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Friday, January 27, 2017
Rob Hopkins
How Do I Know Good Can Overcome Ignorance, Spite and Hate? Because I’ve Seen it.
I want to share a story with you today that I’ve not shared before on this blog. I was moved by something I saw on Twitter to the effect that the future will not remember Trump, but the future will...
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Adam Johnson
NPR’s No-‘Lie’ Policy and the Limits of Impartiality in the Trump Era
After much back and forth over the past few weeks, National Public Radio finally clarified their editorial stance on when it is and isn’t appropriate to call a lie a lie, a determination that many...
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Bob Burnett
One Week of President Donald Trump
To get an idea of what to expect from Donald Trump for the next four years, we only have to examine his first week in office. January 20 (Friday): Trump was sworn in and delivered a dark inaugural...
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Katherine Paul
Trump’s Pick for Ag Secretary Has ‘Bigly’ Ties to Big Ag and Big Food
In announcing his pick last week for Secretary of Agriculture, Trump heaped predictable praise on Sonny Perdue, promising that the former governor of Georgia will “deliver big results for all...
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Christopher D. Cook
How Trump Can Unite the Left
As millions of Democrats, Greens, liberals, progressives, and lefties across America prepare to resist Trump, it’s time to build greater unity and alliances among this vast rainbow of people,...
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Ira Chernus
Trying to Save the World Should Be Fun
Are we having fun yet?
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Robert Dodge
2 ½ Minutes to Midnight – Our World in Peril
The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists announced Thursday its latest nuclear Doomsday Clock . In so doing they moved the symbolic minute hand ahead thirty seconds to two and one-half minutes till midnight...
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Eva Hamer
Meet Ava: The Chicken I Risked My Freedom For
This past summer, I entered a place most Americans - especially those in urban areas - can barely even fathom: a place that sounds innocent, but when you step foot in it, you realize it’s one of the...
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Kenny Torrella
The Big (Ag) Cover-Up: Will Factory Farming Finally Stop Its Culture of Abuse?
It is well beyond the time that our farms adapt to 21st Century expectations of transparency by ending the concealment of their mistreatment of animals
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Jules Lobel
Where We Go From Here: 5 Key Ways to Build a Movement
From " You Are on Your Own " to " We Are All in This Together. " What this moment demands is a coherent strategy and egalitarian vision that can harness the energy and outrage Trump has provoked
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