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Tuesday, July 17, 2018
President Donald Trump, left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hand at the beginning of a meeting at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, Finland. (Photo: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) Robert Kuttner
History’s Most Incompetent Demagogue
A competent Trump could have done lots more damage. His Europe trip was a full-blown political disaster
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A “Not My President’s Day” protest march in Philadelphia stops at the intersection of Market and 11th Street on its way to Independence Park last February. (Michael Bryant/Staff) Will Bunch
It's Time for a General Strike, Because Trump Treason Demands a Brave Response
A man who is uniquely and totally unfit to serve as president of the United States
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"When I think about how being a part of a strong union has changed not only my life but the lives of so many working people I’m grateful." (Photo: Getty) Monika Roberts
Unions Aren’t a Thing of the Past. Unions Are Our Future.
We need legislation that makes it easier for working people to join together in a union, not harder
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"The Supreme Court may well have to decide key legal and constitutional issues revolving around Donald Trump and his scandals." (Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images) Michael Waldman
Courting Disaster: The Trouble With Brett Kavanaugh's Views of Executive Power in the Age of Trump
Standing up to a lawless President — ruling for the Constitution — is one of the top jobs of a Supreme Court justice
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Even if, arguably, the Constitutional threshold for “Treason” is not yet met, today in Helsinki Trump has clearly committed other impeachable “high crimes and misdemeanors.”(Photo: Presidential Administration of Russia) Miles Mogulescu
Treasonous! Impeach! Time’s Up!
Trump has failed to preserve, protect, and defend the United States and its Constitution and has colluded with a hostile foreign power
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Medea Benjamin
Can the Brit’s Baby Trump Blimp Come Play at Trump’s DC Military Parade?
The UK protests should be an inspiration to Americans resisting Trump
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 "It's important to note that neither president named any actually objectionable areas of diplomatic agreement." (Photo: Illustrated/Feng Yu/Alamy Stock Photo, Binnerstam/iStock, Chris McGrath/Getty Images) Ryan Cooper
Trump's Horror Show in Helsinki
Overall it gave a strong impression of the leader of a small, weak country trying hard to impress and flatter the leader of a large, powerful one — except backwards
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"While most missions involve training, instruction, or war games, Special Forces soldiers are also regularly involved in combat operations across America’s expansive global war zones."(Photo: Capt. Thomas Cieslak) Nick Turse
The Global Growth of U.S. Special Operations Forces
133 Countries Down, 17 to Go?
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Bill Blum
Supreme Court Update: Kavanaugh Is No Kennedy, and Kennedy Was No Centrist
Even before Kennedy announced his retirement, the Supreme Court was hardly a liberal or even a centrist institution
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Monday, July 16, 2018
Demonstrators hold signs on the second anniversary of Occupy Jason Hickel
Is It Time for a Post-Growth Economy?
The growth-driven economic model we have adopted is killing our planet.
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James North
‘NY Times’ Uses Old Tricks to Distort Israel’s Latest Attacks on Gaza
Distort the timeline to try and blame the Palestinians
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"As most sane observers know, war with Iran would be an unmitigated disaster for the U.S., the region, and the world." (Photo: CommonDreams) Jon Rainwater
With Iran Deal on Life Support, White House Looks to Finish the Job
If sanctions and coercive diplomacy by the U.S. escalate into regime change, it wouldn’t be the first time. Ask the Iraqis
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"Within that top 20 percent, well over half the benefits have gone to the top 5 percent, and over half those top 5 percent benefits have gone to the top 1 percent." (Photo: Fight Back! News/Kim DeFranco) Sam Pizzigati
A Sweet New Century for America’s Most Privileged
America’s elected leaders haven’t ignored inequality since 2000. They’ve made it spectacularly worse
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"It is up to us to mobilize to protect Assange. His life is in jeopardy." (Photo: newsonline/flickr/cc) Chris Hedges
The War on Assange Is a War on Press Freedom
The ruling elites, who refuse to accept responsibility for profound social inequality or the crimes of empire, have no ideological veneer left to justify their greed, ineptitude and pillage
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"Clearly the needed shift won’t be initiated by the Republican or Democratic leaders in Congress; it must come from Americans who make their voices heard." (Photo: Presidential Administration of Russia) Norman Solomon
Climb Down From the Summit of Hostile Propaganda
Contempt for diplomacy with Russia is now extreme
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"A third of Americans have no savings at all and another third have less than $1,000 in the bank." (Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) Rajan Menon
The Wages of Poverty in America
In the United States of inequality
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"The Vietnamese can’t find the bombed and scattered body parts of literally hundreds of thousands of their own, let alone ours." (Photo: Doug Rawlings
PBS Series,“The Vietnam War,” Receives Emmy Nomination. Should It?
If Americans are convinced that their stiff-upper-lip brand of silence in the face of collective murder is the true face of patriotism, then we are condemned as a nation to follow the path of empires that preceded us
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Sunday, July 15, 2018
Mitchell Plitnick
Trump’s Scorched Earth Tour of Europe
What could go wrong?
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Leah C. Stokes
Climate Change Is Behind the Global Heat Wave. Why Won't the Media Say It?
We’re missing what is arguably the biggest story of all: The climate we knew is no more. We’ve already warmed the planet, whether we deny it or not.
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Jeff Bryant
Kavanaugh Would Advance DeVos’s Religious Agenda for Schools
Kavanaugh's support of the DeVos agenda for school vouchers and religious education relies on a bizarre, but long-held view of conservative jurists
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Juan Cole
Top Three Ways London’s Sadiq Khan Is a Better Leader than Donald Trump
Just for starters....
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Fintan O’Toole
Trial Runs for Fascism Are in Full Flow
Babies in cages were no ‘mistake’ by Trump but test-marketing for barbarism
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Saturday, July 14, 2018
Richard Leonard
'You Shall Not Pass': Why Scotland Stands Against Trump
"What we are saying, with the eyes of the world upon us is that Donald Trump's visit does not have the consent of the people."
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Eric Margolis
Europe Cringes Before Emperor Trump
Doing his best bull in a china shop routine, Trump lectured and scolded the heads of NATO on live TV and they took the verbal thrashing like truant schoolboys.
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Robert Reich
Amid Lies of Trump and Sessions, 7 Truths About Immigration
Lots of misinformation leads to massive amounts of inhumanity
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Christopher Brauchli
Scott Pruitt, the Wall Street Journal, and Trump's Swamp
The WSJ is quite happy to overlook the particulars of the swamp of misconduct in which Mr. Pruitt swam during his tenure.
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Eileen McCabe
We Are All Pro-Choice
Who among us can say that we know another person’s challenges and conscience, and that we can judge for her?
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Chiara Giaccari
The Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit: Why a Meeting Behind Closed Doors?
A private meeting with no public record is not a good idea.
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Steven Singer
Don’t Tread on Me, But Let Me Tread All Over You: The Credo of Personal Freedom and Limitless Greed
This slogan has become a farce. It’s a maxim hoisted on those with very little individual power to convince them to join together and become powerful while guarding the door for the wealthy.
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Friday, July 13, 2018
Hina Shamsi, Corey Stoughton
The Shadow of Torture Behind Trump’s Britain Visit
How did the U.K. become the Best Supporting Actor in the U.S.’s shameful torture drama?
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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan (L) with young flag bearer during the Pride In London parade on July 7, 2018 in London, England.  (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Pride In London) Nesrine Malik
Why Is Sadiq Khan a Favourite Target of Trump? You Know the Answer
Let’s not mince words: the president is attacking London’s mayor because he is Muslim, and because he is brown
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Trump Baby (Twitter) Adam Ramsay
Trump's Visit Marks the Start of Shock Doctrine Brexit
The radical right want a no-deal Brexit so they can force Britain into a disaster capitalist trade deal with the USA
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President Bashar al Assad (Photo by Reese Erlich) Reese Erlich
Netanyahu, Putin, and Trump — Jockeying for Power in Syria
While foreign powers continue their squabbles, Syrian civilians pay the price
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President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court supports new voter ID laws and other changes that have made it harder to vote. (Photo: Christopher Aluka Berry/Reuters) Ari Berman
Does Brett Kavanaugh Spell the End of Voting Rights?
That era of strong civil rights enforcement is over
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"As public support for Medicare-for-all rises, establishment think tanks and lobbyists are floating proposals designed to capitalize on its momentum while diluting its content." (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) Tim Higginbotham, Chris Middleman
“Medicare-for-all” Means Something. Don’t Let Moderates Water It Down.
Centrists want to co-opt the phrase and apply it to something weaker than a single-payer system
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Juan Cole
Trump Threatens Iran With “Escalation;” Could it Spin Out of Control?
It is a truism of military and diplomatic history that ultimatums always lead to war
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 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York. ‘Everyone I spoke to remarked on her grace and stability, and how she calmly absorbed the dramas that surrounded her bid.’ (Photo: AP) George Monbiot
America’s New Revolutionaries Show How the Left Can Win
The little-known history of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory in a New York primary hints at the coming transformation
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If we are going to play the correlation game, we can find dozens of correlates if we try hard enough: how about the higher incidence of opioid use in counties that Trump carried? (Photo: Notions Capital/Flickr/cc) Mike Lofgren
How Academic and Media Excuse-Making Normalizes the Abnormal
So much for the precise correlation between economic factors and political preference based on rational choosing to maximize one’s own material advantage
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Thursday, July 12, 2018
"Trump, once a pro football owner himself, clearly understands a white male mindset in which black football players exist only to provide on-field thrills, never to be humanized, much less allowed to protest inequality and racism." (Photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images) Robert Lipsyte
Trump's War on Black Jocks
Another season of despair or a pigskin blue wave?
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"López Obrador has promised to launch a public-works program to employ 2.3 million young people and to raise pensions for the elderly." (Photo by Pedro Mera/Getty Images) Gregory Shupak
In Wake of AMLO Victory, US Media Fear Chavismo and Hope for ‘Business-Friendly’ Change
The neoliberal capitalist catechism also manifests itself by maligning those who have challenged its doctrines with any degree of success
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Guatemalan deportee Eric Perez embraces his daughter after he arrived on an ICE deportation flight on February 9, 2017 to Guatemala City, Guatemala.(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images) Marjorie Orellana
Kharma, Interconnectedness, and the Immigrant Crisis
There is plenty of evidence that the “immigrant crisis” we see today was initiated long ago by actions the United States took
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"The groundswell that’s been building around the planet for divestment derives its power from everyone working together toward the same end." (Photo: Screenshot/Twitter) Bill McKibben
Irish Parliament Makes History With Vote to Divest Country Fully From Fossil Fuels
Ireland today becomes the first country in the world to have voted to fully divest itself from the fossil fuel companies responsible for the climate crisis
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"Many U.S. progressives are unaware that there are progressive and working-class forces in China with whom we could ally ourselves." (Photo by Mark Lyons/Getty Images) Tobita Chow
How Tariffs Play in to Trump’s Xenophobic Agenda
Too much of the debate around Trump’s tariffs has remained stuck in a false choice between anti-China protectionism and “free trade” neoliberalism. Both are dead ends.
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Alabama requires photo identification to vote. Studies have found that “among registered Alabama voters, blacks and Hispanics were more likely than whites to lack photo identification.”(Photo: Getty) Ralph Nader
Universal Voting Dissolves the Obstacles Facing Voters
U.S. voter turnout, not surprisingly, is lower than in any other Western country
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"Put forth real values and run on a commitment to real change, a la Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young Democratic Socialist who won a shocking upset victory in her congressional primary." (Photo: Ocasio2018 Campaign) Robert C. Koehler
The Dems Could Win If They Stood For Something
Now, more than ever, the whole of humanity needs leaders who can who can envision and articulate a global transition beyond war and dominance, beyond environmental exploitation, beyond policies and practices that dehumanize part of us and cluelessly continue more of the same
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 "Rules designed by corporate elites of the last century are not appropriate for the challenges of the 21st century." (Photo: Getty) Jürgen Maier
America First vs. Germany First
Trade policies that are designed by and for the corporate elite in America and Germany, not by or for you and me.
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Medea Benjamin
Why Is a Retired Accountant From Texas Risking His Life to Sail to Gaza?
“If not me, then who?”
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Michael Winship
I Yearn for a Society in Which Civility Rules, But These Are Not Civil Times
On the sound of the world’s smallest violin
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"Democracy can’t be sliced up into parts because human beings cannot be—that is, we cannot trust that we have a real voice at the polls while feeling voiceless in our economic lives."(Photo by Sam Morris/Getty Images) Frances Moore Lappé
What’s the Biggest Threat to American Democracy?
Democracy’s essence is dignity—knowing that we count and have a real voice, in the voting booth, yes, but also in other dimensions of life, including the economic
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Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Olivia Alperstein
What’s at Stake if Brett Kavanaugh Joins the Court
If Americans lose the right to privacy enshrined in Roe, they'll lose a lot more than abortion access
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"The US economy doesn’t serve most of us because it is not designed to."(Photo: Common Dreams) Tim Koechlin
Imagining an Economy That Serves the 99%
Those who benefit most from the status quo spend a lot of money to persuade the rest of us that this – an economy that serves the top 1% — is good for us and, in fact, the best we can do
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Erica Payne
Medicare for All Is a Winner for Democrats, as Ocasio-Cortez and Others Have Shown
A popular solution to the nation's healthcare woes. That's the future in the U.S., not Obamacare.
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“Not since the battles over school desegregation has the debate about public education been so intense and polarized.”(Photo: WDRB/screenshot) Jeff Bryant
After an ‘Educator Spring,’ Teachers Storm Elections
By taking their cause to the streets and then to the ballot box, teachers have made education a top election issue – not just in states, like North Carolina, where walkouts occurred – but also in states, like Florida, where they didn’t
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Yoshinori H.T. Himel
Enough With the Euphemisms. They’re Not ‘Family Residential Centers.’ They’re Jails.
We must not, as we have done in the past, permit official euphemisms to lull us into silent complicity
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Casey Webb of "Man vs. Food" on the Travel Channel. (Travel Channel) Lee Camp
The No. 1 Cause of Climate Change the Media Don’t Mention
Our illogical, immoral meat consumption will kill our planet, kill our future and possibly kill your family
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Juan Cole
No, Trump is Not Going to Save UK or Theresa May From Economic Consequences of Brexit
What May is about to find out is that Trump takes your political and other investments and pockets them, and then stiffs you
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Dan Plesch, Kevin Miletic
An Urgently Needed Disarmament Strategy for NATO
Here's what Donald Trump should really be talking about with Vladimir Putin and NATO.
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Gloria Steinem, Noam Chomsky, Adolph Reed Jr., et al.
Common Ground: For Secure Elections and True National Security
Tensions are festering between two nations with large quantities of nuclear weapons on virtual hair-trigger alert; yet the current partisan fixations in Washington are ignoring the dangers to global stability and, ultimately, human survival.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Kamala Harris
Why I Will Oppose Brett Kavanaugh's Nomination to the Supreme Court
Trump's pick represents a direct and fundamental threat to the court's promise to ensure "Equal Justice Under the Law"
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"I am encouraging others to contribute to Ojeda and West Virginians to cast their votes for Ojeda, the candidate who will stand with them, not trample them underfoot as you will.” (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) Russell Mokhiber
Pence PAC Sends $5,000 Check to the Wrong Carol Miller
“I have spent my whole life working to alleviate the human suffering that is occurring around the country – from the coalfields of Appalachia to the frontier communities of New Mexico. All over the United States, people are suffering from government actions that your policies would increase and...
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Labor activist and Socialist Party member Eugene V. Debs, giving a speech on Aug. 17, 1912, is one of Bernie Sanders' icons. (Photo: AP file) Carlos Ramirez-Rosa
Democrats Ignore the Left at Their Peril. Midwesterners Aren't Scared of Socialism — They're Hungry For It
Some members of the Democratic establishment argue that bold, left-wing platforms can't win elections. They're wrong
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Is it the punitive incarceration of millions, so many lives wasted? (Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images) Ariel Dorfman
Human Zoos in the Age of Trump
Humans as “animals,” then and now
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"As the agents on the ground executing Trump’s xenophobic agenda, they have become the flesh and blood of the administration’s worst impulses." (Photo: Screenshot/Rise & Resist) Cesar Vargas
‘Abolish ICE’ Doesn’t Mean What Conservatives Say It Does
Abolishing ICE is not about lawlessness or open borders but about upholding our constitutional principles of defending people’s freedom from big government, government overreach and racial discrimination
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Zachary Roth
SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s Troubling Record on the Rule of Law and the Constitution
An expansive view of presidential power that could hamstring investigations into Trump
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Bill Blum
Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Will Drive U.S. Law Hard to the Right
We're in for a dark period.
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Monday, July 9, 2018
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and partner Clarke Gayford pose for a photo with their new baby girl Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford on June 24, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images) Stephen Kinzer
Make America More Like New Zealand, Costa Rica and Ethiopia
“A country where our environment is protected, where we look after the most vulnerable, where we support our families, where we make sure people have the most basic of needs, like a roof over their head.”
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"If all that were not enough, Gorsuch several times this year indicated that the court should potentially revisit other precedents, as well." (Photo: NBC) Brianne Gorod
Gorsuch Has Shown no Commitment to Precedent. That Should Worry Collins About Roe
While the Constitution supports a woman’s right to choose, Trump made clear before he nominated Gorsuch that he would only appoint justices who were willing to overrule Roe
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Children and adolescents are kept in “cages”, a word disputed by the U.S. Border Patrol that says, in a statement, “It’s not inaccurate, but they are very ‘uncomfortable’ with this characterization.” (Photo: David McNew/Getty Images) César Chelala
Trump’s Policies on Immigrant Children Violate the Convention on the Rights of the Child
Although the convention has worldwide recognition and support, the U.S. is the only country in the world that hasn’t yet ratified the CRC
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"The razing of Khan al-Ahmar and the forcible transfer of its population are war crimes." (Photo: Ma'an News Agency) Jonathan Cook
By Razing Khan al-Ahmar, Israel Will Bulldoze Illusions of Peace Process
There will be no end to the slow-motion erasure of Palestinian communities until western governments find the nerve to impose biting sanctions on Israel
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Pat LaMarche
Jaime Guttenberg - Murdered in Parkland - Her Grandmother Speaks Out
How is a grandma supposed to react when all NRA money pours into the pockets of the elected officials that are supposed to care about her grandchildren? In Guttenberg’s case, the grandma gets busy.
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"When we sent Japanese Americans to internment camps, families were often separated when fathers were sent hasty relocation orders and forced labor contracts." (Photo: Clem Albers/ US National and Records Administration) Jeffery Robinson
America Was in the Business of Separating Families Long Before Trump
The true story is that the United States has a well-documented history of breaking up non-white families
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"It is only when we stand for something, including reparations for African-Americans, that we have a chance to dismantle corporate tyranny." (Photo: Mr. Fish/Truthdig) Chris Hedges
The Con of Diversity
Diversity in the hands of the white power elites—political and corporate—is an advertising gimmick
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"We now have a pretty solid estimate for the beginning of the end of oil: 2030 at the latest." (Photo: mariordo59/Flickr/cc) Juan Cole
Will the Price of Oil Collapse Within a Decade, Driven Off Cliff By Electric Vehicles?
A million electric vehicles on the road reduces demand for petroleum by roughly 16,666 barrels a day
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George Goehl
The Future of "American" Is Up To Us
Many of our nation’s best moments have been when we heeded the call to stand down hatred and racism. Now should be one of those times.
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Tom Engelhardt
America’s Addictions: Opioids, Donald Trump, and War
Overdosing in 21st-Century America
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Sunday, July 8, 2018
Matt Taibbi
Why Killing Dodd-Frank Could Lead to the Next Crash
Eliminating the bill was a top priority for Trump. So why did any Democrats vote for it?
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Lawrence Wittner
Has Democratic Socialism a Future in American Politics?
The rise in American life of a rapacious corporate capitalism, a widening level of economic inequality, and the sharply rightwing policies of many states and the federal government are clearly inspiring a revolt on the Left
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James Zogby
Reporting Hate Crimes: The Arab American Experience
More than just a compilation of acts of violence or threats against persons of Arab descent, an upcoming study will also review the history of how law enforcement agencies have dealt with (or rather have not dealt with) anti-Arab hate crimes
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Kalena Thomhave
How Justice Kennedy’s Retirement Could Lead to an Increase in Housing Discrimination
Kennedy was the swing vote on a case that affirmed the Fair Housing Act protects against discrimination, even if it isn't explicit
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Mel Gurtov
At Home and Abroad, Trump Abandons Human Rights
"Among the extraordinary backward steps Donald Trump is taking America, none is more shameful, than his disregard for—in fact, his calculated trampling on—human rights at home and abroad."
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Saturday, July 7, 2018
Gus Bova
The Trump Administration's Own Numbers Show "Zero Tolerance" Didn't Work
The "zero-tolerance" policy appears to have achieved only one thing: Making it extremely difficult for asylum-seekers to follow the law.
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Ryan Cooper
The Most Politically Savvy Thing Democrats Can Do
Democrats must stop assuming that being a big money sellout is a guaranteed political winner
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Lisa O'Neill
Inside the Crowdfunding Campaign to Reunite a Family Separated at the Border
"We live in this incredible moment where 'ordinary citizens' have so many means at their disposal to take action. Crowdfunding really provides an equalizing opportunity for people to be involved."
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Sharon Velasquez
Trump Administration War on CFPB Is Bad News for Communities of Color
"In gutting the CFPB and corrupting its mission, the Trump Administration disregards struggling families, and how the 2008 crisis brought our economy to its knees."
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Friday, July 6, 2018
Christopher Brauchli
Guns and Candles
The stated purpose of the NRA Candlelight Society would be: “To conduct candlelight vigils in memory of victims of gun violence whenever and wherever such vigils take place, at no charge to the community.”
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Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg
Trump’s Racism Coils Around Black Children, South American Immigrants
Racism—the lifeblood of the Trump presidency—fuels and sustains both the criminal justice and immigration systems.
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Derrick Z. Jackson
How Dangerous is New EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler? Very. Here’s Why.
"Nominated by President Trump and narrowly confirmed in April by the Senate, Wheeler came into the job as the polar opposite of the EPA’s stated mission 'to protect human health and the environment.'"
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Héctor Figueroa, Cristina Jiménez Moreta
Immigrants and Unions Make America Great
And they’re fighting back against Trump’s onslaught
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Somil Trivedi
The Family Separation Crisis Exposes America’s Addiction to Incarceration
The truth is that the criminal justice system we are imposing on immigrants is a reflection of the one we impose on our own — and both need fixing.
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Miguel Guevara
Mexico's Lopez Obrador Has to Stand Up to Trump
The newly elected Mexican president will have to prove that his promises to confront Trump are more than just rhetoric.
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Ed Markey
Americans Deserve Privacy Protection From Big Data
The European privacy law proves that American companies can provide robust privacy protections, and we all know they should.
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Laura Flanders
Jeff Sessions Sets Back the Clock
How low can he go? And how far back can this Attorney General take us?
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Katharine Trendacosta
California's Net Neutrality Bill Is Strong Again Because You Spoke Out
This is what real net neutrality looks like. And it all happened because people spoke out.
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Thursday, July 5, 2018
George Goehl
There’s an All-Out War on Kids, and Not Just on the Border
What we’re witnessing at our border is one part of a war against all children — whether by cuts to schools, child nutrition, health care, safe air and water, or family-supporting jobs.
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Jesse Jackson
Arrogant Supreme Court Justices Trample the Law in Service of the Rich
These are right-wing lawless judges ignoring the laws and will of our elected representatives and trampling the dictates of legal precedent.
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Will Bunch
Why They Risked Everything to Occupy ICE
The populist appeal of the “Abolish ICE” movement clearly caught the Beltway pundit crowd completely flat-footed, which of course is about as surprising as Wile E. Coyote and his Acme jet pack slamming into a desert rock at 200 mph.
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Kate Aronoff
Young Leftist Candidates Are Breathing New Radicalism Into Stale Climate Politics
If Ocasio-Cortez’s election marks a new era for the Democratic Party, what will that mean for its climate politics?
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Leo Murray
Why We're Protesting Trump's Visit by Flying an Inflatable Trump Baby Over London
To really get through to Trump, you have to get down on his level and talk to him in a language he understands: personal insults.
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Fran Shor
A Different "Trail of Tears"
If not as cruel as the 1838 Cherokee removal, the recent forced separation of asylum-seeking and immigrant parents and children at the southwest border has, nonetheless, unleashed a different “trail of tears.”
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Elizabeth Bruenig
Conservatives Will Always Call Socialists Hypocrites. Ignore Them.
As more left-flank challengers face off with center-left incumbents and more democratic socialists begin looking toward public office.... beware.
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