All Views Articles for 2016-12-24

Saturday, December 24, 2016
Sasha Breger Bush
Trump and National Neoliberalism
And why the world is about to get much more dangerous
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Jeff Bryant
Girding For The Education Fight Ahead
If you want to get an idea of what kind of education policies to expect from a Donald Trump administration, Wall St. has a clue for you. A report from BuzzFeed explains, online charter schools are “...
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The Children of Berks
All I Want for Christmas Is to Get Out of Immigration Detention
Families are not supposed to be in immigration detention at all — and certainly not for more than a few days — but these children have been locked up with their mothers for more than a year. They are...
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Emily Johnston
The Fossil Fuel Industry Needs Our Consent. We Can and Must Refuse to Give It.
On November 9, like a lot of people around the world, I was stunned and devastated. In the days and weeks afterward, I was hit by new waves from that same feeling, worrying in turn about Muslim...
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Christopher Brauchli
The Importance of Being a Trump
First there’s the children’s house of make believe. . . . —Robert Frost, Directive The children are having the best time. It’s more fun than playing with electric trains, kite flying or practically...
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Frida Berrigan
Why My Family Turns Our Christmas Tree Into a Political Statement
If it is not about the presents, what is Christmas about?
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Melissa Batchelor Warnke
Call Me a Coddled Snowflake, But Trump's Fetish for Nukes Is Infinitely More Terrifying Than His Other Outrage
An editor whom I greatly respect believes essays about media coverage holes — “The press isn’t paying enough attention to this thing I care about!” — do not generally make for engaging reads. She’s...
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Kim Haddow
Election Losses Don’t Stop Corporate Efforts to Block Voter-Approved Minimum Wage Hikes
Voters spoke very clearly on November 8 when they elected to raise the minimum wage in Arizona and Maine, along with Colorado and Washington State. But those wins, the democratic process, and the...
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