All Views Articles for 2016-08-11

Thursday, August 11, 2016
Robert Reich
Why a Tax on Wall Street Trades is an Even Better Idea Than You Know
One of Bernie Sanders’s most important proposals didn’t receive enough attention and should become a law even without a president Sanders. Hillary Clinton should adopt it for her campaign. It’s a tax...
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Victoria Bassetti
Don't Be Fooled By Small Donations to Presidential Campaigns
Is $69 the new $27? When Bernie Sanders ended his run for the Democratic nomination, the small donor narrative seemed over for this presidential cycle. But last week, small donors roared back,...
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Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
Donald Trump’s Implied Assassination Threat, Fox News and the NRA
Donald Trump is giving new meaning to “bully pulpit,” ratcheting his irrational campaign rhetoric to new and dangerous lows. In North Carolina Tuesday, he said: “Hillary wants to abolish—essentially...
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Robert Parry
Donald Trump’s Incendiary Language
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is taking a P.R. pounding for a sloppy Second Amendment reference interpreted as calling for Hillary Clinton’s assassination, but what was his intent?
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exxonknew greenwashing Jamie Henn
ExxonMobil Takes The Olympic Gold In Deceitful Advertising
ExxonMobil wants you to know that it has a long “to-do” list. In an ad it debuted during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics on Friday night, the world’s largest oil company presented itself as...
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Gareth Porter
How Media Distorted Syrian Ceasefire’s Breakdown
Coverage of the breakdown of the partial ceasefire in Syria illustrated the main way corporate news media distort public understanding of a major foreign policy story. The problem is not that the key...
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obama clinton TPP Dave Johnson
Clinton Should Tell Obama To Withdraw TPP To Save Her Presidency
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) but is having trouble convincing people to believe her. Imagine the trouble Hillary Clinton will...
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nuclear trump Robert C. Koehler
Donald Trump, the Nuclear Arsenal, and Insanity
Donald Trump is a reckless fool. But the U.S. defense establishment is M.A.D. And herein lies one of the darker problems with the Trump candidacy, and the reason why so many establishment...
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trump russia tax returns Michael Winship
Donald Trump Has Some Explaining to Do
Are we going to find deep ties to Russia in those long-awaited tax returns?
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Jake Johnson
Leftists Against Clintonism: It's Not Just About the Lies, It's About the Record
Speaking at Georgetown University in October of 1991, shortly after he announced that he would be pursuing the presidency, Bill Clinton put forward what he called " A New Covenant ," an agenda that...
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Adolph Reed Jr.
The Battle Over Trump's Taj Mahal Is a Battle for Us All
What those striking are now bravely confronting in Atlantic City should resonate deeply with American workers, their unions, and beyond
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