All Views Articles for 2016-01-11

Monday, January 11, 2016
Cassady Sharp
The State of the Union Depends on the State of Our Democracy
From voting rights to campaign finance, our democracy is under attack.
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Peter Van Buren
A Game of Thrones in the Middle East
What’s the Real Story Behind Saudi Arabia’s Execution of Shia Cleric al-Nimr?
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Lauren Wolfe
When Does the Violation of Women's Bodies Become a "Red Line"?
If people divide their understanding of militarized violence into normal and not normal, acceptable and not acceptable, it makes a terrible kind of sense: violence against women has been "normalized"
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Nick Dearden
Venezuela’s Food Revolution Has Fought Off Big Agribusiness and Promoted Agroecology
Just days before the progressive National Assembly of Venezuela was dissolved, deputies passed a law which lays the foundation for a truly democratic food system. The country has not only banned...
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Jeremy Brecher
Climate Insurgency After Paris
'The governments of the world may rule the world but they don’t own the world.'
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Garry Leech
The Hypocrisy of Obama’s Gun Control Crusade
President Barack Obama took to the stage last week to announce the latest initiative in his crusade to make it more difficult for Americans to purchase firearms. He even shed some tears for American...
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Rick Shenkman
Why “Collateral Damage” Elicits So Little Empathy Among Americans
(or How We Learned to Stop Worrying About People and Love the Bombing)
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Paul Buchheit
The Real Terrorists: The .01%
They consist of 16,000 individuals, about the size of a crowd at a professional basketball game. The inequality horror they've fomented is reaching far beyond the half of America that is in or near...
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Alli McCracken
Send Obama to Gitmo
President Obama should be given props for the progress made in thawing US-Cuban relations, but there’s a piece of unfinished business that he could—and should—still attend to: returning the US Naval...
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