All Views Articles for 2016-10-07

Friday, October 7, 2016
Thomas Frank
Some of Clinton's Pledges Sound Great. Until You Remember Who's President
The Democrats promise to take on a system rigged against middle America. So why the hell has Barack Obama done almost nothing about that for eight years?
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Howard Zinn
Fifteen Years of Lessons Not Learned
Publisher's note for The Progressive: October 7 marks the fifteenth anniversary of the beginning of the longest war in U.S. history. Midday on Sunday October 7, 2001 U.S. president George W. Bush...
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Matt Taibbi
Six Million Adults Who Won't Influence This Presidential Race
One in 40 Americans can't vote because of a criminal conviction. But the rules aren't exactly fair
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Robert Naiman
Sen. Mike Lee: U.S. Can't Bomb Syrian Forces Without Congressional Approval
According to multiple voices in the DC press, the idea of the U.S. bombing Syrian government forces is "back on the table" this week. On Sunday, under the headline, " Four military options for Obama...
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Jeff Bryant
Federal Government Feeds Charter School Beast Despite Auditor’s Warnings
Politicians always promise they will rid government of “waste, fraud, and abuse,” so let’s hope at least one political leader or policymaker will denounce our federal government’s new gift of nearly...
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Scott Paul
If the Saudi-Led Coalition is Committing War Crimes, the US is Aiding and Abetting Them
A few days ago, Ryan Goodman announced on Twitter that we should expect “a challenge to (some) critics of Defense Department support to Saudi Arabia.” Jay Shooster published that challenge on Just...
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Miriam Pemberton
Combat vs. Climate: The Military and Climate Security Budgets Compared
As our climate crisis plays out in increased refugee flows and natural disasters, the government is still wasting money on ineffective, traditional military security.
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Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
Silence on Climate Change Is Another Form of Denial
President Barack Obama made a brief statement in the Rose Garden on Wednesday, announcing that the global accord to combat climate change, the Paris Agreement, had achieved enough signatories to...
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