All Views Articles for 2017-05-23

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Robert Reich
Trump’s Cruel and Deviant Budget
For years, conservatives warned that liberals were “defining deviancy downward.” They said that by tolerating bad social behavior, liberals in effect lowered what was deemed acceptable behavior...
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Michael Linden
Trump's Immoral Budget Is 'Dead on Arrival' in Congress
President Trump’s budget proposal is an affront to decency, economics and, at a basic level, math. It is full of both broken and false promises. It forces those who have the least to suffer the most...
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Douglas Blackmon
'RussiaGate' Has Become a Catastrophic Failure of Leadership — and a Debacle From Which the Trump Presidency Will Not Recover
The Trump-Russia scandal has metastasized quickly and destructively.
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Benjamin Dangl
Trump’s Budget Expands Global War on the Backs of the American Poor
It is fitting that while President Trump is traveling the world, sealing a weapons deal with Saudi Arabia, he would drop his own kind of bomb on the American people: his budget proposal for the...
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Jitu Brown
School Choice Is a Scam in Segregated Neighborhoods
Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos seems not to hear the fierce protests of parents, teachers and school officials over school closings and charter expansion in New York, Chicago, Oakland, Detroit...
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Richard Eskow
They’re Talking a Better Game, But Will the Democrats Fight?
In public, leading Democrats blame outside forces like Russia and former FBI Director James Comey for their losses in 2016. But privately, many acknowledge the party needs a new direction. The...
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At the Women's March in New York City in January, 2017. Katrina vanden Heuvel
Trump Escalates War on Women
Trump may be escalating the war on women, but in doing so, he has awakened women and girls
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Mattea Kramer
Boycott Trump
Can a Movement to Hurt the President Financially Change the Political Landscape?
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Juan Cole
Terror and Geopolitics: Manchester 2017 and 1996
Manchester, UK, was hit with the deadliest bomb attack on Monday since a June Saturday morning in 1996, when a massive 3000 lb. Provisional Irish Republican Army blast leveled the city center...
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Steven Singer
Why Care About Other People’s Children
As a vocal critic of charter and voucher schools , one of the most frequent questions I get from readers is this: “Why should I care about other people’s children?” One reader put it this way: “Why...
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