All Views Articles for 2017-02-25

Saturday, February 25, 2017
Sue Sturgis
Congressional Town Halls Become Forums for Anti-GOP Resistance
This week marks the first recess of the 115th Congress. Members typically use the breaks as a chance to return to their home districts and hear from the locals at low-key town hall meetings. But this...
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Chuck Collins
Wall Street Hopes You’ve Forgotten the Crash Already
Big banks want to scrap rules designed to prevent another recession — and they've got a friend in the White House.
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Karen Hansen-Kuhn, Juliette Majot
USTR Nomination Highlights Contradictions in Trump’s Trade Policy
Trump’s trade policy is a series of contradictions wrapped in a mystery. While advancing a boldfaced pro-business agenda, promising to gut regulations and reduce public spending on healthcare and...
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Victor Suarez, Alejandro Villamar
It’s Time to Scrap NAFTA, Not ‘Tweak’ It
Donald Trump seems to think Mexicans made out like bandits from NAFTA. In reality, workers in all three NAFTA countries have suffered.
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Diane Ravitch
DeVos to Conservative Conference: I Will Replace the Bush-Obama Failed Ideas with My Own Failed Ideas
Betsy DeVos gave a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), explaining that the programs created by George W. Bush and Barack Obama had failed, and she would replace them with...
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