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Thursday, January 19, 2017
Julie Matthaei
The Women’s March on Washington and the Coming of Age of Feminism
For those who believe in equality and solidarity, and face the outrage of the upcoming Trump inauguration, it is heartening to witness the Women’s March on Washington take shape. The March represents...
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Rick Claypool
Corporate Contributors to Trump Inauguration Seek to Curry Favor
Seven corporations known to have donated toward President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration have pending business before the federal government
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RoseAnn DeMoro
Access to Buying Insurance Is Not Health Coverage
A signature exchange early in the first Senate hearing Wednesday for Rep. Tom Price in his nomination to be the next Health and Human Services Secretary illustrates a lot about our still damaged...
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Jack Serle, Abigail Fielding-Smith
Trump, Obama and the Future of Targeted Killing
Barack Obama’s foreign policy legacy is often discussed in terms of things he didn’t do: intervene in Syria, reset with Russia, get out of Afghanistan. In one area however, Obama developed and...
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Steven Harper
The Trump Resistance Plan: Step One
The first step to resisting President-elect Trump is understanding how he and Kellyanne Conway deploy their “Three Ds” strategy: deflect, divert and distract.
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Elizabeth Warren
Trump’s Nominees Putting Us All at Risk by Ignoring Ethics Laws
With incomplete financial disclosures and unfinished background checks, Republicans are threatening to usher in disaster.
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Zephyr Teachout
 Donald Trump Will Violate the Constitution on Day One
By refusing to sell his business, he's opening his administration up to foreign influence.
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Norman Solomon
Caution: Not All Attacks on Trump Are Created Equal
It should be obvious that the Logan Act is antithetical to free speech and other vital liberties
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Jake Johnson
Bernie Sanders Said America Is Not a Compassionate Country. The Numbers Say He's Right.
On Wednesday, Bernie Sanders had his chance to question Tom Price, President-elect Donald Trump's pick to head the Department of Health and Human Services. Asked if he would work to ensure that every...
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Gonzalo Martínez de Vedia, Jeremy Haile
How to Stop Trump: Lessons From the Tea Party
Donald Trump represents a grave threat to liberal democratic values. On Capitol Hill, Republicans are falling in line and some moderate Democrats have signaled a willingness to cut deals. But...
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William deBuys
New From Trump University: Election Rigging 101
Donald Trump was right. The election was rigged. What Trump got wrong (and, boy, does he get things wrong) is that the rigging worked in his favor. The manipulations took three monumental forms:...
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Isaiah Poole
Millions of Reasons – Plus One Big One – To Block Tom Price’s Nomination
A school bus driver living in Slatington, Pa., writes that three years ago she was beginning to feel ill, but thought nothing of it until one morning, while checking the bus before starting her route...
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Sarah van Gelder
Big Trump Protests Are Fine, But Here’s a To-Do List for Lasting Change
After the inauguration and the Women’s March on Washington, what comes next? To make real change, we’ll need to build power where we live.
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Robert C. Koehler
Tomorrow Is Today
The icon’s day has come and gone, and — oh, the irony — eight people were fatally shot in Chicago on his weekend. Another eight were shot during a Martin Luther King rally and celebration in Miami...
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Betsy Hartmann
Making Music Out of the Post-Inaugural Blues
It’s a beautiful thing, the refusal of big-name singers like Celine Dion, Elton John, and Garth Brooks to perform at Trump’s inauguration. Their absence has Trump’s spin doctors grasping at straws...
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