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Friday, July 6, 2018
Ed Markey
Americans Deserve Privacy Protection From Big Data
The European privacy law proves that American companies can provide robust privacy protections, and we all know they should.
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Laura Flanders
Jeff Sessions Sets Back the Clock
How low can he go? And how far back can this Attorney General take us?
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Katharine Trendacosta
California's Net Neutrality Bill Is Strong Again Because You Spoke Out
This is what real net neutrality looks like. And it all happened because people spoke out.
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Thursday, July 5, 2018
George Goehl
There’s an All-Out War on Kids, and Not Just on the Border
What we’re witnessing at our border is one part of a war against all children — whether by cuts to schools, child nutrition, health care, safe air and water, or family-supporting jobs.
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Jesse Jackson
Arrogant Supreme Court Justices Trample the Law in Service of the Rich
These are right-wing lawless judges ignoring the laws and will of our elected representatives and trampling the dictates of legal precedent.
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Will Bunch
Why They Risked Everything to Occupy ICE
The populist appeal of the “Abolish ICE” movement clearly caught the Beltway pundit crowd completely flat-footed, which of course is about as surprising as Wile E. Coyote and his Acme jet pack slamming into a desert rock at 200 mph.
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Kate Aronoff
Young Leftist Candidates Are Breathing New Radicalism Into Stale Climate Politics
If Ocasio-Cortez’s election marks a new era for the Democratic Party, what will that mean for its climate politics?
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Leo Murray
Why We're Protesting Trump's Visit by Flying an Inflatable Trump Baby Over London
To really get through to Trump, you have to get down on his level and talk to him in a language he understands: personal insults.
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Fran Shor
A Different "Trail of Tears"
If not as cruel as the 1838 Cherokee removal, the recent forced separation of asylum-seeking and immigrant parents and children at the southwest border has, nonetheless, unleashed a different “trail of tears.”
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Elizabeth Bruenig
Conservatives Will Always Call Socialists Hypocrites. Ignore Them.
As more left-flank challengers face off with center-left incumbents and more democratic socialists begin looking toward public office.... beware.
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Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Ebony Slaughter-Johnson
Poverty Won’t ‘Make America Great’
A recent UN report on international poverty highlighted an unexpected crisis area: the United States.
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Bill C. Davis
A Kiss For the Coach – Jim Jordan on the Mat
These "men" should not be in government. They don't respect or feel a need to protect children.
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Robert C. Koehler
Womp, Womp: Racism in a Cage
When we describe the United States in the abstract, the best of who we are prevails... But the real America has always been parsimonious in its allotment of freedom and respect.
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John Atcheson
Listen Up Voters – If You Want Change, You Can't Keep Voting for the People Resisting Change
A Fourth of July message for fed-up Americans
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Robert Reich
How To Prevent Future Trumps
Trump isn't the cause of what’s happened to America. He's the consequence. So to avoid future lawmakers like him, root causes must be addressed.
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Jeff Biggers
The American Resistance Should Also Salute This Corsican Revolutionary on July 4th
Two decades before the American Revolution, Corsica’s constitution was hailed by Scottish author James Boswell as “the best model that hath ever existed in the democratical form.”
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Dennis Parker
DeVos Doesn’t Believe that Promoting Racial Diversity in Schools Is a Worthwhile Cause
This is dangerous, considering research shows that school segregation is getting worse.
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David Korten
Three Questions to Lead Us Away from Self-Extinction
Transformation begins with clarity on the nature of the choice that confronts our species.
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Fizz Perkal
Abolishing ICE Isn’t Radical — It’s Rational
ICE is supposed to keep Americans safe. Instead, it's terrorizing refugees, families, and small children.
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Frank Clemente
This July Fourth, Americans Should Rebel Against GOP Economic Policies
Just like in 1776, Americans are getting fed up. And with very, very good reason.
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Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Ralph Nader
Recommendations for Engrossing Summer Reading and Viewing
Because readers think and thinkers read.
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President elect of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador speaks during the celebration event, at the end of the Mexico 2018 Presidential Election on July 1, 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico. Jim Cohen
AMLO Presidente! A New Era for Mexico?
The path forward will not be easy, but the newly-elected president's victory is rightly seen as an inspiring development for a more progressive and visionary nation
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Engage in non-violent civil disobedience. Fight lies with truth. Join the resistance. (Photo: David Geitgey Sierralupe/flickr/cc) Robert Reich
What We Must Do Now
First and most importantly, do not give up
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic candidate for New York's 14th congressional district, spoke with MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Wednesday night about her bold progressive agenda. John Buell
Not Extreme: Sanders’ and Ocasio-Cortez’s Leftism Has Been Core to the Democratic Party
Right now the democratic populism recently articulated by Ocasio-Cortez and like- minded campaigners and activists is essential to combating Trump’s extremist authoritarian incursions.
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Robert “Fighting Bob” La Follette speaks to a crowd while campaigning in this undated photo. (Photo: File Photo) John Nichols
Patriots Still Called to Throw Off Yoke of the Political Machine
"Then, as now, wealthy and powerful elites had conspired to make government the servant of their desires at the expense of the common good."
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 Demonstrators participates in the Families Belong Together - Freedom For Immigrants March at Los Angeles City Hall on June 30, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Sarah Morris/Getty Images) Peter Marcuse
Facing the Causes of the Problems with Immigration
Those problems all start with the staggering global inequalities of our time
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A woman votes in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas in a polling station that reminds voters that "The vote is free and secret." (Photo: Jeff Abbott) Ruth Conniff
Mexico’s Change Election
The view from small-town polling stations on Election Day shows a corrupted democracy that bottom-up activists hope AMLO can start fixing from the top-down.
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Bill Blum
It’s Time to Use the 'F' Word to Describe Trump
The issue of Trump’s fascism has finally reached center stage in the U.S., sparked by the administration’s shameful treatment of Central American refugees and its Gestapo-like “zero tolerance” on the border
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Monday, July 2, 2018
Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement after holding his position for more than 30 years (Photo: Reuters) Larry Beinhart
Timing of Kennedy's Retirement Only Cements His Right-Wing Legacy
When it came to money and power, 'moderate' Justice Anthony Kennedy had always been an agent of the top one percent.
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"Disclosing data on the gaps between corporate execs and what they pay their typical workers will help us become more civilized." (Photo: Dean Chahim/flickr/cc) Sam Pizzigati
Income Distribution For Minimum Decency, a Maximum Wage
Amid rising inequality, a new book argues, the notion of capping income has suddenly become politically plausible.
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"The Trump administration’s decision to blatantly put jobs and economic benefits for U.S. corporations above human rights considerations and strategic concerns is likely to have disastrous consequences." (Photo: David B. Gleason/Flickr/cc)"The Trump administration’s decision to blatantly put jobs and economic benefits for U.S. corporations above human rights considerations and strategic concerns is likely to have disastrous consequences." (Photo: David B. Gleason/Flickr/cc) William Hartung
Trump's "Infrastructure" Plan? Weaponized Keynesianism and a Pumped Up War Budget
Pentagon spending is the Trump administration’s substitute for a true infrastructure program
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Sorry it's not convenient for you: Mike Ervin (l) and other activists outside Speaker Ryan’s parish church in Janesville, Wisconsin to protest Republican attacks on the Affordable Care Act, January, 2017. Mike Ervin
The Tyranny of Politeness
The proper time and place to protest, they say, is always the time and place where they feel they can most easily ignore us. When we show up at their churches, homes, and country clubs, we are no longer constrained by their rigged rules.
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President elect, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador speaks during the celebration event, at the end of the Mexico 2018 Presidential Election on July 1, 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico. Reese Erlich
Leftist Landslide in Mexico
Imagine for a moment if Bernie Sanders had won the 2016 presidential election. That's a little bit like what has just happened in Mexico.
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 "In addition to the work of ICAN, there is much that is going on in the United States and around the world to abolish these weapons and prevent their use either by intent, miscalculation or accident." (Photo credit: ICAN) Robert Dodge
The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty at 50 – Awaiting Good Faith
The NPT will ultimately only be successful when leaders have the political will for change.
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Chris Hedges
America The Failed State
In the United States, ruling elites abjectly serve corporate power to exploit and impoverish the citizenry
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Part of the definition of poverty is "the state of being inferior in quality." (Photo: Poor People's Campaign) Paul Buchheit
An Update for 2018: More Evidence That Half of Americans Are In or Near Poverty
The extreme level of inequality in the U.S. is battering the poor
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Sunday, July 1, 2018
Trump & Joe Arpaio Jeff Biggers
Trump Is Following Arizona’s Playbook On Immigration. We Know How To Fight Back
What can happen when a “Circus Maximus” takes over the halls of power.
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Thank you, Jesus, for Donald Trump Brandi Miller
White Evangelicals Will Never Make America Great Again
Evangelicals will sacrifice every word of Jesus in order to see their political ends met.
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Presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the Movimiento Regeneración Nacional (MORENA) party and Juntos Haremos Historia coalition gives a speech during the public meeting at the Children Heroes Plaza on February 11, 2017 in Guadalajara, Mexico. (Photo: Servando Gomez Camarillo/Getty Images) Gwynne Dyer
Mexican Election 2018: ‘Mexico’s Bernie Sanders’ Set to Win
It’s quite likely that within a year the US intelligence services will be tasked with the job of finding ways to bring him down
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A woman walk past prototype sections of a border wall between Mexico and the United States under construction on October 5, 2017 in Tijuana, Mexico. Jim Hightower
A Wall Won't Fix Immigration
Until our leaders address the real issues, it's not possible to build a wall tall enough to stop them from coming.
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"Justice for Antwon Rose Jr" Tony Norman
They All Call to Ask, ‘What Do Black People Want?’
There’s never anything “racial” about unarmed shootings of blacks.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic candidate for New York's 14th congressional district, spoke with MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Wednesday night about her bold progressive agenda. (Photo: MSNBC/screenshot) Michelle Goldberg
The Millennial Socialists Are Coming
"We can do it everywhere.”
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Saturday, June 30, 2018
Ali Saad Dawabsha was killed when assailants firebombed his home at night Brett Wilkins
‘Ali is On the Grill’: Israeli Settlers Taunt Family of Palestinian Toddler Murdered in Arson Attack
Some 20 police officers reportedly stood by watching the hate chants, without intervening.
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Enough is Enough Bob Burnett
Telling the Truth About Immigration
Not surprisingly, Trump has exaggerated and lied about the immigration situation
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Teachers Steven Singer
The Necessity and Importance of Teachers
We’ve stopped focusing on how to make education better and instead equated it with how to make it more profitable for those who are already wealthy.
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The first nationwide wildcat strike in American history, the Great Railroad Strike of 1877 was most deadly and costly in Pittsburgh, where workers and their families battled with state militia sent from Philadelphia. Sarah Anderson
Unions Have Survived Tough Times Before
My ancestor’s 19th century story is a reminder of how labor unions have bounced back from even bigger hits than the recent Supreme Court ruling.
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Friday, June 29, 2018
Jenice Robinson
Rigging the System and Poor Shaming (Rightly) Are Incompatible Political Strategies
Turns out working people and low-income Americans don’t take too kindly to being depicted as booze-guzzling swindlers who don’t know the value of a dollar while the rich and corporations, whose profits were at historic highs under the old tax regime, are cast as worthy of tax cuts
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"They come after us because we lift wages across the board — especially for women and people of color — and they want to keep that money for themselves." (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Lee Saunders
Five Justices Cannot Break the Solidarity of America’s Unions
We are unbowed by this decision. We will continue to do what we have always done, but now with greater energy and passion.
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"If you defend appalling behavior (your own or that of others) in a “polite” tone of voice, you aren’t “civil.” You’re complicit. You’re an enabler. You’re full of sh-t." (Photo: @BusinessInsider/Twitter) Tim Koechlin
Uncivil Disobedience and the GOP’s Racist, Rapacious Agenda
If you defend appalling behavior (your own or that of others) in a "polite" tone of voice, you aren't "civil."You’re complicit. You're an enabler. You're full of sh-t.
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Rethinking Schools Editorial
Keeping Kids Safe — At the Border and in Our Classrooms
"Aren't grown-ups supposed to keep kids safe?" a child recently asked after seeing pictures of other children held in cages
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"ACLU advocates say they’re concerned by the absence of a coherent federal plan to comply with the order." (Photo: aclu) Ashoka Mukpo
In Brownsville, Converting Pain and Anger Into Action
“We have to continue the pressure to make sure the families are in fact reunited.”
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"Can these global Bernies turn the Trump tide?" (Photo: Shutterstock) John Feffer
Next Stop for the Global ‘Bernie’ Movement: Mexico?
After many disappointments, the left-populist alternative looks primed for a big win in Mexico.
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Joseph Crowley on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Photo: Susan Walsh / AP) Norman Solomon
What Joe Crowley’s Defeat Has to Do With Democratic Party 'Superdelegates'
Grass-roots pressure to democratize the party—mounting since 2016—is starting to pay off.
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Thursday, June 28, 2018
Justin Anderson
The Economist’s Premature Obituary for the Sanders Movement
Once more, the corporate media is doing their part in either suppressing or ignoring progressive upstarts and the movement the represent
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Jack Holmes
Fox News Reminds Us Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Platform Is...Pretty Reasonable
Hannity seems to think these positions are self-evidently extreme. But just look at them.
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Protesters block a bus transporting immigrant children in McAllen, Texas on June 23, 2018 (Photo: Associated Press) Vann R. Newkirk
Protest Isn’t Civil
Attacks on incivility are rooted more in preserving the status quo than in addressing ongoing harms and violence.
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Bonnie Castillo
A Dagger in the Heart of Workers and Our Democracy: What's Behind the Janus Court Ruling
Make no mistake, this is the oligarchy at work to undermine the common good in the name of profit and unfettered power
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Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen takes questions while White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stands nearby. (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI via Getty Images)  Michelangelo Signorile
Fuck Civility
If you care about America and its future, your blood should be boiling.
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"Nonetheless, thanks to its credit-card version of war financing, the government has effectively deferred most of the financial costs of its unending conflicts to the future." (studioEAST/Getty Images) Stephanie Savell
How America's Wars Fund Inequality at Home
What happens when you put endless Pentagon spending on the credit card
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Progressive challenger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez celebrartes with supporters at a victory party in the Bronx after upsetting incumbent Democratic Representative Joseph Crowly on June 26, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Scott Heins/Getty Images) Richard Eskow
How to Cover a Political Revolution
Few political machines are as well-oiled as New York’s Democratic Party, and it just lost to a movement. Journalists and party leaders, take note.
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"U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Judge Neil Gorsuch (L) takes the judicial oath as President Donald Trump looks on during a ceremony in the Rose Garden at the White House April 10, 2017 in Washington, DC." (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Peter Certo
The Supreme Court Is a Slurring, Undemocratic Mess
The court’s been popping off far-right proclamations like a drunk uncle at Thanksgiving.
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"It’s so easy to kidnap children, indeed, to commit murder (usually called war) when you first dehumanize the designated enemy." (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Robert C. Koehler
Valuing Life More Than Borders
Change begins here, with us, and the right to life doesn’t stop at this invisible line.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Mary Bottari
Trump’s Supreme Court Strikes Blow to Government Workers, Good Paying Jobs
The Janus decision could lead to weaker unions, lower wages for government workers, and poorer public services
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"Mugger Mick is a walking candidate for impeachment." (Photo: Carolyn Kaster/AP) Ralph Nader
Mugger Mick Mulvaney—Trump’s Sadist-in-Chief
His hellish agenda, undertaken on behalf of his plutocratic rulers, is comprehensive.
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"White moderates who are more devoted to “order” than to justice — are gross and, frankly, offensive." (Photo: CREDO Action/Screengrab) Will Bunch
(Bleep) Civility! 'Trump-Shaming' Is What Happens When Elites Won't Listen to the People
Our basic humanity requires that we speak up and that we confront the complicit, by any nonviolent means necessary
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"The party leaders in Congress and the DNC, continue to think they can ignore the progressive groundswell growing beneath them and run on how bad Trump is." (Photo: Screenshot) John Atcheson
Can You Hear Us Now? On Why Documenting the Daily Outrage Is Not Enough
If you don’t build it, they won’t come
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"If instead Trump’s foul politics rouse more opposition than support, the rebuke will attest to what kind of country we are." (Image: Jesse Jackson
The Question in November: ‘What Kind of Country Do We Want to Be?'
Donald Trump may find out that we are a better people than he assumes.
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Larry Stafford
Go Bold, Ben: A Progressive Earthquake Shakes Maryland
Primary victory by former NAACP head Ben Jealous represents a shift in the balance of power in Maryland politics and within the Democratic Party away from the old, corporate consensus that the only kind of change that's possible is incremental
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Andrew Behar, Andrew Montes
Are You Funding Gun Violence?
Weapon-free investing can align your savings with your values
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"When union supporters say that Janus could be a big blow to unions, my first thought is that my co-workers and I lived without fair share for decades." (Photo: Takvr) Peter Greene
The Janus Decision Is Wrong, But Teachers Know How to Organize Around It
The Janus decision is wrong, but teachers know how to organize around it.
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Women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "aren't supposed to run" for office, the primary winner said in a campaign video. (Photo: Natasha Hakimi Zapata
How a Socialist Latina Millennial Beat a Wall Street Favorite
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s win in New York’s 14th Congressional District primary is nothing short of incredible.
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"This is what it means to deliberately prevent children from receiving all the blessings of life to which they are entitled simply by having been born." (Photo: Julien Harneis / Flickr) George Capaccio
Suffer the Little Children
The U.S.- backed killing of Yemeni children continues.
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"His cold, highly aggressive behaviors evidence the essential characteristics of psychopaths whose disregard for the welfare of others comes from an absence of both empathy and remorse, the foundations of conscience that make us human." (Photo: AFP/Timothy A. Clary) Kathleen Barry
Presidential Psychopathy: Trump at the Border
As there is no cure for psychopathy, in a civilized country all that is left is removing the psychopath from office.
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"The 28-year-old Democratic Socialist ended the career of Joe Crowley, a 14-year incumbent who was even-money to be the Speaker of a Democratic House one day." (Photo: Getty) Charles P. Pierce
Anything Can Happen: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Victory Shows Stunning Energy of the Democrats' Progressive Arm
A stunning demonstration of the energy in the progressive base of the Democratic Party
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Tuesday, June 26, 2018
"It was delivered by thousands of people spontaneously coming together at airports across the country to declare that we will not stand for hatred and discrimination." (Photo: Ryan/flickr/cc) Cody Wofsy
The Supreme Court Ignores the Reality of President Trump’s Discriminatory Muslim Ban
Trump’s consistent messages and actions paint a “harrowing picture, from which a reasonable observer would readily conclude that the Proclamation was motivated by hostility and animus toward the Muslim faith.”
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"In the world of Macronism, pluralism isn’t the essence of a functioning democracy, efficiency is." (Photo: Shutterstock) Juliette Legendre
Emmanuel Macron’s ‘Extreme Centrism’ Is a Threat to Democracy
Hiding behind appeals to "rationalism," the French leader seeks to "fix" the French economy by cozying up to a tiny, binge-eating wealthy elite.
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"The U.S. is engaged in endless wars around the world." (Photo: Debra Sweet/flickr/cc) Jodie Evans, Andrew Behar
Who Is Making a Killing on Killing?
The merchants of war who have shaped U.S. foreign policy since the end of WWII have a foothold so strong, the act of extracting ourselves from the war economy has become incredibly complex.
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 "More importantly, it’s time to to look into ourselves, so we can change the policies that displaced these children and their families in the first place." (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Richard Eskow
For Immigrant Children, Empathy Is Not Enough
It’s time to remember that we also bear historical and moral responsibilities for the plight of these children, so we can dedicate ourselves to stopping the violence against them is all its forms.
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Karen Greenberg
A Children’s Gitmo on the Border: Heartless America’s Latest Nightmare
A requiem for a tragedy
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Girls and mothers, waiting for their duvets, in Kabul. (Photo: Dr. Hakim) Kathy Kelly
On Purpose, In Kabul
The U.S. government, “made things worse rather than better.”
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"By purporting to punish the Human Rights Council, the Trump presidency, representing the U.S. Government, is much more punishing itself, as well as the peoples of the world." (Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images) Richard Falk
The U.S. Withdraws (Again) From the UN Human Rights Council
America's laughable tendency to lecture the world about the human rights failures of others.
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"Parents who were deported four months ago and are still waiting for the U.S. to return their baby." (Photo: @ajplus/Twitter) Marcia Zug
For Many Immigrant Families, the Fight for Reunification Is Just Beginning
Deported parents are rarely able to return to the U.S. to seek reunification, and this has allowed courts to treat deportation as abandonment.
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In this June 18, 2014 file photo, two female detainees sleep in a holding cell, as the children are separated by age group and gender, as hundreds of mostly Central American immigrant children are being processed and held at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Nogales Placement Center in Nogales, Ariz. The photos were taken by The Associated Press in 2014, when President Barack Obama was in office. (Photo: Ross D. Franklin / Associated Press) Will Bunch
Some of the Pictures of Border Kids That Haunt Me Most Are From 2014. Here's Why
The president with the looming stain on his legacy was Barack Obama.
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Robert Reich
Donald Trump's Dastardly Fourth of July
On the very worst American patriot.
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Monday, June 25, 2018
IDF soldiers hold their weapons Tom Palaima
Sniper’s War and Anti-Terrorist Terrorism
“Better ways must be found to deal with such confrontations.”
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A rally to support healthcare John Atcheson
Lessons From the Healthcare Wars: or Why Democrats Will Be Disappointed in 2018
The Party is continuing to fight its increasingly progressive base, instead of mobilizing it
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Ryan Cooper
In Defense of Incivility
Ostracizing Trump administration officials in public isn't rude. It's necessary.
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Jeff Bryant
Supreme Court’s Janus Ruling Will Hurt Children
The nation's rightwing has taken a big swing at workers and unions, but kids will also be among those who get hit
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Rebecca Gordon
Nicaragua at the Barricades... And a Crossroads
"We will always be confronted by U.S. power..."
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Chris Hedges
The Soldier's Tale: A Man Who Went to War and Realized His Side Was the Enemy
"I was blindly following orders. I was inflicting violence on the poorest people on earth. How is there any morality in that?"
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Juan Cole
Warning to US: Erdogan Has Used Same Techniques as Trump to De-Democratize Turkey
Erdogan's rise as an authoritarian strong man is a key lesson to America about how Trump could move the US in a similar direction
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Sunday, June 24, 2018
"All across this country, the author writes, "we're still not safe." Robin Carver
Why We Still Need Pride Parades
Pride parades are safe spaces in a country where LGBTQ people can be harassed, fired, and denied housing or even medical care.
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Steven Singer
Antwon Rose’s Life Matters
We need justice for Antwon.
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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Melissa Boteach
New Jersey’s Governor Just Proposed a Millionaires’ Tax. So Why Is the Legislature Opposing It?
If the choice is between protecting New Jersey millionaires from a negligible tax increase or restoring funds for public education, health care, transit, and other basic needs, there is a clear answer
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Sign reads: Keep Out Kristine Mattis
Dispatches from the War on Cancer: Detection as Prevention, Chronic Disease as Cure
Far too many carcinogens exist merely for profit and convenience, not necessity.
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 ‘Please sir, may I have some more?’ James Mahoney’s illustration for chapter one of Dickens’s ‘Adventures of Oliver Twist.’ (Image: Public domain) Sarah Bilston
Breaking Up Families? America Looks Like a Dickens Novel
It’s 2018, but it sure feels like 1834.
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Saturday, June 23, 2018
Demostrators with the Poor People's Campaign rally in Sacramento, Calif. on May 14, 2018. (Photo: Peg Hunter/flickr/cc) Juan Cole
The American March to Inequality: Why the UN Alston Report Alarms the Trump Plutocrats
The new report violates the basic tenet of the propaganda of our robber barons, which is that things are getting better.
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Demonstrators rally outside the Supreme Court on April 25, 2018 as Trump v Hawaii is argued inside. (Photo: Victoria Pickering/flickr/cc) Sirine Shebaya, Johnathan Smith
President Trump, Your Words Do Matter (And Should Doom Your Muslim Ban)
Trump has never been bashful about his anti-Muslim animus.
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Mary Green Swig, Steven Swig
A Movement Emerges to Free Former Students from Crushing Loan Debts
Today’s burgeoning student debt only exists because our country abandoned the principle that young people who are willing to work hard should have access to higher education, regardless of their economic circumstances.
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Virginia Republican Senate candidate Corey Stewart Janine Jackson
WaPo Can’t Believe White Supremacist Senate Candidate Really Means It
It's "discourse" that's the problem?
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