All Views Articles for 2017-12-05

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
"In short, Congressional Democrats agreed with Trump that letting Israel’s right-wing leader Benjamin Netanyahu illegally establish settlements on occupied Palestinian territory doesn’t violate the Oslo Accords, but President Obama’s decision to abstain on a U.N. resolution opposing these illegal settlements does." (Photo: AVI OHAYON - GPO) Stephen Zunes
Why Democrats Don’t Want to Talk about Flynn’s First Meeting with the Russians
How the Democrats aided Michael Flynn's involvement in Israeli's illegal settlements.
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"Only 12 percent of consumers trust brands to tell them what’s in their food. Most consumers do their own independent research, via phones and personal computers." Katherine Paul
Is Big Food's Lobbying Arm on the Brink of Extinction?
Consumers can take satisfaction in the fact that they’ve played a role in what some say is the diminishing power of the GMA over Washington policy.
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"Not content with changing the tax code to benefit oligarchs, Senate leadership sneaked in a provision to open up the pristine, ecologically sensitive Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, purportedly to get some revenue (about $1 billion over 10 years) to offset a wee bit of the $1.5 trillion shortfall created by the massive tax giveaways to the fabulously rich." Basav Sen
The GOP Tax Bill Assaults the Planet as Well as the Poor
It kills the modest credits for wind, solar, and electric cars, while preserving much larger ones for fossil fuels.
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"Republican leaders have repeatedly said in recent weeks that after enacting a tax bill, they will turn to budget cuts — particularly “welfare reform,” long a code for cuts to programs that help families of limited means afford food, housing, health care, and other basic needs." Chye-Ching Huang
GOP Budgets, Statements Make Plans Clear: Costly Tax Cuts for Wealthy Now, Program Cuts Later
The Senate bill raises taxes on millions of low- and middle-income households and raises the number of Americans without health insurance by an estimated 13 million.
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"If anti-Trump forces here don’t address persistent voter disgust with the status quo, the Eastern European example offers a grim glimpse of a possible American future as right-wing libertarians, intolerant nationalists, and alt-right extremists secure their lock on the policy apparatus." John Feffer
What’s the Matter with Eastern Europe?
Welcome to the birthplace of Trumpism.
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"I would say don’t be afraid to run as what you are and what you believe in. Find a way to connect those issues to what everybody in the community is feeling, and I think you will do just fine.”(Photo: Iowa CCI Action Fund/Twitter) Isaiah Poole
A Newly Elected Democratic Socialist On How to Win in Trump Country
“If we talk to people on issues in a universal way, we are going to get their vote.”
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"Putting aside my qualms about a conservative male politician once again deflecting attention from social problems by blaming women, however much it cost us to buy my wife’s used 2009 Toyota Camry really, we could have gotten by with the 2006 Corolla that I found), I have a hard time blaming her for our inability to accumulate wealth." Ezra Rosser
The Previously Unrecognized Costs of Booze, Women, and Movies
Thank you Sen. Chuck Grassley for explaining why people are not rich.
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Free window decals by the American Independent Business Alliance (Photo: Jeff Milchen
Let Them Eat Wedding Cake
A Colorado baker's bid to discriminate against gay couples sets a precedent that would harm both small businesses and civil rights. Independent business advocates arguing for enforcement of public accommodation laws make their case in a dispute that will be argued before the Supreme Court today.
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