All Views Articles for 2017-05-24

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
John Nichols
'This Is a Thunderbolt of Resistance’
Progressives are flipping Republican statehouse seats to the Democrats—and sending a message to the rest of the country.
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Mehdi Hasan
Reactions to Manchester Bombing Show How Anti-Muslim Bigots Are "Useful Idiots" for ISIS
If you want to defeat ISIS, listen to former ISIS hostage Nicolas Henin. The group is “heartened by every sign of overreaction, of division, of fear, of racism, of xenophobia … [and] drawn to any...
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Binta Baxter
Trump's Budget Is a Blueprint for a Banana Republic-Style Military Dictatorship
The Trump Administration has officially unveiled its proposed budget to "Make America Great Again," and by all accounts it’s a total flop. Most news outlets are ignoring are the greater implications...
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Bernie Sanders
Trump's Budget Is Immoral
The economic theory President Trump has embraced with this budget, trickle-down economics, is an abysmal failure and a fraud
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Paul Song
Single Payer in California? Can We Afford it? Can We Afford Not to?
Yesterday the California State Senate Appropriations Committee released their fiscal analysis of SB562 sponsored by Senators Lara and Atkins. Opponents immediately screamed that #SB562 would cost $...
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Jeff Bryant
What Betsy DeVos Calls Education Transformation Is Actually Public Theft
Betsy DeVos wants to give your tax dollars to private schools and businesses and tell you it’s an education “transformation.” That’s the main theme of an address she gave this week to a conference...
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Monique Morrissey
President Trump’s Budget Kicks People When They’re Down
The president’s budget was released Tuesday and a House budget resolution will follow in June. Though the two plans will undoubtedly differ in certain areas—the president’s budget includes...
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Ronald Aronson
We — or Him?
We live as never before in a time when oppression emanates from the individual—or indeed, millions of individuals.
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Pat LaMarche
Opponents of Single Payer Think You're Stupid... But Nothing Is Dumber Than a For-Profit Healthcare System
Lack of critical thinking: it’s killing us. And if you get alarmed by the headline of a May 22, Sacramento Bee article, it will continue killing us. One of the few reasonable opinions President Trump...
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Diane Ravitch
Don’t Like Betsy DeVos? Blame the Democrats.
The Democratic Party paved the way for the education secretary's efforts to privatize our public schools.
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