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Monday, January 15, 2018
"He’s connected with people involved in water struggles throughout the United States, from Standing Rock to Flint, and she’s noted some key links between those fights — namely, that residents, predominately people of color, are treated more harshly than businesses and corporations when it comes to access to water." (Photo: Detroit Water Brigade) Negin Owliaei
To Understand Inequality in America, Look Outside of the Cities
Catherine Flowers explains why urban templates won't solve the problems that rural communities face in the United States.
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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr
Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence
Speech delivered at Riverside Church in New York City on April 4, 1967
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"Reminding us of the government’s failure to give freed slaves any land while it used affirmative action to help whites take ownership of 50 million acres of land formerly occupied by Native Americans." ((Photo: Wikimedia Commons) Jeffery Robinson
Martin Luther King Stood Up For More Than Love
King's Poor People’s Campaign addresed human rights around the world.
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Chris Hedges
You Don’t Need a Telescope to Find a ‘Shithole Country’
This shithole country, which saw the world in black and white, communist and capitalist, was determined to thwart the aspirations of the poor and the landless in El Salvador.
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"So there’s a connection being made between his negative behaviors and his unpopular policies that people are explaining by this labeling. You’re saying that by extension people who themselves have mental health disabilities, mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and so forth are being implicated in these negative behaviors." (Photo: Lesley Becker/Globe Staff) Rebecca Vallas, Rebecca Hare Cokley
Why We Need to Stop Calling Trump ‘Crazy’ When We Really Mean ‘Dangerous’
Why can’t we just say that President Trump is being a jackass?
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Brian in custody of the secret service. (Photo: Courtesy of Brian Terrell) Brian Terrell
Solidarity from Central Cellblock to Guantanamo
These evils, small or large, are all growing from the same roots of imperial arrogance.
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Subhankar Banerjee
The Last Oil: Gathering to Resist Trump’s Reckless Arctic Energy Policy
Instead of reducing extraction of fossil fuels to stabilize the global climate as science mandates, the Trump administration has launched a war on environmental conservation and indigenous human rights
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Sunday, January 14, 2018
Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (L) participates in a new conference with Toyota Motor Corp and Mazda Motor Corp officials during the announcement that they will build a $1.6 billion joint assembly plant in Alabama in Montgomery, Alabama, U.S. January 10, 2018. David Macaray
A Startling Shift in Demographics: Everything Seems to Be Going South
Sadly, there will come a day when Detroit speaks of Henry Ford and Walter Reuther with the same sense of nostalgia and lost glory that the Greeks reserve for Plato.
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson told his audience that Trump’s ‘shithole’ comments were “something that almost every single person in America actually agrees with.” Wrong. Gwynne Dyer
Shithole Countries
Fox News host Tucker Carlson told his audience that Trump’s ‘shithole’ comments were “something that almost every single person in America actually agrees with.” Wrong.
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Human Sociality Gary Olson
Why So Little Empathy and Compassion Within American Culture?
The circle is rapidly closing
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U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger meets with General Augusto Pinochet in 1976 Cynthia Kaufman
Owning Our Shit: The US Role in Global Migration
The US has a moral obligation to admit people from countries where we are part of the reason people needed to leave home.
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Baby Trump Robert Freeman
A Year in Foreign Affairs: Trump as a Two-Year-Old
It is hard to image how so much damage to America’s long-term interests could be inflicted so quickly, so widely, so deeply, and by someone who claims to want to Make America Great Again.
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Antje Ulrike Mattheus
What Lifetime Experiences of Sexual Abuse and Violence Have Taught Me
Support ourselves and others, speak up and organize for change
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Saturday, January 13, 2018
People join together to mark the 8th anniversary of the massive earthquake in Haiti and to condemn President Donald Trump's reported statement about immigrants from Haiti, Africa and El Salvador on January 12, 2018 in Miami, Florida. President Trump is reported to have called those places 'shithole countries' whose inhabitants are not desirable for U.S. immigration. Mark Schuller
What is a “Shithole Country,” and Why is Trump Obsessed with Haiti?
'Today we mourn. Tomorrow we fight.'
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Donald Trump & Kris Kobach Christopher Brauchli
Kris Kobach Redux
Kris believes he would be a worthy successor to Kansas Governor Brownback. He is right.
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MLK Public Education Steven Singer
Public Schools Best Fulfill Dr. King’s “Purpose of Education”
If we want to reclaim what it means to be an American, if we want to redefine ourselves as those who celebrate difference and defend civil rights, that begins with understanding the purpose of education.
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Racist Donald Trump Josh Hoxie
I Live in a ‘Shithole Country.’ It’s Called the United States
Trump’s complete lack of concern over the “shit-holiness” of the country he leads
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Protestors Rally At White House To Close GITMO Detention Facility Kathy Kelly
41 Hearts Beating in Guantanamo
Rally At White House To Close GITMO Detention Facility
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Friday, January 12, 2018
"This is why Trump’s decision to end the Temporary Protected Status for the Haitian refuges in the U.S. who fled after the earthquake isn’t only mean—it will actually be a death sentence for many." (Photo: Screenshot) Jesse Hagopian
Trump, “Shitholes,” and White Supremacy: Building Resistance on 8th Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake my Family and I Survived.
With his analogy between Black people and feces, Trump has once again shown the world his commitment to wickedness, vulgarity, and racism.
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"Every person who stays silent on Donald Trump’s racism, regardless of their own race or party, is betraying not just America’s communities of color, but the very ideals on which this country was founded." (Photo: Getty) Karine Jean-Pierre
The Problem Isn't Just That Trump's a Racist. It's That He Keeps Acting On His Racism
The president has always been a racist. The issue is that he now has the power to make policy based on prejudice.
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Christian Christensen
Media, Racism, and Global "Shitholes"
A reminder that the disgusting bigotry Trump leverages does not emerge from a vacuum.
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Most startlingly, emissions from food and agriculture are growing so fast that, if they continue to increase at the current rate, they alone could use up the safe budget for all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Frances Moore Lappé
Farming for a Small Planet
How we grow food determines who can eat and who cannot—no matter how much we produce.
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"But it isn’t just the premise of democracy or the possibility of 2018 advantage that demands relentless commitment to these three causes. It’s ordinary morality." (Photo:Molly Adams/flickr/cc) Elizabeth Bruenig
Dear Democrats: Shut It Down
These aren’t ordinary policy squabbles; they constitute a choice between America as a humane nation with democratic principles and America as a negligent sovereign with a dim future.
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"The right wing government and military and death squads of El Salvador, with American help, murdered 70,000 civilians in the 1980s, in the course of crushing a leftist insurgency." (Photo: Getty Images/John Moore) Juan Cole
The US Role in Turning Countries into Shitholes and Provoking Immigration
Since Trump is a racist, he thinks that countries in poor economic and security standing are a result of the race of people that inhabit them, but he's wrong once again.
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Oprah Winfrey at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo: Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP) Sonali Kolhatkar
What #Oprah2020 Says About the State of U.S. Politics
Have we really given up on the idea of a political candidate who is both politically experienced and can articulate a progressive vision for the nation?
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Thursday, January 11, 2018
With the help of some Democrats, the House of Representatives voted today — and the Senate will do so sometime in the next week — to extend a controversial NSA surveillance power that potentially affects millions of Americans’ privacy rights. (Photo: Elvert Barnes) Trevor Timm
Democrats Just Handed Trump More Domestic Surveillance Powers. They Should Know Better.
There is no reason for the FBI to read Americans' emails without a warrant. Why doesn't Nancy Pelosi agree?
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"Trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives later, the primary lesson from the perpetual wars and profligate weapons spending of this century should be that throwing more money at the Pentagon isn’t making us any safer." (Photo: cs2002/flickr/cc) William Hartung
2018 Looks Like an Arms Bonanza
Another good year for weapons makers is guaranteed.
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"Embarrassed by his lackluster academic record, his dependence on his family’s connections and wealth to get into college and to succeed in business, and his troublesome and abusive business practices, Trump lashes out at anyone who challenges him, no matter how insignificant the matter." (Image: DonkeyHotey/flickr/cc) Peter Dreier
Why Trump Keeps Telling the World 'I’m Smart'
The president has tons of bravado, which masks a myriad of other problems.
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"She talked about the women who aren’t talked about: the domestic workers, the women working for minimum wage, women who have no choice but to be silent about their abuse because they have a family to feed." (Photo: Guian Bolisay / Flickr) Razan Azzarkani
Hollywood Won’t Destroy Sexism, But We Can
The solution isn't for Oprah to run for president. It's to listen to women everywhere.
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"The latest evidence of the Republican Party’s anti-democratic activities comes from a federal court ruling, issued Tuesday, which found that North Carolina Republicans deliberately drew congressional district boundaries in order to benefit their own party."(Photo: Common Cause NC/Twitter) Richard Eskow
When Will Democrats Start #Resisting GOP Voter Suppression?
Americans love democracy, at least in principle.
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"The board is fighting to give the superintendent a $38,000 raise. Yet they refuse to give another penny to teachers – all while class sizes have jumped from 21 to 29 students, according to Hargrave." (Photo: Screenshot) Steven Singer
When You Mistreat Teachers, Beware the Unintended Lessons for Students
Not only a horrific violation of Deyshia Hargrave’s rights, but defies the very purpose of public school.
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 "It’s the default plot of the country’s entertainment and gaming industries, where the violence is always consequence-free." (Photo: flickr/cc) Robert C. Koehler
The Sanctity of Life
Militarized police, the omnipresence of guns, the ever-present possibility of violence and the common belief in an enemy (be it dark-skinned terrorist or basic bad guy) who is out to get us.
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Jill Richardson
Rethinking the ‘Goldwater Rule’ in the Trump Era
Is it ever appropriate for mental health professionals to diagnose a politician from afar? Maybe.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2018
"They should light up the Empire State Building in green tonight — for the money the city is going to save, and for the planet it will help protect in the process." (Photo/Nara Garber) Bill McKibben
Applaud Mayor de Blasio and NYC for Climate Courage: Righteous Pension Divestment, Legal Fight Against Fossil-Fuel Companies
Earth’s mightiest city is now in full-on battle with the planet’s richest, most irresponsible industry.
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"It’s a disturbing pattern that’s quickly becoming a calling card of the Trump administration: targeting communities that were previously low-priorities for immigration enforcement and attempting to force them out of the country as hastily as possible, no matter the danger that may await them." (Photo: David McNew/Getty Images) Amrit Cheng
ICE Abused Somalis for 2 Days On a Plane and Now Wants to Send Them Into Harm’s Way
Rahim is one of 92 Somali nationals, currently locked up in Florida, who ICE is rushing to deport before they have a chance to ask to reopen their immigration cases so that a judge can consider the danger to their lives.
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"The scientific consensus is that to create a fully sustainable ocean, we need to fully protect at least 30% of it. Currently, the U.S. protects 13.5% of coastal waters; we'll drop to a small fraction of that if the Trump administration has its way." (Photo: Eco Cafe' Phuket/flickr/cc) Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Jeff Orlowski
What the Trump Administration Doesn't Understand About Ocean Conservation
Think of the ocean as a trust fund. If you want to rely on that fund for the rest of your days, you can only use the interest.
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"With recent polling showing that 66 percent of Democrats care deeply about the issue, the support for urgent and decisive climate action is growing in the party base." (Photo: Food & Water Action Fund) Wenonah Hauter
These Candidates for Congress Want to Win in 2018 on a Platform of Decisive Climate Action
More than 100 U.S. House and Senate candidates pledge to move off fossil fuels.
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Trita Parsi
Will Trump Kill the Iran Nuclear Deal This Week? If So, Threat of War Grows
A key decision by the US president is due by Friday, and could put his country on an almost inevitable path towards more conflict in the Middle East
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"The US military push does not seem to be part of a comprehensive policy approach, either. It is as alarming as it is erratic, reflecting the US constant over-reliance on military solutions to all sorts of problems, including trade and political rivalries." (Photo: Reuters) Ramzy Baroud
Shadow Armies: The Unseen, But Real US War in Africa
It will be many years before Africa and its 54 nations are truly free from the stubborn neocolonial mindset, which is grounded in racism, economic exploitation and military interventions.
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"But, aside from the tax cuts, the biggest danger facing the country because of Trump's supposed "accomplishments" is his assault on good-government regulation that protects not only our environment, but our financial system and American consumers." (Photo:James Rea/flickr/cc)   Dave Zweifel
If This Is Making America Great, We're In Trouble
The destruction of Donald Trump.
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"Just as progressives deliberately pushed public policies to create the middle class, so are today's economic royalists deliberately pushing plutocratic policies to destroy it." (Hollywata/Flickr cc 2.0) Jim Hightower
What's Killing America's Middle Class?
What we have here is plutocracy in action.
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Tuesday, January 9, 2018
"But the formality of this step — banning outright leaders and key members of a Jewish organization — is yet further concrete evidence of what has been apparent for some time: that even as the Israeli government makes crystal-clear its commitment to having as few non-Jews as possible within its borders, it is also becoming increasingly blatant about possessing criteria for the types of Jews it considers kosher."(Photo: Ryan Rodrick Beller/Shutterstock) Natasha Roth
Why Has Israel Banned Jewish Leftists But Not Members Of Nazi-linked Groups?
There is a toxic mix of prejudices at work here: racism, illiberalism and religious chauvinism.
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Iranian pro-government supporters in Mashhad hold posters of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei during a rally after authorities declared the end of unrest on 4 January 2018 (AFP) Soumaya Ghannoushi
US Hypocrisy, From Cairo to Tehran
Washington would be better off challenging absolute theocracies and brutal dictatorships, rather than confronting a semi-democracy in a region in which tyranny and absolutism are the norm.
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"It would help if you are seen working on your empathy for the tens of millions of deprived and innocent people, including children, exposed to various forms of risk and exploitation in their daily lives here and abroad whom you are adversely affecting." (Photo: Joe Brusky/flickr/cc) Ralph Nader
Working on Empathy and Other Concerns: An Open Letter to Donald Trump
"Please release your full medical records with the necessary technical details and explanations to give the public confidence in your health."
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As I was departing from my first visit here, a 15 year-old friend said, “Goodbye, Mr. Ken. You are very brave to come here.” “No,” I replied. “You are the brave one. I can go home. You live here.”(Photo: VCNC) Ken Hannaford-Ricardi
Death at the Gate
“When is my time going to come?”
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Tom Engelhardt
Welcome to 2018: Another "Non-War Year" in Oblivious America
A "non-war year"? Tell that to the Afghans, the Iraqis, the Syrians, the Yemenis, the Somalis, or for that matter the parents of the four American Green Berets who died in Niger last October.
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“There is no persuasive security rationale for having U.S. Special Operations forces involved in an astonishing 149 countries, given that the results of these missions are just as likely to provoke greater conflict as they are to reduce it, in large part because a U.S. military presence is too often used as a recruiting tool by local terrorist organizations." (Photo: USASOC News Service/flickr/cc) Nick Turse
The Coming Year in U.S. Special Operations Failures
From Afghanistan to Somalia, Special Ops Achieves Less With More.
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"The seeds of the commission were planted after the 2016 election, when President-elect Donald Trump claimed for the first time that millions of votes were cast illegally. And since then, despite zero evidence, the president has repeated the claim ad nauseam." (Photo: AFGE/flickr/cc) Adam Eichen, Diana Tomezsko
Voting Rights Still Need Your Protection
Even with Trump’s bogus voter fraud panel gone, the fight against voter suppression isn’t over.
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 "In all of 2017, MSNBC only aired one broadcast on the US-backed Saudi airstrikes that have killed thousands of Yemeni civilians." (Photo:Screenshot) Ben Norton
MSNBC Ignores Catastrophic US-Backed War in Yemen
Finds Russia 5000% more newsworthy.
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North Korean schoolchildren. (Photo: Stephan/ Flickr) Andy Heintz
In the Nuclear Standoff, Ordinary North Koreans Disappear
An advocate for North Korean refugees outlines an alternative approach to political change and regional peace in Korea.
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 "Over the past 16 years, Israel’s army has killed on average 11 children a month." (Photo: Alberto Hugo Rojas/flickr/cc) Jonathan Cook
Ahed Tamimi Offers Israelis a Lesson Worthy of Gandhi
Ahed has exposed the gun-wielding bully lurking in the soul of too many Israelis.
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Bernie Sanders
It’s on Republicans to Stop a Shutdown
This is not just my viewpoint. It’s what the American people want.
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Monday, January 8, 2018
A worker removes oil from the sand at Refugio State Beach in the Santa Barbara Channel, north of Goleta, Calif., one month after a massive oil spill in May 2015. The Trump administration has moved to vastly expand offshore drilling from the Atlantic to the Arctic oceans with a plan that would open up federal waters off the California coast for the first time in more than three decades. (Photo: Jae C. Hong/ Associated Press) Will Bunch
Actually, The Most Insane Thing About 'Stable Genius' Trump May Be His Policies
The portrait of presidential inadequacy that should have been clear from the very first moment that orange hurricane of hair descended the Trump Tower escalators in June 2015 has now come into full, horrifying focus.
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Between 4 million and 5 million people turned out in over 650 marches across the U.S. on Jan. 21, 2017. (Photo: Unsplash) Sarah van Gelder
We Must March. But We Must Also Organize Locally
The next women’s march is in the works. Although big mobilizations are important, they’re just one tactic.
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"They want to conquer and colonize the public economy, reducing government to an empty shell and turning its activities into profit centers for corporations whose power cannot be questioned." (Photo: Twitter/JJ Wyatt) Richard Eskow
The GOP’s 100-Year War Is Bigger Than Taxes or Trump
While the nation obsesses about Trump, he and his fellow Republicans are radically rewiring our political and economic order.
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"And then there's the stock market, more than tripling in value since the recession, repeatedly reaching record highs, with almost all of the gains going to the richest 10%." (Photo: NoHoDamon/Flickr/cc) Paul Buchheit
How Inequality Is Killing Off Humanity
They're making it nearly impossible to reverse the deadly effects of an unnaturally unequal society, in part because they're no longer connected to the world beyond their estates.
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"The country -- if it even exists as the United States of America decades from now when they’re adults -- will undoubtedly still be waging war across the planet." (Photo: Angus Chan/flickr/cc) Frida Berrigan
'Do Kids Die, Mom?: Parenting in a World on Fire
Facing the future with trepidation during the Age of Trump
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 "Over the last seven decades, as Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands has expanded, Israel has met criticism of its widely understood illegal actions by refusing entry to more and more activists and critics, to include Jews like myself." (Photo: Stephen Melkisethian/flickr/cc) Ariel Gold
By Barring Me And My Fellow Activists, Israel Is Further Isolating Itself
As BDS grows, builds and succeeds, Israel becomes more and more desperate to contain it.
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Sunday, January 7, 2018
Ellen Brown
Student Debt Slavery: Time to Level the Playing Field
We need to free our students from the system of debt slavery that has financialized education, turning it from an investment in human capital into a tool for exploiting the young for the benefit of private investors.
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Robert Reich
Seriously, How Dumb is Trump?
Or is he an extraordinarily talented conman?
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Christen A. Smith
The Fallout of Police Violence Is Killing Black Women Like Erica Garner
If the world is to truly begin to take steps to preserve black women’s lives, then we must take this into account in our discussions.
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Beverly Bell
What We Want for 2018: The Biggest Movement Leaders Envision the Changes Ahead
From Alicia Garza to Annie Leonard, nine organizers share their hopes for the new year.
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A fireworks display in London marks the start of 2018. (Photo: Amanda Slater/flickr/cc) John Buell
2017: Corporate Sins of Commission and Omission
Some of the most outrageous, even reckless performances of the year
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Saturday, January 6, 2018
Andrew Cohen
The Overton Window and Trump's Judges
Trump’s judicial nominees have been so extreme that what was once considered beyond the pale is now acceptable.
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Human rights campaigners protest at the Farnborough International Arms Fair on July 11, 2016. (Photo: Campaign Against Arms Trade/flickr/cc) Stephen McCloskey
Western Complicity Is Fueling Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis
A besieged and starved population has been pushed to the brink of famine. The UK, US and France need to re-evaluate their relationship with Saudi Arabia.
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Sam Pizzigati
The Free Market Made Us Do It!
A new global CEO pay comparison, the most dramatic yet, demolishes the standard-issue corporate rationale for America's over-the-top executive compensation.
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Demonstrators take part in a rally against offshore drilling outside the White House on May 15, 2016. (Photo: DCErica/flickr/cc) Sue Sturgis
Trump's Offshore Drilling Plan Flouts Law by Ignoring Governors' Wishes
Listening to governors when drawing up a five-year offshore drilling plan is not merely a matter of courtesy
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A Twitter user illustrated the irony of Trump calling for respect for the people’s right to express themselves—in Iran. Adam Johnson
Think Tank-Addicted Media Turn to Regime Change Enthusiasts for Iran Protest Commentary
As usual, it’s simply taken for granted the United States has a divine right to intervene in the affairs of Iran.
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Friday, January 5, 2018
"As the diplomatic process finally begins, there will be countless opportunities for the Trump administration to undermine it, and countless voices telling it to." (Photo: Woohae Cho/Getty Images) Kevin Martin, Gabe Murphy
North Korea Diplomacy Needs Defending, Not Snarky Tweets
While slowly warming to the prospect of dialogue with North Korea, the administration has been taking a ‘one step forward, two steps back’ approach.
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"Kobach, who gained national notoriety for his relentless efforts to disenfranchise tens of thousands of Kansans, met with Trump before his inauguration and reportedly was a source for the president’s unsubstantiated claim that 3 million to 5 million people voted illegally in the presidential election." (Photo: Stephen Melkisethian/flickr/cc) Brian Tashman
Trump Wants Homeland Security to Continue Dirty Work of Voter Suppression
Purging voters is Kobach’s aim.
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President Trump at the White House on Thursday. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) Eugene Robinson
Trump Was Right To Hope He’d Lose
Somebody tell me how we survive three more years of this oppressive, exhausting show.
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Sarah Anderson
RIP Marc Raskin, Who Connected the Dots Between Inequality and War
The late IPS co-founder consistently connected the dots between America’s military adventures overseas and economic and racial injustice at home.
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 "If indigenous history is covered, students are likely to hear a tragic but vague narrative of massacre, disease, and death, a narrative devoid of the specific political and tribal context that is vital to understanding the colonial and imperial relationship between Native communities and the U.S." (Photo: Reuters) Halee Kirkwood
7 Acts of Native Resistance They Don’t Teach in School
It is irresponsible to teach the tragedies without also teaching the resistance movements that oppose colonial violence.
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"In the U.S. where industrial agriculture has dominated (and degenerated) for far too long, a growing number of farmers are reclaiming their independence by returning to their roots." (Photo: Public Domain) Ronnie Cummins
Let's Make 2018 the Year We Rise Up and Regenerate!
Planet Earth will survive in one form or another, no matter what damage we humans inflict on it. The question is, will we survive with it?
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"While many in the international community were focused on what the American move would mean for the future of the region and the so-called peace process, few paid heed to the fact that the US and Israel had something far more consequential in mind." (Photo: U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv/flickr/cc) Ramzy Baroud
Israel Step Closer to Making Jerusalem Jewish-Only City
The US and Israel are now actively invested in a system of political Apartheid in Palestine, and are twisting the arm of the PA to facilitate such a dreadful regime.
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"The loss of Net Neutrality will have a disproportionately severe impact on people of color, who rely on an open internet to challenge systemic racism, seek out educational and economic opportunities, combat dehumanizing narratives and fight for justice." (Photo: Donald Trump/cc/flickr) Timothy Karr
Trump's Appalling Record on Internet Freedom at Home Makes Him a Weak Champion of Rights Overseas
Donald Trump wants to make the internet great again … in Iran.
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Thursday, January 4, 2018
"That the protests have resulted at least in part from U.S. policies to squeeze Iran is immaterial to Trump and his supporters in Congress." (Photo: Hamed Saber / Flickr) John Feffer
Trump and the Neocons Are Exploiting an Iran Protest Movement They Know Nothing About
Iranians are protesting conditions worsened by U.S. policies, but Washington’s hawks see only an opportunity for regime change.
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Opposition leaders Mel Zelaya and Salvador Nasralla speak to crowds during a protest in Tegucigalpa while the army ominously line up behind them. Mel Zelaya was ousted in a military coup, endorsed by the U.S. goverment, in 2009. In 2017, Salvador Nasralla was the presidential candidate for the opposition Alliance Against the Dictatorship. The opposition point to irregularities before, during and after the election that are backed up by reports from the Observer Mission of the Organisation of American States Jonathan Marshall
While Pundits Condemn Iran, Honduran Police Kill Street Demonstrators
Do you smell a double standard? You should—and hardly for the first time.
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"The criminalization of people who end their own pregnancies fits into a larger landscape of overcriminalization in general, and over-policing of communities of color specifically."(Photo: Getty ) Jill E. Adams
If Trump Wants To End Roe v. Wade, We Must Fight For Legal Abortion
When abortion opponents, candidates and lawmakers speak of abolishing abortion, they are really talking about sending people who have abortions to jail.
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The jet stream and polar vortex on January 3, 2018. (Photo: Map from the University of Maine Climate Change Institute.) Brenda Ekwurzel
The Polar Vortex, Winter Storm Grayson, and Climate Change: What’s the Connection?
Scientists are making progress in better understanding how much natural seasonal patterns, ocean cycles, and other factors play a role in altering the jet stream and how much global warming is responsible.
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"There was then just one country targeted, the very one where, a little more than a decade earlier, the U.S. had ended a long proxy war against the Soviet Union during which it had financed, armed, or backed an extreme set of Islamic fundamentalist groups, including a rich young Saudi by the name of Osama bin Laden." (Photo: Alisdare Hickson/flickr/cc) Tom Engelhardt
Mapping a World From Hell
76 countries are now involved in Washington’s war on terror.
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Palestinian school girls sit behind a flag of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) as they attend the "Life and Hope" festival at an UNRWA school in the war-battered southern Gaza Strip refugee camp of Rafah, near the border with Egypt. (Photo: AFP) Yara Hawari
What Would Happen If Trump Cuts UNRWA Funding?
A total US funding cut would mean a serious reduction in services and the complete halt of many of the education and health programmes.
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"The president’s tweets in support of the protesters were a good start. Washington should also let loose a tsunami of sanctions against the Revolutionary Guards, the linchpin of Iran’s dictatorship. Policy-wise, that would be a good place to start," said Reuel Marc Gerecht (Center for American Progress via Flickr). Eli Clifton
Iran Hawks Embrace Protest Movement But Show Little Concern For Iranian Lives
Their agenda is to align the U.S. with anything likely to destabilize the Iranian government, regardless the human cost.
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"In our contemporary mythology, the defining gods, especially here in the “developed world,” are hulking, dangerous entities called nations, which stomp across the planet endlessly pursuing their interests."(Photo: Adam Fagen/Flickr/cc) Robert C. Koehler
The Button, The Wall And The Myth Of Nations
The most toxic force on Planet Earth is nationalism.
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Wednesday, January 3, 2018
"To save the heart and soul of our democracy, America needs a radical revolution of values." (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Philip Lederer MD
Notes From the Burn Intensive Care Unit
Will Americans stay silent while the United States becomes a country in which billionaires control our political system, families live in homeless shelters, and kids die from preventable diseases?
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 "Visa recently offered select merchants a $10,000 reward for depriving customers of their right to pay by the method of their choice.” (Photo: Flickr/401(K) 2012/cc) Ralph Nader
Corporate Coercion and the Drive to Eliminate Buying with Cash
Once you’re in the credit card system, lack of privacy and access to your credit are just the tip of the iceberg.
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While many of us were absorbed in the holidays, the Trump administration relaxed Medicare’s penalty protocols by “scaling back the use of fines against nursing homes that harm residents or place them in grave risk of injury.”(Photo: DonkeyHotey/flickr/cc) Elizabeth Bruenig
Trump Is Nakedly Fragile
Whatever virtues Trump and his administration are aiming for, mercy isn’t among them. Mercy, after all, is a quality of the strong; in his repeated attacks on those with the very least, Trump is most obviously weak.
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"Fiercely opposed to the Iraq War, Raskin wrote in 2007: "(The) United States must avoid making more global messes. The nuclear option must be removed from the table, including threats of 'preemptive' and 'preventive' war." (Photo: Twitter) John Nichols
Wisconsin-Born Marcus Raskin Shaped Progressive Politics Of Two Centuries
Raskin never lost faith in that prospect of universal justice.
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A million Palestinians in Gaza depend on UNRWA emergency food rations. That number soared from just 80,000 in 2000, after years of Israeli siege and military assaults on the territory. Abed Rahim Khatib APA images Ali Abunimah
What Happens If Trump Does Stop Aid To Palestinians?
US aid to the Palestinian Authority has averaged around $400 million a year – and primarily benefits Israel by reinforcing the status quo of occupation.
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New Zealand singer Lorde announced on December 24 she will not be performing in Tel Aviv in 2018 (Photo: Reuters/Dylan Martinez) Hind Awwad
Lorde Set An Example For Young Celebrities To Follow
Exhibiting the political maturity of a truly "informed young citizen", she recognised why the overwhelming majority of Palestinians have called on international cultural figures not to entertain apartheid Israel.
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"Human Rights Watch has documented that the Saudi-led coalition was using internationally banned cluster munitions in at least 16 attacks that targeted populated areas, killing scores of civilians including women and children." (Photo: © UNICEF Yemen) César Chelala
Yemen Is Today's Guernica
The U.S.-backed, Saudi-led massacre of innoncent Yemeni civilians.
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Jim Hightower
Inequality is Feeding America
Vast disparities in the economy happen not by chance, but by intentional design
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Norman Solomon
Social Media Madness: The Russia Canard
There are real parallels between the McCarthy Era and today's anti-Russia fervor in the United States
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Tuesday, January 2, 2018
“The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” became an instant bestseller in ways that even one of the largest publishers in the nation did not anticipate. (Photo: Lesley Becker/Globe Staff) Bandy X. Lee, Leonard L. Glass
The Ethics of Warning the Public About a Dangerous President
Mental health professionals should further engage in educating the public, not less.
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The utter ignorance and stupidity underlying this tweet is staggering for someone with so much power. As the New York Times noted in response: “Trump’s tweet made the common mistake of looking at local weather and making broader assumptions about the climate at large.”(Photo: Another Believer) Andy Rowell
As Trump’s Climate Denial Continues, Experts Take Flight to France
In time, there will be a so-called “brain drain” of leading climate experts who will leave the US to escape the noxious fumes of the Trump Administration.
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A child, 10, watches a video during her 15 minutes of computer time at her home in San Jose, Calif. on Dec. 14. (Josie Lepe / TNS) Naomi Schaefer Riley
Kids Don't Need a Cellphone; They Need a Digital Diet
When you take away phones and tablets, you have to give your kids other things — more time outside, more low-tech toys or more time with you.
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Matt Taibbi
Goodbye, Erica Garner
In a life full of tragedy, she died too soon.
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A university student attends a protest inside Tehran University while a smoke grenade is thrown by anti-riot Iranian police on December 30, 2017 [AP] Ahmad Sadri
Why Did Protests Erupt In Iran?
Deep within Iran's authoritarian system there is a tiny democratic heart, complete with elective, presidential and parliamentary chambers, desperately beating against an unyielding, theocratic exoskeleton.
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“Never could I advocate nonviolence in this country and not advocate nonviolence for the whole world. That’s my philosophy. I don’t believe in death and killing on any side, no matter who’s heading it up—whether it be America or any other country." (Photo: AP/Jack Thornell) Rev. John Dear
The Year of “Nonviolence or Non-Existence”
It’s our most important choice ever.
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Monday, January 1, 2018
Will Bunch
The One Half-True Thing Trump Said in Times Interview Was Scarier Than His Two Dozen Lies
As 2018 dawns, The Donald clearly hasn’t lost track of his One Big Idea.
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