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Sunday, November 19, 2017
Leonard Pitts Jr.
Trump’s ‘Look Over There!’ Tactics Are Pathetic. Does He Think We’re Fools?
When the behavior of 71-year-old man, who also happens to be president, can be indistinguishable in temperament from a 7-year-old boy
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U.S. President Donald Trump meets with Mohammed bin Salman, Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defense of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the Oval Office at the White House, March 14, 2017 in Washington, D.C. Richard Heinberg
Saudis and Trump: Gambling Bigly
A remarkable string of incidents, all taking place within a mere two weeks, has left commentators speculating as to what might come next.
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Robert Reich
The Backlash Against the Bullies
Sexual assault is one obvious assertion of dominance. Other forms include economic bullying and the stoking of bigotry to gain political power.
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"They're injecting Fox-worthy content into the mouths of your local news anchors," declared John Oliver in a segment that went viral earlier this year. (Screengrab: "Last Week Tonight") Sue Wilson
Fake News Is Only the Beginning. The FCC Votes to Let Monopolies Decide What Local News You See
Ten years from now, people could look at their local news reporting and wonder how it ever went so wrong. You’ve heard of fake news? You ain’t seen nothing yet.
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Juan Cole
The Saudi-US War on Yemen Is Killing 130 Children a Day and Other Bleak Statistics
This year, at least 50,000 children are expected to die as indirect casualties of the war
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