All Views Articles for 2017-09-04

Monday, September 4, 2017
Bilan Arte
No Worker Left Behind on a Warming Planet
Everyone gets a day off for Labor Day, right?
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Andy Rowell
Big Oil to Blame for Harvey’s Toxic Legacy
Yesterday, the Governor of Texas warned that the bill for reconstruction after Superstorm Harvey could be as high as $180 billion. To put this into perspective, this is much worse that Hurricane...
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Randall Amster
Floods and Fires: The New Normal of Destabilization
The one constant we can expect in the days ahead is rampant and escalating change.
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John Atcheson
Harvey, Hell, and High Water
Katrina, Sandy, Harvey. Three record-breaking storms in a dozen years. Harvey is a 1,000 year storm, Sandy had the largest diameter of any hurricane on record to strike the US, and Katrina had the...
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Juan Cole
Green Energy Jobs: Top 7 Pieces of Rare Good News for US Workers on Labor Day
1. The Christian Science Monitor says that in 2016, US solar businesses employed 260,077 workers – up 25 percent from 2015. 2. That is, the solar energy sector alone employs more people than Apple,...
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Bernie Sanders
This Labor Day the Struggle Continues
Labor Day was established in 1894 by President Grover Cleveland, a Democrat, as a concession to the labor movement days after he used federal troops to crush a strike by railroad workers which...
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Paul Buchheit
A Beautiful Moment of Socialism. But Now Killer Capitalism Resumes
In the worst moments of the tragedy in Houston, something remarkable about America burst into view, as government and business and military and especially ordinary citizens put aside thoughts of...
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