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Sunday, October 8, 2017
Anti-LGBTQ advocates are also trying to use religion to deny people healthcare James Esseks
Think Religiously Motivated Discrimination Can't Affect You? Guess Again.
In the past, courts have largely rejected attempts to use religion to discriminate. But our opponents haven't given up.
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Robert Reich
Why We Need Sanctuary States
Other states should follow California's and Oregon's lead.
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In the industrialized world, Denmark will be the vanguard of renewable energy by 2022 Juan Cole
Top Ten Renewable Energy Surprises in New IEA Report
A new International Energy Agency report contains some startling findings about solar energy dominance and its future.
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The tragedy of American gun violence emerged from the banality of the American gun business, Janine Jackson
We Need Thoughtful Coverage of Gun Violence, Not Slow Pans Over Arsenals
Part of the problem is the rush to coverage, which is—in part—responsible for nonsense like AP , Newsweek , and Time (among others) running online reports that ISIS claimed responsibility for the Las Vegas massacre.
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Robert Dodge
ICAN's Nobel Peace Prize Is Humanity's Rx for Survival
Nuclear weapons are the greatest threat to our humanity and the U.N. Treaty, through the work of ICAN, is now our prescription for survival.
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