzam Begg
Donald Trump's New CIA Chief Can't Hide Her Role in Torture Cover-Up
Trump's nominee for CIA director was a great supporter of getting rid of the evidence of torture, although it seems she has nothing to worry about now
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Claudia Lefko
For These Children of Iraq, Help Did Not Arrive
The unseen cost of three decades of war in Iraq
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Juan Cole
Cambridge Analytica as the Matrix: Information Dominance and the Next Level of Fake News
The sci-fi film appears to have inadvertently predicted the rise of the data mining firm
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Nick Meynen
It’s Not Just Drug Dealers That Need to Worry About Inspiration Trump Took From Duterte
The battle between autocratic leaders and the global movement for environmental justice heats up
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Andrew Bacevich
On Seeing America's Whole Wars: A Memo to the Publisher of the New York Times
Six questions for A.G. Sulzberger
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Sinan Antoon
15 Years Ago, America Destroyed My Country
I never thought that Iraq could ever be worse than it was during Saddam's reign, but the 2003 US invasion changed that
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Danny Sjursen
Unmitigated Failure: Operation Iraqi Freedom, 15 Years Later
After waging an ill-advised war of choice in Iraq, the U.S. military remains ensnared in Greater Mesopotamia
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Monday, March 19, 2018
Chris Hedges
Google, Facebook, Algorithms, and the Building of the Iron Wall
This totalitarianism is being formed incrementally. It begins by silencing the demonized. It ends by silencing everyone.
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Robert Dodge
Eliminate Nuclear Weapons by Divesting from Them
Just as in the recent outcry regarding the financing of the NRA, so to it must be for the companies that fund, develop and manufacture nuclear weapons
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John Atcheson
Some Democrats Drawing All the Wrong Lessons from Conor Lamb's Victory
Because you can't criticize a party for being a poodle to the plutocrats when your party is one too
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Medea Benjamin
Don’t Believe the Media Hype About Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman
Positive reforms credited to MbS are minor in the larger picture of a kingdom that brooks no dissent internally and is committing war crimes abroad
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Nomi Prins
Jared Kushner, You're Fired!
A political obituary for the president’s son-in-law
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Paul Buchheit
A 2% Financial Wealth Tax Would Provide a $12,000 Annual Stipend to Every American Household
Careful analysis reveals a number of excellent arguments for the implementation of a Universal Basic Income
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Michael Winship
Trump’s Witch-Hunt
Remembering two politicians of conscience as the president dismantles democracy
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Richard Eskow
The Resistance Needs Better Heroes
A movement is defined by its heroes. The Resistance can find better heroes than the ones some of its members have chosen – and it should.
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Sunday, March 18, 2018
Christopher Brauchli
Stormy Weather
Current events have given rise to a number of inquiries from readers asking me to explain "confidentiality agreements."
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Ellen Brown
The War on the Post Office
The U.S. Postal Service, under attack from a manufactured crisis designed to force its privatization, needs a new source of funding to survive. Postal banking could fill that need.
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Belén Fernández
Iraq, 15 Years On: A Toxic US Legacy
Fifteen years ago this month, the United States spearheaded a fantastically bloody war on Iraq as part of its ongoing effort to ensure the Iraqi nation's perpetual misery.
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Jenni Monet
What Standing Rock Gave the World
Americans saw the Indigenous struggle—the violence, stolen resources, colluding corporations and governments—that goes hand in hand with protecting the Earth.
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Juan Cole
Trump, McCabe, and Our Permanent Constitutional Crisis
If Trump fired Mueller, that really would be obstruction, and could create a huge constitutional crisis of a sort not seen since the days of Reagan’s Iran-Contra or Nixon’s Watergate.
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Will Bunch
Abolishing ICE Is the Radical Idea America Needs to be Talking About
The conduct of ICE and its first cousin, the Border Patrol, has been arguably the darkest moral stain on the sometimes comical but too often diabolical Trump era.
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Robert Reich
The Menace of a Mad King
Trump has become the Mad King who says or does anything his gut tells him to, while everyone around him genuflects.
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Saturday, March 17, 2018
Don Wiener
Koch Compliance: Georgia-Pacific Plants Have Troubling Health and Safety Record Including Seven Deaths
Each story is heart wrenching because of the negligence, inadequate training, or failure to remedy an earlier noted problem
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Barbara Myers
Have We Learned Anything From My Lai?
While we harbor no doubts that My Lai was a crime, there has been no accountability for the atrocity, or a national reckoning for the wider holocaust that was Vietnam.
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Gregory Shupak
Liberals, Conservatives Worry About Korean Peace Threat
Recent commentary on North Korea shows that liberal analysts are every bit as capable of a chest-thumping jingoism as their counterparts on the right.
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Bobbi Dempsey
Martin Shkreli Is Going to Jail Because He Forgot There Are Consequences For Hurting the Rich
After four years of earning millions by controlling the supply of certain medications, he was convicted of defrauding hedge fund investors in a Ponzi scheme.
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Ryan Cooper
Can Democrats Think Strategically About Trump Country?
If Democrats are going to win in places like western Pennsylvania, they have to formulate an ideological and political stance that reverses the last generation of weak and elitist neoliberal Democratic Party policy.
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Friday, March 16, 2018
Robert Borosage
Opening a New Way for Democrats to Run and Win
If anything, the problem is that the progressive efforts are too weak, not too strong.
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Pat LaMarche
In America, You Have a Right to Carry a Gun But Not a Right to Healthcare
People need guaranteed access to affordable housing, food, education, healthcare and jobs. But none of that is protected under the U.S. Constitution.
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Marcy Wheeler
Democrats’ Surrender On Torture Is Nearly Complete
At key moments, Democrats missed their chance to move the country beyond torture
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John Kiriakou
I Went to Prison for Disclosing CIA Torture. Gina Haspel Helped Cover It Up.
Why it's vital that we do not reward the torturers
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Ted Morgan
50 Years Later, What Can We Learn From the My Lai Massacre?
A half-century after this horrific example of American brutality, it is time for the nation to confront this history
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Bill Bigelow
The Real Irish-American History Not Taught in Schools
Sadly, today's corporate textbook-producers are no more interested in feeding student curiosity about the poverty and inequality that drove the famine than were British landlords interested in feeding Irish peasants
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Thursday, March 15, 2018
Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J S Davies
The Iraq Death Toll 15 Years After the US Invasion
Numbers are numbing, especially numbers that rise into the millions. But please remember that each person killed represents someone's loved one.
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Dean Baker
In Defense of Larry Kudlow (Sort of)
Of course he was wrong about a host of key economic events. However, let's not forget that so were most business-page economists
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Russell Mokhiber
Elizabeth Warren Unveils Legislation to Hold Wall Street Executives Criminally Accountable
Wall Street scams and risk-taking were a main driver of the 2008 crisis, but no senior executive from a Wall Street bank went to jail
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Stephen Kinzer
Trump Is Gutting the National Endowment for Democracy, and That’s a Good Thing
Though he's probably doing it for none of the right reasons, it may just be the best foreign policy decision he's ever made
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Negin Owliaei
Teachers Deserve a Raise. Here’s How to Fund It.
Huge tax cuts for energy corporations have left state school budgets broke.
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Michael Lighty
A Labor-Based Movement For Medicare for All
A defensive posture and incremental demands have not worked. Let’s play offense instead.
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William Astore
The Fog of America's Phony War
Blitzkrieg overseas, but Sitzkrieg in the homeland
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Robert C. Koehler
Breaking the ICE
How far will this go?
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Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Jeff Bryant
Betsy DeVos Has Visited One ‘Underperforming’ School – A DC Charter
When DeVos said to Stahl, “It all comes down to individual kids,” what she really means is that there is no place in her worldview for the communal enterprise we know as public education.
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Richard Silverstein
With Mike Pompeo, Trump Is Heading into Dangerous Waters
Pompeo's promotion means a more hawkish, muscular American foreign policy in which force is used more readily and confrontation with Iran is likely
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Pramila Jayapal
Democrats Are Missing An Enormous Opportunity To Lead On Sexual Harassment
We lose all moral authority to call out the abominable behavior of Moore and Trump if we refuse to call it out on our own side.
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Jim Lobe, Eli Clifton
Pompeo: Springtime for Irano/Islamophobes
When it comes to the Middle East, Islamophobes and Iranophobes must be elated over the nomination of Mike Pompeo
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Christopher Anders
What the Senate Needs to Know About Gina Haspel
With this nomination, Trump forces the CIA’s shameful past of torture yet again into the present
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Charles P. Pierce
Conor Lamb's Victory Matters, and Paul Ryan Should Be Scared
Republicans had the money. They had the gerrymandering. They still couldn't do it.
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Kaamil Ahmed
Gaza's Water Problems Continue to Compound
Locked between increasingly-polluted seascape and the borders of one of the most tightly-controlled enclaves in the world, Gaza City residents say the water has become so polluted they can no longer go swimming.
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Russell Mokhiber
Don Blankenship, Dead Miners, Humility, and the Limits of Free Speech in West Virginia
A call came in and there was a man who wanted to know if I had any questions for the former coal CEO and convict now running for U.S. Senate. Turns out I did have one.
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Will Bunch
This Shamefully Ignored School Shooting Is Why Kids Should Walk Out for 18 Minutes, Not 17
All one can say with 100 percent certainty is that America should be ashamed for not paying more attention to the loss of such a beautiful life.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Azadeh Shahshahani, Maha Hilal
If We Want to Support Refugees, We Need To End the Wars That Create Them
The sanctuary movement needs an anti-war voice.
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Eric Eikenberry, Kate Kizer
The Lesson the Trump Administration has Failed to Learn about Yemen
Three years of stalemate on the battlefield, mounting civilian casualties, and a blockade on humanitarian assistance for starving Yemeni civilians has finally brought this contradictory policy out into the open.
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John Buell
On False Alarms and Nuclear Realism
No mathematical model can tell us the likelihood of World War III, but we can say that a genuine realism would suggest negotiations to take weapons off hair-trigger alert.
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Aviva Chomsky
Talking Sense About Immigration
On the necessity of rejecting the president's Manichaean worldview
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Richard Eskow
The $24 Million Reasons Dems Back America’s Worst Banks
In a world where Republicans have already been bought and paid for, there is no room for Democrats who act in bad faith.
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Steven Singer
21 Reasons People Hate, Hate, HATE Betsy DeVos
She is deeply unpopular, but not because she's misunderstood. It's actually the opposite of that. People know exactly who she is.
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Monday, March 12, 2018
death chamber Danielle Conrad
Nebraska Is Illegally Obtaining and Storing Execution Drugs in Defiance of Federal Law
"W e all have one more reason to conclude that the state has no business executing human beings."
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President Woodrow Wilson asking Congress to declare war on Germany on April 2, 1917. Sam Pizzigati
A Media Mogul’s Noble Challenge to Moguldom
The newspaper publishing giant E.W. Scripps would be deeply distressed to se what has become of his namesake company—and beloved country.
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Patients wait at Shams Kakal Hospital in Kandahar province, Afghanistan on Dec. 21, 2015. (Photo: Ishaq Anis/Rumi Consultancy/World Bank via flickr/cc) César Chelala
Afghanistan's Dire Health Situation
To continue sending troops to try to win an unwinnable war will only increase the suffering of the Afghan people.
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Beaver ponds at Yellowstone National Park. (Photo: alh1/flickr/cc) Elizabeth Hadly
Making America Great Again Requires Acting on Scientific Knowledge
The mantra these days is “to make America great again.” But a key feature of bygone days was listening to the lessons that science taught and acting upon them to make a better planet.
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Kenneth Glasgow
Marching Backwards for Freedom
The truth is, we need a powerful movement for voting rights, economic and racial justice, just as much today as we did fifty-three years ago.
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Nomi Prins
Trade Wars and Diminished Credibility
The U.S. remains in a precarious economic situation, as does the world, and that means Trump's trade war and nationalism, coupled with bank deregulation, could inflict more risk on depleted economies.
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Lawrence Wittner
Although 2 Out of 3 Americans Oppose Increasing US Military Spending, the US Government Is Boosting It to Record Levels
Americans might want to ponder the fact that, with $700 billion per year now being pumped into the Pentagon by U.S. taxpayers, military spending consumes 54 percent of the federal discretionary budget.
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Sunday, March 11, 2018
Nick Dearden
Could Britain's Labour Party Under Corbyn Hold the Answer to Europe's Woes?
If it commits to reversing Brexit, British Labour Party could play an important role in making Europe fairer
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Jeff Bryant
West Virginia Teachers Tell Us Why Public Schools And Unions Matter
The West Virginia teachers’ strike is not only a startling victory for labor rights; it’s also a reminder of the important role public schools and public school educators can and should play in progressive populism.
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Diane Ravitch
On Charter Schools, Is Mayor De Blasio Turning into Mayor Bloomberg
Sadly, like Bloomberg, he has closed many public schools in New York City. Unlike Bloomberg, he does not boast about it. There’s that.
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Donna Smith
From One Mass Shooting Survivor's Mother to the Parents of Student Survivors in Florida: An Open Letter
My son witnessed your children rising up and being heard, he uttered words and feelings I never dreamed I would hear from him. "Finally," he said. "Finally, I have hope."
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Stacy Bannerman
The 15th Anniversary of "Original Sin"
When it comes to mourning the invasion of Iraq, please do not cry for those who supported it. Cry for those whose lives it took and whose lives it ruined.
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Saturday, March 10, 2018
Matt Taibbi
Trump Is a Dangerous Idiot. So Why Are We Pushing Him Toward War?
We have the dumbest, least competent White House in history. Whatever else anyone in America has as a goal for Trump's remaining time in office, the single most important priority must to be keeping this guy away from the nuclear button.
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David Dayen
One Thing Democrats and Republicans Apparently Agree On: Deregulating Wall Street
There is no constituency for bank deregulation outside of executive boardrooms and K Street lobby shops. And yet here we are...
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Reed Richardson
West Virginia Strike Highlights Corporate Media’s Atrophied Labor Coverage
In a media system structurally designed to be "enthusiastically supportive" of business, the failure of outlets to provide insightful coverage of workers' struggles is glaring
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Christopher Brauchli
Poverty, Poor Ben Carson, and a $31,000 Table
What a little bit of office furniture exposes about the profligates now running things
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Robert Reich
America’s Martin Shkreli Problem Is Not Just Martin Shkreli
Though his story ultimately tragic and pathetic, How different is this one person from other figures who dominate American life today, even at the highest rungs?
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H. Patricia Hynes
Youth, Gun Control and the Pentagon
A nation which spends endlessly on guns and militarism, is starving programs designed to help our kids have healthier and more vibrant childhoods
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Friday, March 9, 2018
Sonali Kolhatkar
For the Love of Their Country or Money?
Kushner and the entire Trump dynasty should be required to answer this crucial question
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Adam Sanchez
What the Koch Brothers Want Students to Learn About Slavery
The history-teaching wing of the Koch brothers empire is seeking to promote an alternate narrative to slavery
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Elizabeth Warren
I Call It Like I See It on the #BankLobbyistAct
Saying Democrats are helping to roll back rules on big banks doesn’t make me the most popular kid on the team. But Massachusetts didn’t send me here to fight for big banks. The people of Massachusetts sent me here to fight for them.
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John Atcheson
Did You Hear the One About the Party That Self-Destructed?
On the importance of what we do and don't know about the Democrat's Unity Reform Commission
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Robert C. Koehler
Something’s Gotta Give: Time To Disarm the Gun Debate
With an issue so clearly reliant on the issue of empowerment and safety, ignoring the fears of those on both sides of the debate means little is ever likely to change
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Russell Mokhiber
Watching Labor History in Real Time
Lessons from the West Virginia teachers’ strike
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Thursday, March 8, 2018
Pat LaMarche
Can You Keep a Secret on International Women's Day?
Some pretty mighty men fell this last year... Except one
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James Carroll
When 'God Wills It!': An American Reckoning
The 'War on Terror' as the launching of an 'American Crusade'
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Jared Bernstein
New Evidence of the Minimum Wage Doing What It’s Supposed to Do: Help Low-Wage Workers
Recent wage growth has been best in states where minimums were raised
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