All Views Articles for 2017-09-17

Sunday, September 17, 2017
Amal De Chickera
When Is a Genocide a Genocide?
Why is the world allowing the Rohingya to be slaughtered?
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Stephen Kinzer
America’s Slow-Motion Military Coup
Trump's ability to rely on "his generals" for guidance shouldn't be seen as comforting
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Lawrence Wittner
World Citizenship Is More Popular Than You Might Think
Trump's nationalist rhetoric may not have as firm a hold on Americans as it might appear
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John Atcheson
This Is How Change Happens
It's called leadership
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Keri Leigh Merritt
Why We Need a Universal Basic Income
America is in desperate need of both a universal basic income and a federal jobs guarantee
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Robert Reich
The Growing Danger of Dynastic Wealth
In a few generations, if current trends continue, almost all of the nation's wealth will be in the hands of just a few thousand families
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Christopher Brauchli
Kobach and Windmills
Kris Kobach has embraced the impossible task of proving the president right in his belief that the 2016 popular vote was stolen from him
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