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Monday, December 17, 2018
We’re facing precisely the sort of economic downturn that Congress promised the tax cut would prevent. (Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images) Max Moran
Wall Street Thrives and Working People Struggle as GOP Tax Cut Turns One
Last year's tax cut legislation was a barely-cloaked present to the same financiers who crashed the world economy in 2008
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Labor shouldn't just back the Green New Deal, it should help lead the way. (Photo: Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)   Jeremy Brecher, Joe Uehlein
12 Reasons Labor Should Demand a Green New Deal
Only protecting humanity from climate catastrophe can unify the political forces needed to meet labor’s demands for jobs, union rights, economic security, full employment, and worker empowerment
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Infrastructure projects of the sort proposed in the Green New Deal are “self-funding,” generating resources and fees that can repay the loans. (Photo: Emelia Gold) Ellen Brown
This Radical Plan to Fund the ‘Green New Deal’ Just Might Work
A network of public banks could fund the Green New Deal in the same way President Franklin Roosevelt funded the original New Deal
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Robert Reich
Why Trump’s Private Transactions Are Terrifying
After two years of Trump we may have overlooked the essence of his insanity: His brain sees only private interests transacting. It doesn’t comprehend the public interest.
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In another sign of how far removed Washington is from the American public, 40 per cent of respondents want the US to impose sanctions to stop Israel expanding its settlements on Palestinian territory. (Photo: Getty) Jonathan Cook
American Public’s Backing for One-State Solution Falls on Deaf Ears
A growing number understand that it is time for a new, single state model, one that ends Israel’s treatment of Jews as separate from and superior to Palestinians, and instead offers freedom and equality for all
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A New World Order is indeed beginning to tyrannize America and Donald Trump is encouraging the globalists responsible to do even more of the same. (Photo: Alisdare Hickson/flickr/cc) John Feffer
The New World Order Is Here
Globalists really are ruining your life
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The for-profit Trump University was denounced as a fraud and went out of business after being hit with lawsuits. (Photo: Google Images) Chris Hedges
Trump, the Quintessential American
We live in an age when the fake, the fraudulent, the fabricated and the theatrical supplant reality
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Mike Lofgren
The End of Rolling Thunder? We Can Only Hope So!
How a Nixon campaign dirty trick turned into a full-blown psychosis among America's paranoid fringe.
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Sunday, December 16, 2018
Sam Pizzigati
Can an Unequal Earth Beat Climate Change?
Some 250 million years ago, life on Earth survived an existential climate crisis. But that Earth had a distinct advantage. No rich.
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Crystal Vance Guerra
Why Hondurans See Migration as an Act of Civil Disobedience
In walking out of their country en masse, Hondurans are making a loud, bold statement about the extreme injustices they face at home.
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Juan Cole
Despite US, Russian & Saudi Opposition, Climate Summit Reaffirms Paris Goals
"The agreements reached are wholly inadequate and do not reflect the urgency of the climate crisis we are in. But they might have a positive psychological effect, in keeping the Paris goals alive and encouraging governments to encourage companies and consumers to take action."
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Elizabeth Bruenig
My Advice to Progressives: Don't Back Down
"If all the Democrats can manage is to hark back to the past and focus on winning for its own sake, they're missing an opportunity to lay out a blueprint for the future."
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Saturday, December 15, 2018
Christopher Brauchli
Holiday Detention
"Trump has now discovered another group of people he can indefinitely detain in what seems an obvious violation of the constitutional right of all who are in the United States, to not spend lengthy periods in prison without due process of law."
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Will Bunch
Is France Showing Us What America’s Next Civil War Will Look Like?
"Everything I've seen so far out of France is singing loudly that, yes, it's a small world, after all – and that what's happening on the barricades is both a reflection of what's going on in much of the developed world and a screaming alarm for what could come next."
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Sarah Kastner
Why Do We Revere Malala But Not Ahed Tamimi?
"The point isn't that Malala doesn't deserve the platform she’s been given, but that while we celebrate Malala's advocacy for girls' education, we must ask why that platform is not extended to children like Ahed."
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Lindsay Koshgarian
Nine Things to Buy with $5 Billion Instead of a Border Wall
Five billion dollars is not huge in a federal discretionary budget of more than $1 trillion. But it's an incredibly meaningful sum to any number of smaller federal government programs.
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Wendell Potter
Take It From Me: Tweaks Won't Fix Healthcare
Democrats should focus on for Medicare for All—health insurance companies are interested in profits, not playing fair. I should know. I used to be a vice president at Cigna.
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Friday, December 14, 2018
Demonstrators gather outside a court after the trial of the men charged with the murder of indigenous activist Berta Caceres, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras November 29, 2018 (Photo: Jorge Cabrera/Reuters) Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Alfred Brownell
Attacks on Indigenous Rights Defenders Should Not Be Ignored
Dozens of indigenous rights defenders have been killed this year but the world has looked the other way
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The human carnage inflicted by this bloody quagmire of corruption and waste is nigh unimaginable. (Photo: Screenshot) Ryan Cooper
The Impossibility of Bipartisan Healthcare Compromise
Democrats should write a health-care reform bill so aggressive that it drastically weakens the profitability of Big Medical, and drives many of them out of business entirely. If you cannot join them, beat them
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Voters back home — and now their new representatives in Congress — are seeing past the sheep’s clothing to the Wall Street wolves within.(Photo: Phillipp/cc/flickr) Porter McConnell, Rion Dennis
No Labels and the ‘Problem Solvers’ are Wolves of Wall Street in Sheep’s Clothing
Political organizations hide their pro-finance politics under the cloak of bipartisanship while they rake in funding from corporate interests
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Protesters known as the "yellow vests" displayed a French flag altered to show dates of important protests, including 1968 and 2018, as they marched on Paris’ famed Champs-Elysees on Saturday. (Photo: Michel Euler / AP) Sonali Kolhatkar
Taking French Lessons: The Power of the 'Yellow Vests'
Through weeks of mass direct action, the French have shown their government who is boss, and elected officials have been forced to accept and acquiesce—at least to an extent. It is a dynamic we can only dream of here in the U.S.
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Russia is no more threat to the people of United States than any other lesser imperialist power. We face far greater threats from the neocons currently occupying the White House. (Photo: Presidential Administration of Russia) Reese Erlich
Sex, Russia and Impeachment
Democrats should stop braying about the Trump-Putin conspiracy and focus on the White House's real crimes
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Fetal tissue is essential for understanding how the virus causes birth defects in the developing fetus. (Photo: AP Photo/Felipe Dana) Carolyn Coyne
Trump Administration Ban on NIH Use of Fetal Tissue Should Worry All Scientists
Banning or restricting research with human fetal tissue derived from elective terminations has no moral or ethical purpose and serves only to fit a political agenda
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Without Net Neutrality, large phone and cable companies will take control of the stories we tell, deciding who gets a voice and who doesn’t. (Photo: Maria Merkulova) Timothy Karr
How We're Getting Net Neutrality Back
“The public can plainly see that a soon-to-be-toothless FCC is handing the keys to the internet — the internet, one of the most remarkable, empowering, enabling inventions of our lifetime — over to a handful of multibillion-dollar corporations.”
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The education insurgency was more than even getting candidates elected. It was also about changes in policy. (Photo: Screenshot) Steven Singer
What Happened to 2018 As The Year of the Teacher?
I don’t care what corporate journalists are being forced to report by their billionaire owners. These accomplishments should not be minimized.
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The invocation of the War Powers Resolution with regard to support for the irregular or irregular forces of a foreign country is pure genius, and now that it has been done once, it surely will be done again. (Photo: Screenshot) Juan Cole
Senate Fingers Saudi Bin Salman as Murderer, Demands End of Yemen War
Thursday was a historic day, and these bipartisan resolutions will go down in history for their moral clarity and jealous guarding of constitutional prerogatives, as well as for their remarkably frank designation of a de facto head of state with whom the US is allied as a murderer
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The goal of corporations is to maximize profits for shareholders, not to serve the public interest. (Photo: Screenshot/Robert Reich) Robert Reich
The Truth About Privatization
When the primary goal is to serve the public, rather than shareholders, we need to be careful not to sacrifice the public interest to private profits
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Incoming members of the U.S. House of Representatives on Capitol Hill on November 14. (Photo: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque) Ralph Nader
Are the New Congressional Progressives Real? Use These Yardsticks to Find Out
Adopting these suggestions will liberate new members to challenge the taboos entrenched in Congress regarding the corporate crime wave, military budgets, foreign policy, massive corporate welfare giveaways or crony capitalism
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This is just one of the more ridiculous, shameless ways in which former officials abuse their past position. (Photo: Talk Radio News Service) Michael Winship
Where There's Smoke, There's Boehner
The former speaker's cannabis pitch symbolizes how low too many of our craven, so-called public servants are willing to stoop for an almighty buck.
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Thursday, December 13, 2018
Socialism cannot stop the rise of fascism if it fails to halt the slide of market economies into market societies. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Theo Horesh
Can Socialism Save Democracy?
If socialism is going to save democracy, it needs to bring about equality without snuffing out freedom, and it needs to respect the role of markets without letting them dominate society
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Birds are, of course, only one small part of a staggering process of human-caused obliteration now underway across this planet. (Photo: Caleb Putnam/flickr/cc) Tom Engelhardt
A Bad World for Migrants (and I Don’t Even Mean Human Ones)
Bird populations of many sorts are dropping across the planet
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 Thanks to the massive accumulation of wealth by a 1% skilled at gaming the system, the roots of a crisis that didn’t end with the end of the Great Recession have spread across the planet, while the dividing line between the “have-nots” and the “have-a-lots” only sharpened and widened. (Photo: Screenshot) Nomi Prins
A World That Is the Property of the 1%: Wall Street, Banks, and Angry Citizens
The inequality gap on a planet growing more extreme
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Representatives of United States President Donald Trump himself also made a presentation about the benefits of coal, natural gas and nuclear power. (Photo: Joanna Flisowska/Climate Action Network) Beatrice Tulagan
Coal in, Activists Kept Out at Katowice Climate Talks
All progress made during the first week of climate negotiations in Katowice, Poland was overshadowed by the deportation of at least 12 civil society representatives and the no-holds-barred promotion of the coal industry at the official conference venue
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These systems threaten to further entangle people with law enforcement, ripping families apart and increasing the likelihood of racially biased police violence. (Photo: Amazon) Jacob Snow
Amazon’s Disturbing Plan to Add Face Surveillance to Your Front Door
It is doing so without regard for how the technology will be exploited by law enforcement, ICE, and other government agencies prone to violence and racial discrimination
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High-end tax giveaways wind up hurting working families and their communities.(Photo: Shutterstock) Frank Clemente
The GOP Tax Bill Is Creating Jobs—Just Not in the U.S.
Thanks to the GOP tax law, corporations get huge breaks for outsourcing jobs. And workers? They get pink slips.
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For labor unions like ours, climate change is an environmental issue, an economic opportunity, and a political challenge that can destabilize our societies. (Photo: @sunrisemvmt) Héctor Figueroa
For the Future of Our Communities, Labor Support for The Green New Deal
As a union representing 163,000 doormen, security officers, cleaners, and airport workers up and down the east coast, we support this bold vision to reduce greenhouse gasses, switch to renewable energies, and create good jobs
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Without competition from the public Postal Service, for-profit firms would likely jack up delivery fees even higher for the 70 million people who already live in areas hit by delivery surcharges. (Photo: Shutterstock) Kathy Toler
I’m a Postal Worker. If You Get Mail in a Small Town or Suburb, Listen Up!
A Trump administration plan could mean reduced service and higher postage for at least half of all ZIP codes
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 Why do we care about and feel the need to protect only “American citizens”? Do we possess a collective consciousness too small to embrace all of humanity? (Photo: Gregory Bull / AP) Robert C. Koehler
The Phrase “Border Security” Freezes My Soul Every Time
Are the borders we protect so rigorously (by which I mean that one border on our southern edge) somehow divinely ordained? How were they determined? An even more taboo question is: How respectful has this country been of other countries’ borders?
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China already has the world's largest installation of wind turbines. (Photo: Sandia Labs/flickr/cc) Craig K. Comstock
Can China Save the Planet?
It now appears that China—while still leading the world in both coal consumption and carbon emissions—is also leading the way forward to the clean energy future
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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
We mobilized faith leaders to the border on December 10, and for the following week groups lined up to host actions around the country expressing love and solidarity with migrants. (Photo: Shutterstock) Kerri Kennedy
This Holiday Season, I’m Standing With Migrants
Mary and Joseph fled their country to keep their child alive. We should embrace families making the same difficult choice today
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Of course, even as we are in the process of creating a RCP8.5 world, that world is not inevitable. It is not our fate because we can change course.(Photo: Dursun Aydemir/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images) Alycee Lane
Climate Activists Must Organize Like It’s 2099
The environmental policies of the Trump administration–as well as those championed by many state governments—are policies at war with all life on earth
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Secretary Perry claims that oil and gas production helps the economy “while protecting our environment.” (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr) Alison Grass
Petrochemical Booster Rick Perry Rides to the Rescue of the Fracking Industry
Trump’s Energy Department is backing a dirty petrochemical plan
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The devastation of Henoko is part of a larger, world-wide U.S. imperialist footprint. What happens in Okinawa matters for Indigenous peoples everywhere. (Photo: AFP) Moé Yonamine
Stand with Okinawa
The Henoko base construction is framed by the history of colonization and racism against Okinawans, as well as by our ongoing resistance as we attempt to end the long era of U.S. occupation
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As part of a New Food Deal, we could erase these inequities by shifting land use, investment, and subsidy patterns away from corporate giants and towards regenerative agriculture’s local networks of farmers and food growers. (Photo: Public domain) Alison Rose Levy
How Regenerative Agriculture Could Be Key to the Green New Deal
Both the Green New Deal and the New Food Deal can reorient the basics— and put Americans, our democracy, and the earth on the path to health
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Medea Benjamin, Alice Slater
Why Green New Deal Advocates Must Address Militarism
Where is the call for the New Peace Deal that would free up hundreds of billions from the overblown military budget to invest in green infrastructure?
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“I love Bernie, but I’m not Bernie Sanders,” former Vice President Joseph Biden retorted to a Brookings Institution audience this past May. “I don’t think 500 billionaires are the reason we’re in trouble. (Photo: Getty Images) Sam Pizzigati
If Democrats Fracture, This Will Be the Fault Line
Will those who worry—intensely—about wealth’s concentration gain the upper hand within the Democratic Party’s leadership?
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The “justice” system Trump’s opponents want to nail him with and then use to impeach him, wasn’t designed to choose leaders or get rid of them — so why do it? (Photo: Donald Trump/cc/flickr) Rick Salutin
I’m With Progressives Against Impeachment
The raging crescendo in the U.S. to impeach Trump or convict him of crimes is offensive
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Lucy Duncan
I Walked Right Up to Militarized Police at the Border
Behind the agents, we could see our brothers and sisters watching from the Mexico side of the wall. We could hear them singing
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Educator Kelley Fisher leads striking Arizona teachers to the State Capitol during a Phoenix rally on April 26, 2018. Organizing power will be key to the Left's success in 2020. (Ralph Freso/Getty Images)   Jane McAlevey
How To Elect Democrats Who Actually Answer To Workers
To hold policy makers accountable, workers must be able to build fighting organizations in which workers, not full-time staffs in sealed-off political departments, call the endorsement shots
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As people set upon Khashoggi, he started fighting for air, repeating, “I can’t breathe” at least three times. (Photo: Twitter) James McEnteer
On Being Breathless in the Age of Trump
“I can’t breathe” is the perfect t-shirt or gimme cap retort to MAGA, the last gasp of a nation striving to regain its integrity in the face of a president and a party that has none
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
The horror of war is unimaginable. Those who have been to a battlefield know its terrors: the sounds, the smells, the casualness of the killing, the hunger, the uncertainty, the peril. (Photo: Nobel Peace Prize Winner Nadia Murad/ Getty Images ) Vijay Prashad
Imagine a World Without War, Where Migrants Are Welcomed, Where Women Are Not Targets
Fighting indifference with justice on International Human Rights Day
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John Buell
The Yellow Vests Rise Up Against the Elites and Neoliberal Austerity
What this movement started out as is not necessarily what it will become
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A crowd gathers in Leipzig, Germany to commemorate the 70,000 people who courageously joined together in 1989 to peacefully demand freedom and democracy, a catalyst for the fall of the Berlin Wall. (Image: LTM/PUNCTUM) Frances Moore Lappé
Courage Is Contagious
Civil courage is the capacity to do what serves the common good, even if one must stand alone
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Think of it, to introduce an even broader term, as a wave of “biological annihilation” that includes possible species extinctions on a mass scale, but also massive species die-offs and various kinds of massacres. (Photo: Subhankar Banerjee, 2002) Subhankar Banerjee
Biological Annihilation: A Planet in Loss Mode
On the great vanishing happening before our eyes
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Polls show that Israel is losing ground in U.S. public opinion – most especially among the demographic groups that form the Democratic coalition. (Photo: The IMEU/Twitter) James Zogby
Turning a Corner in Public Opinion Toward Israeli Occupation
These cases—the decision of a major company to respect international law and a mainstream commentator speaking out for justice—are but two examples of the changing political landscape in the US
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Mike Lofgren
The Bad Ideas-Industrial Complex
Why must taxpayers subsidize rabidly partisan think tanks?
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It's going to be a rough 18 months or so before someone comes out on top. (Illustrated | Alex Wong/Getty Images, Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo / Alamy Stock Photo, REUTERS/Mike Segar, John Sommers II/Getty Images) Ryan Cooper
Democrats' 2020 Battle Royale Is Going to Be Brutal, Dirty, and Totally Worthwhile
Since there is no avoiding policy and ideology, let's have that fight — in every state and over every inch of political ground
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This is a full-scale attack on Americans’ First Amendment freedoms. (Photo: Paul Zinkin/ Associated Press) Kate Ruane
Congress Is Trying to Use the Spending Bill to Criminalize Boycotts of Israel and Other Countries
If the First Amendment means anything, it’s that the government cannot suppress political expression it doesn’t like
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A Central American girl travelling in a migrants' caravan, rides a bus outside a temporary shelter in eastern Tijuana, Baja California state, Mexico on December 6, 2018. (Photo: Guillermo Arias / AFP - Getty Images) Michelle Chen
Trump's Caravan Problem Isn't Which People Are Coming, But What Kind of Country America Will Choose to Be
The plight of asylum seekers in Tijuana reflects the dying promise of this country as a land of refuge from suffering
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The 1% of queries Pichai seems happy to censor is critical. (Photo: Sundar Pichai/PTI photo) William Nee
Google CEO Has Serious Questions to Answer on China Censored Search
If Google decides to go ahead with Dragonfly, it will signal a massive capitulation on human rights and the company’s own AI principles
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Monday, December 10, 2018
The drastic changes to Chicago’s landscape have placed the city directly at the heart of a national conversation over the corporatization of education. (Photo: Rachel Docherty / Flickr) Negin Owliaei
Inequality at the Center of Chicago Charter School Strikes
Teachers won the first charter school strike in the U.S. by demanding everything from pay raises to sanctuary for students
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Rep. Beto O'Rourke, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Texas, speaks at a campaign event in Dallas, Nov. 2, 2018. During his campaign against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), O’Rourke said repeatedly he wouldn’t run for president in 2020. But on Monday, he said he had “made a decision not to rule anything out.” (Photo: Tamir Kalifa/The New York Times) Dan Derozier
Beto O’Rourke Is Like Obama. That’s Not Necessarily a Good Thing
Before choosing O’Rourke as their next presidential nominee, Democrats would do well to reflect on the perils of preferring style over substance
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The Camp Fire—so-named because it started near Camp Creek Road near Pulga, a former ghost town turned artist enclave—has forever changed the lives of tens of thousands of people. (Photo: Pixabay/CC0) Debi Smith
By Accident of Fate: The Fires in Paradise
We cannot sit idly by hoping government will save us from ourselves (or them).
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As such, should the nation lose its president and vice-president to impeachment, we’d have President Pelosi. (Photo: Charlie Neibergall / AP) Thom Hartmann
With an Impeachable Trump and Pence, Are You Ready for President Pelosi?
It seems like a remote possibility now, but the twists and turns of a major federal investigation could land us with a very different kind of president
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"Every Sunday morning, we went to church to exorcize hate—of ourselves and of white racists.” (Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig) Chris Hedges
The Heresy of White Christianity
“Those who have lived in the cultures of the oppressed know something about freedom that the oppressors will never know.”
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As hard as it may still be to believe, HE looms over our lives, our planet, in a way no other human being ever has, not even a Joseph Stalin or a Mao Zedong, whose images were once plastered all over the Soviet Union and China. (Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)  Tom Engelhardt
In the Shadow of Donald Trump: A World Unnoticed
News from the far side of nowhere
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Bin Salman is using his willingness to throw the Palestinians under the bus as a way of bonding with Kushner and getting the latter’s support in the Trump White House. (Photo: Screenshot) Juan Cole
Is Kushner Covering for Bin Salman Murder Charge so Israel can Usurp Palestinian West Bank?
Kushner is a big backer of Israeli Apartheid and the Israeli squatter settlements, and for people with his commitments, Muhammed Bin Salman is a godsend
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Skipping out on tax obligations will start right away, as over 99.8 percent of estates are not currently required to pay any estate tax. (Photo: Common Dreams) Paul Buchheit
The Inequality to Be Suffered by Our Children
Greater equality of wealth and opportunity can only be achieved through progressive policies, now and in 2020
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Joe Kennedy III Michael Winship
Joe Kennedy and the Precarious Promise of "Moral Capitalism"
Kennedy may not be the messiah Democrats seek for 2020. But he could make a good John the Baptist
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Sunday, December 9, 2018
Deonna Anderson
Europe's History With Refugees Has Something to Tell the US
Germany, Serbia, and Sweden hosted tens of thousands of migrants three years ago. Can the U.S. take a page from the E.U. as caravans mass at our border?
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no nukes sign Lawrence Wittner
Reviving the Nuclear Disarmament Movement: A Practical Proposal
Although a widespread movement has developed to fight climate change, no counterpart has emerged to take on the rising danger of nuclear disaster—yet
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Karen Kwiatowski and Ray McGovern Consortium News
READ: Karen Kwiatkowski Delivers Speech After Receiving 17th Annual Sam Adams Award
To tell the truth is simple, honorable, and good for the health of the republic. The fact that it drives the security apparatus and the government crazy is just icing on the cake
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Barr and HW Bush Tim Lau
William Barr Is Out of Step on Criminal Justice Reform
Trump's nominee for attorney general would continue Jeff Sessions's hardline approach, his record suggests
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Stewart Phillip, Serge 'Otsi' Simon
Alberta Tar Sands Production Cuts Here to Stay: Indigenous-Led Movement Will Make Sure of It
We need a rapid but just transition away from the tar sands that supports workers, communities, and First Nations
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Niki Ashton Niki Ashton
After Weekend With Bernie, Niki Ashton Talks Progressive International: 'Our Movement Is a Global Movement. It Must Be.'
No longer can progressives afford to work only in silos
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Chief of Staff John Kelly Juan Cole
Top 8 Ways John Kelly Was an Embarrassment as White House Chief of Staff
What the administration needed was a moral voice, someone who would push back against the conspiracy theories that guide so much of Trump's policy. Kelly was not that man
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Outgoing Republican U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan Neil J. Young
Paul Ryan Was Always More Political Hack Than Policy Genius
Ryan has presented himself as a serious policy wonk and a devoted disciple of Reaganomics—but he rolled over for Trump, allowing and protecting abuses of office in order to get his treasured tax cut package
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Saturday, December 8, 2018
gary, indiana Jeff Biggers
Climate Storytellers Inspire Roadmap to Action
"How can you be a catalyst for this regenerative city?...What is your role—and the role of artists, innovators, engineers, teachers, preachers, and entrepreneurs? What is growing in your garden? And can I walk there?"
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Friends of the Earth campaigner Verner Wilson III Verner Wilson III
I Went Dungeness Crabbing in Washington. Here's Why I'm Concerned About Increased Shipping From Trans Mountain Pipeline
Risking our abundant natural resources to fossil fuel shipping is reckless to coastal economies
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Wisconsinites Jill Richardson
Republicans Don't Want Your Vote to Count
They're trying to overturn the will of voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and maybe a state near you
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Christopher Brauchli
We and the Uighurs
Chinese detention camps sound not unlike the ones the Trump has created in the United States
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activists holds signs asking, "what is your plan?" John Atcheson
Climate Change Is Likely to Come Sooner and Be Worse Than Latest Worst-Case Forecasts Suggest
We have no time to act—that's why a Green New Deal is absolutely necessary
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Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) co-chair Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) Christopher D. Cook
The Democrats Need a Clear Economic Vision. Here's Where to Start
The rising left wing of the party is leading the way, and the People’s Budget and Green New Deal show how Democrats can transform the economy
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Charter school teachers in Chicago are striking Steven Singer
Charter School Lobby Silent as Charter Teachers Continue Strike
If the operators of Acero charter schools in Chicago agree to a living wage for teachers and lower class sizes, it sets a standard for the industry
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drone Michael Sisitzky, Simon McCormack
New NYPD Drone Policy Represents a Serious Threat to Privacy
One of our biggest fears is that these devices could be used to spy on protesters legally exercising their constitutional rights
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Friday, December 7, 2018
Donald Trump’s first budget proposed zeroing out money for capital improvements and cutting money for public housing operations by 45%. (Photo: Harry Benson/Getty Images) Laura Flanders
HUD Official to Move Into Public Housing?
Patton moving in for a month on her $161,000 salary won’t shed a spotlight on inhumanity as much as on herself and on the Trump agenda, which, like that of most Republicans, is about promoting the private at the expense of the public
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$3.5 Trillion overall, $10,739 per person, now exceeding 18% of GDP while providing worse outcomes, lower quality and shorter life expectancy than any other industrialized country. (Photo: Michael Fleshman/flickr/cc) Michael Lighty
$3.5 Trillion on Healthcare Each Year and We’re Still Uninsured, Underinsured, and Unhappy
Our health is not a commodity to profit from, nor is it a welfare program to be minimized or privatized
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The real point of the 925-word story, by Gannett Washington reporter Ledyard King, was conveyed in the print edition’s subhead: “Policies Could Carry Risk for Leaders of New House." (Photo: VALENTIN FLAURAUD, EPA-EFE) Miranda Spencer
Don’t Do Anything About Climate Disaster, USA Today Warns Dems
By continually harping on the challenges the Democratic climate hawks face, based on a questionable, unsubstantiated analysis of the political risks, USA Today’s article seems designed to push back on a Democratic push to do anything at all about the climate catastrophe
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Those who stand in the way of protecting people and countless other species from the worst consequences of climate disruption, especially those with the power to do something, are committing crimes against humanity. They aren’t fit to lead. (Photo: The White House via Flickr) David Suzuki, Ian Hanington
Politicians Who Deny Reality Aren’t Fit to Lead
When faced with conclusive evidence of a major threat to citizens, a true leader would do everything possible to confront it
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Wisconsin's Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott L. Fitzgerald, left, speaks as Gov. Scott Walker, center, and state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos watch at a 2015 appearance in Madison, Wis. (Photo: Morry Gash / AP) Sonali Kolhatkar
The GOP's Plot to Destroy Our Democracy Is Coming Into View
What is happening in Wisconsin symbolizes the latest tactics of a party that has set itself up for minority rule at the expense of democracy
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Make no mistake, this is an absurd false equivalence. Did she inaccurately enumerate Pentagon waste in a political argument? Certainly. Did she willfully, intentionally and repeatedly attempt to mislead the public, smear minorities, or traffic in racist propaganda or conspiracy theories, as in the above examples of Trump’s rhetoric? The question answers itself. (Photo: Screengrab) Reed Richardson
Trump, Ocasio-Cortez, and Factcheck False Equivalence
WaPo rates Ocasio-Cortez's misconstrued Pentagon study as bad as Trump's biggest lies
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Without getting too speculative, it’s not hard to see how a 2020 Sanders bid would be helped by all of these reforms. (Photo: Screengrab) Steven Rosenfeld
Sanders and DNC Level Playing Field for 2020 Presidential Debates
Details as small as the debate schedule matter, as was shown by the 2016 election
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Statue of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Washington, D.C. (Photo: Allison Corkery
What Does Eleanor Roosevelt Have to Do with Black Lives Matter?
Socioeconomic rights enshrined internationally in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 70 years ago are increasingly animating U.S. campaigns against inequality
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In another casualty of our times, we suffer from what the favored son, Bush 43, called “the bigotry of low expectations.” (Photo: David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images) Christopher D. Cook
The Mean, Rough Legacy of George H.W. Bush
The brutal realities of Bush’s “kinder, gentler” America
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"What Republicans didn't win at the polls, they would seek to preserve by pilfering."(Photo: Screengrab) Mary Bottari
Wisconsin Schools the Nation on Hypocrisy and Partisan Power Grabs
"This is just not the process we should have in an advanced democracy."
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Alvaro Sanchez
Why Don’t We Riot Over Wealth Inequality?
Because we feel the economic pain from a gas tax increase more intensely and immediately than structural systems that help a very small set of people to accumulate wealth
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Thursday, December 6, 2018
Saturday’s two-hour event, which interspersed the women’s testimony with song, prayer, and calls to action, laid bare the human cost of L.A.’s housing crisis. (Photo: Poor People's Campaign) Aleta Sprague
In Los Angeles, the Poor People’s Campaign Makes a Powerful Case for Housing as a Human Right
From skyrocketing rents to the lack of public toilets on Skid Row, women who’ve experienced poverty and homelessness offer valuable insights for policymakers--but are they listening?
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We need comprehensive solutions animated by a genuine vision of social change, not business as usual. (Photo: National Nurses United/flickr/cc) Chuck Idelson
Democrats Will Ignore Broad Progressive Reforms at Their Peril
After a decade in which it lost more than 900 federal and state elections, the Wall Street-dominated wing of the Democratic Party continues to insist on adherence to a political path that landed them in wilderness in Washington and most state capitols
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Bill McKibben
How The Iconic 1968 Earthrise Photo Changed Our Relationship To The Planet
"At least on a human timescale, we’ll never have a planet as intact and full of life as that one we glimpsed from space. Our trajectory is definitely downward. But there was so, so much beauty there, and there’s still so much left ― for now."
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The crazy keeps piling up. (Photo: AFP/Timothy A. Clary) Rebecca Gordon
Life at Trump Speed: On Mental Whiplash and Forgotten Outrages
Unlike the speed of earlier days, which sharpened the attention, Trump speed makes it impossible to focus on anything for very long, not when the next outrage is already heading for you at full tilt
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