All Views Articles for 2016-01-29

Friday, January 29, 2016
Ralph Nader
Hillary’s Corporate Democrats Taking Down Bernie Sanders
Before announcing for President in the Democratic Primaries, Bernie Sanders told the people he would not run as an Independent and be like Nader—invoking the politically-bigoted words “being a...
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Michael Winship
Both Parties Agree: Selling Out Is Worth It
The lobbying industry, despite a small decline in revenue, is still the fastest way to make big bucks in Washington.
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Wenonah Hauter
A Poisonous Approach to Governing
Band-Aid solutions such as the ones seen in Flint or the push to privatize advocated by ALEC and its corporate cronies stem from a larger crisis—inadequate federal funding
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Tom Engelhardt
Speaking Russian about American Assassinations
It was the grisliest of stories : a decade and a half ago a former KGB man, Alexander Litvinenko, defected to England and turned on the powers-that-be in his own country, accusing its leader of both...
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John Atcheson
It's a Movement, Stupid: Why Bernie Can Deliver on Promises of Change, While the Sensible Centrists Can’t
The Democratic Party is engaged in an epic battle about how change happens. On one side is the establishment who are backing Hillary’s cautious, pragmatic, and incremental approach. On the other are...
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Tom Gallagher
To All the Clinton Supporters on the Left—Please Come Home!
Despite the beyond-some-of-our-wildest-dreams strides the Bernie Sanders campaign has made since he launched his then longshot bid last April, there are obviously still considerable numbers of people...
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Terrell Jermaine Starr
I Thought Sanders Was Bad for Black People. These Women Changed My Mind.
The candidate's economic plan is more important than I realized.
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Erica Garner
Black Lives Like My Father’s Should Matter. That’s Why I’m Endorsing Bernie Sanders.
I want a leader who truly cares about justice for my family, for black people and for all Americans.
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Brent Budowsky
Sanders Surge Panics Washington Establishment
Virtually the entire Washington and Wall Street establishments are now in a state of panic about the possibility of a Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) victory in the Iowa Democratic caucus next Monday...
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Zoe Weil
Teacher Suspended for Showing Students Footage of Animal Abuse: What Should Have Happened Instead
Michael Fields, a science teacher in the Au Gres school system in Arenac County, Michigan, recently showed his fifth grade students an undercover video produced by Mercy for Animals (MFA). Depicting...
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Norman Solomon
Needed: Gun Control at the Pentagon
Obama’s stand on guns does nothing for the victims of US firepower abroad
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Elizabeth Sawin
We Failed in Flint. Here’s How to Avoid Making the Same Mistakes in Climate Policy
When it comes to our global climate, we all live in Flint.
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Dean Baker
Washington Post’s Wild Swings at Sanders
It’s not surprising that the Washington Post (owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos) would be unhappy with a presidential candidate running on a platform of taking back the country from the millionaires...
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