All Views Articles for 2017-03-16

Thursday, March 16, 2017
Tom Engelhardt
President Blowback: How the Invasion of Iraq Came Home
If you want to know where President Donald Trump came from, if you want to trace the long winding road (or escalator ) that brought him to the Oval Office, don’t look to reality TV or Twitter or even...
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Miriam Berg
Everything You Need to Know About Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch if You Care About Reproductive Rights
Neil Gorsuch has an alarming history of interfering with reproductive rights and women’s health. He puts access to abortion, birth control, and care at Planned Parenthood at stake, and his nomination...
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Sarah van Gelder
Small-Scale Farming Could Restore America’s Rural Towns
Although many people in these struggling regions voted for the new president, his cynical answers will not bring them prosperity. But I saw what could.
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Ken Kimmell
President Trump Has a Wrecking Ball (and it’s Aimed at the Climate)
The wrecking ball that is the Trump presidency is taking aim at the foundation of our country’s response to climate change. Today, the Trump Administration is announcing a re-opening of the fuel...
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Jeff Bryant
What Betsy DeVos Means When She Says ‘Public Schools’
Betsy DeVos once called public schools a “dead end,” but now that she’s U.S. Secretary of Education, she’s suddenly all for them. At least that’s what she claims now. During her nomination process,...
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Robert C. Koehler
The Deep State Hasn't Gone Away
“In a statement to WikiLeaks , the source details policy questions that they say urgently need to be debated in public . . .” Let me interrupt this quote from the world’s declassifier in chief,...
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Hina Shamsi
Trump is Considering Expanding Killing Powers Abroad. The Consequences for Civilians Will be Disastrous.
When the Obama administration put in place guidelines meant to restrain lethal drone and other killings abroad, we were concerned that they set too low a bar, and that even that low bar could easily...
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Andy Spears
Nashville Says “No!” to Trump’s Health Care Con
President Trump came to Nashville to peddle the Republicans’ disastrous plan to cut health care for millions of Americans. Tennesseans responded to this con with a resounding, “No!” More than 2,500...
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E.J. Dionne
The Make Inequality Worse Act of 2017
“The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.” Novelist Anatole France’s mischievous observation came to...
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Richard Kogan
Trump’s “Skinny” Budget Omits Most of the Budget
President Trump released his so-called “skinny” budget today, and it contains substantially less detail than “skinny” budgets of the last five administrations going back to Ronald Reagan. The Trump...
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