All Views Articles for 2017-10-25

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Sandra Turner-Handy discusses the incinerator's role in Detroit's air pollution problem. Valerie Vande Panne
Smells Like Environmental Racism
That stench permeating Detroit? It’s other cities’ burning trash.
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The grassroots activism that—so far—has prevented Congress from axing Obamacare is a great example of this strategy in action. Lisa Fuller
How To Prevent Nuclear War
What can be done to build support for a peaceful resolution to the stand-off with North Korea?
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Americans like to imagine ourselves as citizens of a democracy that rejects the colonial ambitions of Old World powers like France and the UK. And yet we’ve deployed troops to literally most of the planet, and our leading lawmakers — tasked by the Constitution with the exclusive right to declare war — don’t even know about it. Peter Certo
A U.S. Soldier Died in Niger. What on Earth Are We Doing There?
When our soldiers kill and die in wars we don’t know about and can’t end, we’re not a democracy anymore.
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"So enjoy the candy, America. The Mars family will keep the cash." Bob Lord
Candybars and Billionaires: This Year's Real Halloween Horror
The family that has made billions off trick-or-treat candy has gone generations without paying any appreciable tax on its enormous fortune. And the Trump tax plan, if adopted, would ax a huge chunk of the tax on the family’s income.
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61 percent agree with the statement, “Republicans and Democrats have done such a poor job representing the American people that a third party is needed.” Richard Eskow
Why “Centrists” Will Sink the Democrats, If They Haven’t Already
The majority of registered Democratic voters view Sanders favorably and support single-payer healthcare.
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Jennifer Yarnal searches for keepsakes in the rubble of her home in the Coffey Park neighborhood on October 10, 2017 in Santa Rosa, California. Mark Trahant
We Don’t Think of Californians as Climate Refugees Yet, But We Should
Texas. Florida. Puerto Rico. California. The growing climate disaster toll ought to raise questions about where humans can and should live.
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Rather than reimburse the island’s Medicaid program at the 55 percent rate as it does for other territories, or the 83 percent rate that Puerto Rico would receive if it were a state, the US government capped the reimbursement at about $300 million per year ― less than a 15 percent reimbursement rate. Dan Beeton
Puerto Rico’s Dual Crises Show Its Territorial Status is the Worst of Both Worlds
Puerto Ricans are treated as second-class citizens; its government made subservient to Washington.
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The Costs of War project at Brown University documented that the U.S. federal government has spent or obligated $4.8 trillion dollars on wars in the Middle East. Most Americans are not aware of that enormous waste of money and human lives. Professor Andrew Bacevich has argued that our military is on autopilot and these foreign wars are not putting Americans first. Philip Lederer MD
The Poor People’s Campaign and the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize: A National Call for a Moral Revival
Instead of catastrophic nuclear weapons and unwinnable wars, let's invest in schools, poverty, affordable housing, job training, saving the environment and healthcare for all
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Charles P. Pierce
Republicans Need a Better Response Besides Quitting
First Bob Corker, now Jeff Flake. We're one away from a dangerous trend.
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