All Views Articles for 2016-03-01

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Nathalie Baptiste
A Survey of Felon Voting Rights on Super Tuesday
Laws preventing ex-offenders from voting vary across the country, and disenfranchise millions.
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Ursula Wolfe-Rocca
Why We Should Teach About the FBI’s War on the Civil Rights Movement
This month marks the 45th anniversary of a dramatic moment in U.S. history. On March 8, 1971—while Muhammad Ali was fighting Joe Frazier at Madison Square Garden, and as millions sat glued to their...
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Andrew Bacevich
Don’t Cry for Me, America
What Trumpism Means for Democracy
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Richard Eskow
New Study Confirms: Private 'Trade' Courts Serve the Ultra-Wealthy
A new study confirms what many activists have suspected for a long time: The private courts set up by international “trade” deals heavily favor billionaires and giant corporations, and they do so at...
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Dr. Hakim
How Many Global Crises Can a Fifteen-Year-Old Afghan Take On?
On 31st Jan, I followed Zekerullah, an Afghan Peace Volunteer who coordinates the Borderfree Street Kids School in Kabul, to visit Zuhair and his family in their rented room. Zuhair attends the...
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Jared Bernstein
An Anti-Poverty Agenda That Excludes Access to Reproductive Healthcare is Woefully Incomplete
I’ve written extensively in this column about anti-poverty policy. I’ve underscored the importance of minimum wages, work supports including child care and wage subsidies, SNAP (food stamps), housing...
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Jeremy Brecher
A New Wave of Climate Insurgents Defines Itself as Law-Enforcers
One in six Americans say they would personally engage in nonviolent civil disobedience against corporate or government activities that make global warming worse. That’s about 40 million adults. The...
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César Chelala
In Yemen, a Humanitarian Pause is Urgently Needed
As war continues to rage uninterrupted in Yemen, a humanitarian pause is badly needed as the country spirals down to chaos, leaving the majority of the population in urgent need of medical care...
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