All Views Articles for 2016-02-03

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Michael Winship
Naomi Klein: Climate Change “Not Just About Things Getting Hotter… It’s About Things Getting Meaner”
In a wide-ranging conversation, the journalist and climate activist discusses the recent Paris climate accords, the politics of global warming, climate change denial and environmental justice.
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Aki Soga
How Bernie Sanders Can Win the Black Vote
No one should underestimate the ability of Bernie Sanders to turn skeptics into supporters.
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John Kiriakou
Let’s End Torture in U.S. Prisons
Survivors call solitary confinement “living death.”
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Kenneth Roth
A Way for Europe to Remove Chaos from the Migration Crisis
ISTANBUL — The last year shattered any belief that the European Union was immune to the global refugee crisis. The desperation of people fleeing conflicts and violence in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan...
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Richard Trumka
TPP: A New Low
As a dozen nations gather in New Zealand this week to officially sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), working families in the United States are sounding the alarm on a deal that would lower...
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Michael Copps
The Scariest Cable Merger Nobody in Washington Is Talking About
When Comcast tried to merge with Time Warner Cable last year, reaction was swift and negative. Not many people liked the idea of America’s largest and least loved cable company getting any bigger;...
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Tom Engelhardt
How the Post-9/11 Antiwar Movement Was Erased From History
Who even remembers the moment in mid-February 2003, almost 13 years ago, when millions of people across this country and the planet turned out in an antiwar moment unique in history? It was aimed at...
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Mary Green Swig, Steven Swig
For the Student Debt Movement, JUBILEE is an Old Idea Made New
A growing movement is pressing for relief from this country’s oppressive and mounting burden of student debt. Last week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren addressed a gathering of millennials in Washington,...
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Janine Jackson
Even Praising His Political Skills, Washington Post Still Side-Eyes Sanders
Despite some by-now familiar imagery—Bernie Sanders is a “self-described democratic socialist” who has been “traveling the country venting his outrage”—the Washington Post ’s post-Iowa rundown ( 2/2/...
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Ruth Conniff
Iowans Vote for Revolution, Reject Establishment
The Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders tie in the Iowa caucuses made it official: Voters are fed up with the political establishment. Hillary, who finished ahead by a tiny margin in the closest Iowa...
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Charles P. Pierce
This Is Not the Way the Democratic Campaign Should Be Conducted
Chris Matthews had a strange interview with Hillary Clinton today. It was ahistorical and out of bounds.
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Conn Hallinan
Adding Up the Costs of Hillary Clinton’s Wars
Clinton’s foreign policy is more polite than the "make the sands glow" atavism of the GOP. But in the end, it’s death and destruction in a different packaging.
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