All Views Articles for 2016-05-18

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Kevin Gosztola
How Democrats Manipulated Nevada State Party Convention Then Blamed Sanders For Chaos
Days after a convention in which leaders incited chaos and disorder, the Nevada State Democratic Party demonized supporters of Bernie Sanders in a letter written to the Democratic National Committee...
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David Korten
Why This Is the Year of the Anti-Corporate Presidential Campaign
Voters hit hardest by free-trade economics are rebelling against the status quo. We can use that energy to build a powerful, grassroots movement for democracy
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Chuck Collins
A Commencement Address for the Most Indebted Class Ever
The system is trying to squeeze you harder than any generation before you.
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Chase Strangio
Stop Talking About Men In Women’s Restrooms
There is hardly an hour that goes by at this point that we are not subjected to a mis-framing of the so-called debate over justice for transgender people. Of course, as I have said elsewhere , there...
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Peter Bloom
The Sanders Voter: Protesting American Privilege at Home and Abroad
Even as Sanders "path to victory" increasingly narrows, the passion for his candidacy grows in intensity. Recent victories in Indiana and Oregon reflect the continuing desire for a progressive...
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Marcia Angell
How to Provide Medicare for All
Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act, became law six years ago. The intention was to ensure that nearly all Americans have health insurance, while controlling costs. How did that work out? When the...
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Robert Parry
The Danger of Demonization
As the West is sucked deeper into the Syrian conflict and starts a new Cold War with Russia, the mainstream U.S. news media has collapsed as a vehicle for reliable information, creating a danger for the world
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Russell Mokhiber
Slandering Single Payer
The Diane Rehm Show Tuesday morning was devoted to the topic — The Affordable Care Act Three Years In: What’s Working And What’s Not. The guests on the show were Julie Rovner, senior correspondent,...
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Robert Borosage
The Test of Leadership as Sanders Rolls in Oregon
Bernie Sanders won the Oregon primary big last night – 54 percent to 45 percent for Hillary Clinton – while ending in a virtual tie in Kentucky (Clinton, 46.8 percent vs. Sanders, 46.3 percent). Both...
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