All Views Articles for 2017-04-08

Saturday, April 8, 2017
Sarah Anderson
Marching for Trump Tax Transparency
Activists have organized Tax Day marches across the country to demand the release of Trump’s tax returns — and send a message about a tax system that enriches the wealthy.
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Frida Berrigan
Why Tax Resistance Under Trump Needs Its Antiwar Edge
There have always been fights about taxes — stretching back to the crates of over-taxed tea tossed into the Boston Harbor and a thoughtful man’s night in jail for refusing to pay taxes in the slave-...
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Stephen Zunes
Why These Missile Strikes Won’t Make Things Better for the Syrian People
There are serious questions as to whether Trump’s bombing of the Syrian base has anything to do with protecting civilians.
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Timothy Karr
Trump's FCC and FTC Chairs Rush in to Defend Big Telco's Assault on Internet Privacy
It’s hard to defend legislation that undermines internet users’ essential privacy rights. But that hasn’t stopped the broadband industry and its many friends in Washington from trying. Even amid...
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Jim Naureckas
The Essential Pundit Take: ‘Trump Became President’ by Bombing Syria
“I think Donald Trump became president of the United States” last night, CNN host Fareed Zakaria said when asked about the significance of Trump’s airstrikes on Syria ( New Day , 4/7/17 ). “I think...
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