All Views Articles for 2017-12-10

Sunday, December 10, 2017
Anouska Carter
We Need Not Be Spectators In the Climate Catastrophe
"Climate justice is about refusing to let the one percent carry on with business as usual and also about refusing to allow the law to silence the majority."
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Robert Dodge
The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize to ICAN: Saving Humanity from Itself
The Nobel Committee has joined people all over the world in calling on the nuclear armed states to begin the serious negotiations toward the complete elimination of these weapons
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Noa Yachot
‘Do Everything They Ask So They Don’t Shoot Me’
As 2017 comes to a close, Congress is considering an extension of a provision that allows for the dragnet collection of Americans' international and domestic electronic communications
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Juan Cole
Why Aren’t Americans Celebrating Fall of ISIL State? It Is A Bogeyman
The "war on terror," like the "war on drugs," has become a plot device for politics, not a rational policy
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Peter Bloom
Political Resignations are a Radical Cure for our Politics of Resignation
As politicians step down amid allegations of misconduct, the #MeToo movement represents a bold strike against the powerlessness of everyday oppression
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Timothy Wise
WTO Summit to Ignore Price Crisis, Agricultural Dumping
Around the world, chronically low crop prices are keeping farmers from making a living despite record harvests
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