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Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Brett Max Kaufman
The US Intelligence Community Can Share Your Personal Information With Other Governments, and We’re Demanding Answers
While the ACLU’s focus on foreign intelligence surveillance typically centers on the U.S. government’s National Security Agency, intelligence collection actually operates on a global scale. Our...
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Richard Eskow
The Koch Brothers & Trump: The Men Who Sold the World
When he withdrew from the Paris climate agreement, Donald Trump gave a speech so filled with falsehoods that it triggered detailed rebuttals by publications ranging from Politifact to Scientific...
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Audrey Juarez
A Year After Pulse, We Are More Than Survivors
I still remember the metallic taste in my mouth when I first heard about the Pulse night club shooting. I was sitting on my couch, hung over from DC Pride, scrolling through Twitter. My whole feed...
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Tom Engelhardt
America Last: Will Trump Set a Record for the History Books?
In its own inside-out, upside-down way, it’s almost wondrous to behold. As befits our president’s wildest dreams, it may even prove to be a record for the ages, one for the history books. He was,...
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Shaun King
Every Democrat in America Should Support Medicare for All
In a recent poll from the health insurance industry, only 8% of Americans actually want the United States Senate to pass the terrible Trumpcare bill, also known as the Affordable Health Care Act,...
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John Nichols
An Article of Impeachment Based on Trump’s Obstruction of Justice Is Now Circulating in the House
California Congressman Brad Sherman, a senior Democrat, proposes a resolution—and promises to trigger impeachment votes in the chamber.
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Marty Lederman
Why Trump Can’t (Lawfully) Fire Mueller
Such an act would make Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre look like a genteel tea party
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Thomas S. Harrington
Total Surprise! People Love the Left's Ideas for Progress
I just can't believe what happened in the British elections. I can't get over the fact that that when a politician with real convictions honed over 40 years of political life—generous and forward-...
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