All Views Articles for 2017-11-11

Saturday, November 11, 2017
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Katherine Stewart
The Proselytizers and the Privatizers
How religious sectarian school voucher extremists made useful idiots of the charter movement
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Saudi Arabia Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman attends the G20 opening ceremony at the Hangzhou International Expo Center on September 4, 2016 in Hangzhou, China. Eric Margolis
What Craziness Is Going On in Saudi Arabia?
Over 200 bigwigs have been detained and billions of 'illegal profits' of some $800 billion confiscated.
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war on women poster Pat LaMarche
Secrets Are Luxuries We Can't Afford When Fighting the War on Women
"Afterwards, I put my privacy first. I decided it would be best if I never told a soul. But now, that decision seems selfish."
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climate refugees Theiva Lingam and Yuri Onodera
'Climate Justice Means No Walls': Sharing Untold Stories of Climate Migration
"We have created a narrative of fear, that migrants are to be feared and should be barred from entering our countries. Developed countries have a responsibility to stop this injustice."
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Trump protester Bob Burnett
One Year Later: 10 Lessons Learned From the Trump Presidency
"The November 7 results suggest that the midterm election will be about change, throwing Republican white guys out of house. Trump has given the resistance enough ammunition that it doesn't need one focussed message."
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vegas vigil Christopher Brauchli
Trump and Tragedy: From Las Vegas to New York City to Sutherland Springs
The president "is batting zero for three in taking meaningful action to confront the tragedies of the last six weeks, unless reducing funding for mental health counts as meaningful action"
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