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Friday, October 6, 2017
Whistleblower Chelsea Manning had her visiting fellowship at Harvard University rescinded after CIA Director Michael Pompeo and former director Mike Morrell objected. (Photograph: @xychelsea/Instagram) Azeezah Kanji
The Dangerous Hypocrisy of Celebrating Obama While Criminalizing Manning
As president, Barack Obama prosecuted more than twice as many whistleblowers as all previous administrations combined — stifling a vital source of information about state practices shrouded in a veil of secrecy
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Twenty-five years ago, I wrote an article, “Once Upon a Genocide,” reviewing the major children’s literature about Columbus. My conclusion was that these books teach young readers that colonialism and racism are normal. Bill Bigelow
Christopher Columbus: No Monuments for Murderers
The world is still sliced in two between the worthy — the owning classes, the corporate masters, the generals — and the nobodies. The invaded, the owned, the bombed, the poisoned, the silenced.
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There needs to be a new conversation about racism, in specific, and the system of white male privilege, in general.  While economic equality should be one aspect of this conversation, it should also include race, gender, and class. Bob Burnett
Martin Luther King Jr asked “Chaos or Community?”
"It's painful to acknowledge that most of what Dr. King complained about in 1967 remains true in 2017."
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At Shale Insight, Perc Pineda, an economist with the Plastics Industry Association said, "the capacity to produce ethylene – from 2010 to 2020 is expected to grow by more than 60% - according to ACC and that will benefit plastics manufacturing." However, plastics production is inherently wasteful; the largest sector is packaging, which creates materials that are immediately thrown away. Alison Grass
Big Surprise: Energy Industry Has a Best Friend in the Oval Office
The annual Shale Insight fracking conference shed some (unsurprising) light on the partnership between the Trump Administration and Big Energy.
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Life in this entitlement environment shapes how the awesomely affluent interact with the world. They come to see their privilege as the proper order of the universe. The wealthy deserve to be served. Those without wealth do not. If those without wealth did rate as deserving, after all, wouldn’t they already be wealthy? Sam Pizzigati
Why Do So Many Super Rich Despise the Poor?
Donald Trump's putdown of suffering Puerto Ricans reflects a mindset that has long afflicted the awesomely affluent.
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 Denial: even if we intellectually acknowledge the possibility of war, we rarely conceptualize the ground reality. Our imaginations are clouded by the sanitized portrayals we see on TV. To put it bluntly: the nightly news doesn’t show images of the dead, dismembered children that litter the street in conflict zones. Lisa Fuller
Is Las Vegas a Harbinger of America's Future?
"No one thinks that their neighborhood will become a war zone until they hear the first gunshots."
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Joyce Tambu answers to a reporter's questions at a refugee camp in Gumbo Nick Turse
The Journalist and the Fixer
Who Makes the Story Possible?
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